The Ultimate Best 8 Text to Speech MP3 Converters [Online&Free]

Uncover the leading Text-to-speech MP3 converters, simplifying the conversion of text into clear and natural-sounding speech, then download it in MP3 files. Elevate your content effortlessly right now.

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Updated on May 22, 2024

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Converting text to speech becomes the norm in the digital age, and converting TTS to MP3 allows for a significant reduction in file size without compromising audio quality, sharing through various platforms, including email, messaging apps, and social media, and controlling like pause, play, rewind and fast-forward as well. There are a wide array of benefits to doing a conversion. So, how do I do it? In this article, we selected 8 online text-to-speech to MP3 converters to help conversion at a great lick.

Here is how we selected them.

🔢How many tested 20+
✨Major feature Convert text to speech, then download in MP3
🌟Other features we tested Processing speed, accuracy, voice sound and quality, subscription plan, etc.
⏱️Time duration 2 weeks
🥇Most recommended EaseUS VoiceOver

No.1 EaseUS VoiceOver

Supported output format: MP3
Pricing: Free

If you are looking for a celebrity AI voice generator free with a list of 140+ languages, EaseUS VoiceOver might be the right one. It is a web-based voiceover generator that helps you create voices from text with customized parameters. Whether you are searching for French or Japanese text-to-speech services, it gets you covered.

EaseUS VoiceOver

What makes EaseUS VoiceOver unique is that it allows you to set different parameters for specific parts of text, making the audio sound like a conversation. Compared with other text-to-speech MP3 converters, although it is an online tool, it has all the necessary customization options, such as voice, pitch, volume, emphasis, pause, etc. With it, you are definitely going to make text-to-speech with emotions.

✔️Its strengths:

  • Simple interface with quick processing
  • Support 460+ voices in 140+languages
  • Allow for adjusting voice emotions such as depression, joy, sadness, etc.

Its shortcomings:

  • Some voices are under processing

🌟Features of EaseUS VoiceOver:

  • Fancy and straightforward UI for both beginners and professionals
  • No login required
  • Set different voice parameters for each text part
  • Offer customization options

Try it now for free and give your words a voice!

No.2 ttsMP3

Supported output format: MP3
Pricing: Free

If you search for the word "TTS MP3" in Google, it must be the first online tool you see. There are some reasons to explain this. ttsMP3, as one of the best free AI voice generators, easily converts written text into a sounding voice and then allows you to download it as MP3. It supports conversion into US English, British English, Australian English, Danish, French, German, and up to 50 different languages and accents. Although straightforward, it also gives customization options such as adding a pause, emphasizing words, and adjusting speed, pitch, and whisper.


To give the perfect output, it has the option to preview it before downloading the audio files by selecting the "read" button. In a single conversion procedure, you can't input anything that surpasses 3000 characters. For users who don't sign in, it has a daily restriction of either 600 words or 5000 letters. If you are searching for a TTS MP3 converter with basic features and process normal conversion works, then ttsMP3 might be the choice.

✔️Its strengths:

  • Simple user interface
  • Give basic customization and voice customization
  • No need to log in or sign up

Its shortcomings:

  • Too many pop-up ads in the UI
  • No more extra features

No.3 Free TTS

Supported output format: MP3
Pricing: Free

Freetts is an online text-to-speech converter that supports up to 50 languages and accents for audio conversion, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, etc. You may choose voices from Standard, Neural2, and WaveNet Google in male and female voices.


What makes it different from ttsMP3 is it has two voice types: Google TTS and Amazon TTS voice. It means you have more voice selections. On the right side, you may use "Convert to MP3" to convert in one click and use the "Download to MP3" to export your audio. So whether learning a language, dubbing subtitles for a video, or proofreading text, it can help you with all that. You have 10,000 characters per week and up to 1,000 characters for word conversion.

✔️Its strengths:

  • The interface is simple and intuitive
  • No need to register to enter the webpage
  • User-privacy protection

Its shortcomings:

  • Pop-up ads

No.4 Narakeet

Supported output format: MP3,M4A, WAV
Pricing: $39/quarter, $59.5/year, and $399/lifetime

You can choose from 700 voices on Narakeet, including male and female voices with various accents and intonations. You can also customize speech speed, tone, and volume. It promises to deliver realistic-sounding voices with emotions. This text-to-speech website distinguishes itself from other market leaders due to its user-friendly interface and the wide spectrum of emotions it transmits.


It allows you to output 20 MP3 files, and if you need more than 20 files, you need to select one of its commercial packages to continue. Moreover, it is cloud-based; you can access it from anywhere, with your project securely stored in the cloud. It is a competitive tool to transform your voiceovers, making your content more interesting and captivating.

✔️Its strengths:

  • Natural-sounding voices
  • Emotional variety
  • User-friendly interface

Its shortcomings:

  • Limited voice customization

No.5 Voicemaker

Supported output format: MP3, WAV
Pricing: free, $5/month for basic plan, $10/month for premium plan, $20/month for business plan

The Voicemaker's user interface is much cleaner than the tools listed above. There are no pop-up ads; you can enjoy a fresh interface. With more than 1000+ realistic sounding AI voices available in more than 130 languages, your creative possibilities are limitless. Similarly, it enables you to adjust voice settings such as volume, speed, and pitch. Also, it is a DJ voice maker that can be obtained in popular file formats such as OGG, MP3, and WAV.


Besides that, you can change the audio rate to 48000, 44100, and 24000. After conversion, you can share the converted audio across multiple platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. What needs to be mentioned is it allows you to redistribute your generated audio files even after your subscription expires.

✔️Its strengths:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offer lots of regional languages
  • Ease of use

Its shortcomings:

  • The custom voice model might be expensive

No.6 Text2Speech

Supported output format: MP3 and WAV
Pricing: Free

This is an online text-to-speech website that is free and simple to use. I listed Text2Speech here because it has a simple, fuss-free look. There are no complex steps to follow. Even a layperson with no technical steps can use it smoothly. Also, you don't have to create an account to access its feature. However, you can not upload big documents. The maximum number of allowed characters is 4000.


Here is a note: It only offers female voices in US English and Hindi and male voices in US English, Scottish accent, small size, and low quality. As it's free software, there are fewer customization options.

✔️Its strengths:

  • Free of cost
  • Simple, intuitive, and a one-stop process
  • Instant availability of audio

Its shortcomings:

  • Available only in 2 languages (English and Hindi)
  • Offer only basic features

No.7 From Text to Speech

Supported output format: MP3
Pricing: Free

This web-based service converts any English text into MP3 audio files. From Text to Speech might be the choice if you are looking for an online text-to-speech to MP3 converter without considering its interface aesthetics. The whole UI is simple, even out of date. It supports 8 languages for voice settings, including US English, British English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. It is best for users who want a free online text-to-speech converter to convert text into an MP3 audio file and replay it on their favorite device.


✔️Its strengths:

  • No download required
  • Free application
  • Simple and intuitive user surface

Its shortcomings:

  • 50,000-character word limit

No.8 FreeReadText

Supported output format: MP3
Pricing: Free

FreeReadText is a website that provides online text-to-speech services based on Azure AI technology. Users can access text-to-speech in English, German, French, Chinese, and more than 100 languages in different voices such as Jenny, Amber, Libby, Mia, etc. As an online free website, it's not a surprise to find it only has limited customization options, for you can only adjust the voice speaking speed and pitch, nothing else. By the way, It doesn't store any user data; the MP3 file generated by the text-to-speech service will be removed immediately after you close the window.


✔️Its strengths:

  • Clean interface
  • Support up to 130 languages and dialects
  • Allow to add SSML codes

Its shortcomings:

  • No more customization options, besides speaking speed and pitch

To Wrap up

We hope you have learned about the text-to-speech MP3 converters. You can choose any converter as per your requirements. Among those text-to-speech to MP3 converters, EaseUS VoiceOver is undoubtedly a better choice because of all the features and customization options. Try this tool right now.

FAQs on Text-to-Speech MP3

Now that you've explored a variety of text-to-speech to MP3 converters, let's delve into some frequently asked questions to provide you with further insights and guidance.

1. What is the usage limit exceeded for ttsmp3?

You can only input text limited to 3,000 characters.

2. What are the disadvantages of text-to-speech?

The main drawback of text to speech is sometimes, the generated voice sounds robotic and unnatural.

3. Is TTS MP3 free?

Some are free, such as EaseUS VoiceOver, ttsMP3, and Free TTS, and some services need to be paid, for example, Narakeet.

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