Top 8 Text to Speech Websites in 2024

Discover the top text-to-speech websites for accessibility and content creation. Here, we've listed user-friendly platforms to make your content stand out.

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Updated on Jan 15, 2024

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Text-to-speech technology has become a valuable tool for transforming written content into spoken words. It opens your door to improved accessibility and user experiences. This article explores the top 8 text-to-speech websites offering various features and services. From converting text to voice to enhancing content creation, here are tools for you. These platforms are known for their ease of use, high-quality voices, and diverse applications, making your digital content more inclusive and engaging. With their Pros, cons, prices, and reviews highlighted, you can choose the perfect tool.

The table shows the test data of all the Text-to-Speech tools.

🔢How many Tested 12 and only 8 Selected
🤵Suitable For Web users
⏱️Time Duration 3 Weeks
🎶Audio Quality No Loss of quality
⭐What we tested Processing Speed, No. Of voice effects, language support, rating
🏅Most Recommended EaseUS VoiceOver

No 1. Google Text-to-Speech

💲Pricing: 0.078/minute

🗣️Language Coverage: 40+

🎵Voice Choices: 220+

Google text to Speech user interface

Google Text-to-Speech is a versatile technology by Google that converts written text into spoken words. This powerful tool works with various Google products and Android devices. It helps individuals with visual impairments access digital content, making the internet and applications more inclusive. It provides natural-sounding voice assistance in applications like Google Assistant and Google Maps. Furthermore, content creators can create audio versions of their written content, making it more accessible to a wider audience.


  • Can create human-like voices
  • Cheaper than hiring professional voice actors
  • Support multiple languages and voices


  • It might have glitches in some languages
  • Can't pronounce foreign or brand names
  • It might sound boring and not credible
🤵User Review
One of the most helpful things about Google cloud text-to-speech is that its voice quality, and the quality of speech are really refined and great. You can control, and change the speed, as per your requirement. - from G2

No 2. Speechify

💲Pricing: $139/year

🗣️Language Coverage: 30+

🎵Voice Choices: 130+

Speechify user interface

Speechify is a cutting-edge text-to-speech application offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. This original girl voice changer enables people to listen to books, articles, and documents. Speechify is designed to make information more accessible to those with visual impairments and learning disabilities. It stands out for its compatibility with a wide range of platforms and file types, allowing users to easily import and process their desired content. It also offers various features, such as adjustable reading speeds, voice options, and text highlighting, making the listening experience more customizable.


  • Better reading comprehension;
  • Boost productivity
  • Make complex reading assignments easier
  • Alleviate reading difficulties


  • Robotic Voice
  • Limited words allowed
  • The marketing on the free plan is aggressive
🤵User Review
Helps to read and comprehend faster. I am a medical student, and this app is very useful. It must be for those suffering from ADHD and those who can not sit and study for a long time. - from Trustpilot

No 3.

💲Pricing: $19/month

🗣️Language Coverage: 20+

🎵Voice Choices: 120+ user interface is a versatile tool offering features to convert text into human-like voice. It uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality natural audio. This DJ voice maker is known for its high-quality sound that closely mimics the nuances and intonations of human voice. It offers multiple languages and accents, enabling users to tailor their TTS experience to their specific needs.


  • Wide variety of voices
  • Create Perfect Voices
  • Extra Effects
  • Google Slides Add-on
  • Robust data protection and security


  • Too much robotic voice
  • Limited subscription plan
  • Not as customized as other AI voice offers
  • Non-advanced filters
🤵User Review
The quality of English speaking is awesome. Our favorite is "Ava". We use her voice anywhere, including IVR voice prompts and YouTube videos. The most important things are the natural pronunciation and the consistency of the voice compared with real humans. - from G2

No 4. NaturalReader

💲Pricing: $9.17/minute

🗣️Language Coverage: 20+

🎵Voice Choices: 150+

NaturalReader User Interface

NaturalReader offers a seamless and effective way to convert written text into spoken words. With its user-friendly interface and multiple features, it caters to a diverse user base. NaturalReader offers features for individuals with visual impairments and learning disabilities. It supports multiple file formats and platforms. It is versatile and accessible for various applications, including e-books, documents, and websites. NaturalReader's effectiveness in enhancing reading comprehension and overall accessibility has made it a valuable tool.


  • User-friendly with solid text-to-speech capabilities
  • Provide natural and lifelike voices
  • Support multiple languages and accents
  • Can be integrated into various applications and services


  • Sometimes subscription upgrades fail
  • Problems with the iPhone, iPad, and MacOS versions of the software
  • Inconsistent when reading text and switching between voices
🤵User Review
This tool has helped us bring our content to those with visual impairment and others who would simply like to listen and not read our magazine articles. It has been good. I had an issue with a project, and unfortunately, after days of going back and forth with support, it could not be fixed. - from Software Advice

No 5. TTS reader

💲Pricing: $10/month

🗣️Language Coverage: 53+

🎵Voice Choices: 119+

TTS reader

TTSreader is a computer program that converts written text into spoken words, offering a valuable solution. TTS reader enhances the overall user experience, from helping in the website's navigation to making digital content available in audio format. It is widely used in a variety of applications, such as e-books, educational materials, and navigation systems. It provides natural-sounding voices and customizable features like reading speed and voice selection. TTSreader offers a versatile tool for a diverse range of users and applications.


  • Easy user interface
  • Highlight the spoken text so that the listener can follow
  • Multiple speech rates are available to enhance user control
  • Remember where the user last stopped and continues reading past that


  • Costly
  • Its voice output sounds mechanical
  • Not proper support for Foreign languages
🤵User Review
No significant bugs. The voices are audible. It can save output as audio files. Well, I appreciate it being free before continuing. Well, for anyone who wants to start reading a text from positions other than the start, move the cursor to the position you want to read from, right-click, and click read from the cursor. - from CNET

No 6. TTS maker

💲Pricing: Free

🗣️Language Coverage: 100+

🎵Voice Choices: 100+

TTSmaker user interface

TTSmaker is a powerful online platform for text-to-speech conversion. It offers a seamless way to transform written content into natural-sounding audio. This innovative tool works for a wide range of users, from content creators to disabled individuals seeking accessibility solutions. TTSmaker stands out for its high-quality voice creation, featuring a variety of voices and accents to choose from. The platform supports multiple languages and is accessible to a global audience. TTSmaker's simple interface and integration for various applications, websites, and devices make it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use.


  • Support almost all languages
  • Create audio files with natural-sounding voices
  • Offer high-quality audio
  • Provide an online text-to-speech converter
  • Allow users to customize audio files with different voices and accents


  • Often sound robotic and unnatural
  • May not cover all possible accents and dialects;
  • Doesn't convey complex emotions or nuances in speech
🤵User Review
My company recently found the best voicemail solution - TTSMaker. We were planning to have our colleagues record voicemail messages, but the recording was expensive, and staff turnover could cause problems. Some paid solutions cost around $600 for a year of commercial use, which was quite expensive. - from Alternative To

No 7. Narakeet

💲Pricing: $0.20/minute

🗣️Language Coverage: 90

🎵Voice Choices: 698

Narakeet user interface

Narakeet is an innovative text-to-video tool to streamline the process of transforming written content into engaging video presentations. It combines text-to-speech technology with customizable visuals and animations. Users can easily create dynamic and informative content with its video creation features. It is a popular choice for content creators and helps them to engage their audience. There are multiple voice options available, including multiple languages and accents


  • Create Narrated Videos Quickly
  • Convert high-quality Text To Speech
  • Create video from images and audio
  • Automate video production


  • Limited Voice Customization
  • Subscription-Based Pricing
🤵User Review
I am now using Narakeet for all my presentations and lectures. This project is actively developed, and those guys are adding new features and languages constantly. I save a ton of time with it! Highly innovative - from Product Hunt

No 8. EaseUS VoiceOver Generator

EaseUS VoiceOver Generator is a versatile tool designed to convert written text into high-quality, natural-sounding audio. It is particularly valuable for various applications, including content creation, accessibility, and learning. Users can input written content and select from a range of voices and accents to customize the audio. EaseUS VoiceOver Generator provides options to control reading speed, voice pitch, and other parameters. It is compatible with multiple audio file formats and platforms. Whether creating audiobooks or enhancing the accessibility of written materials, EaseUS VoiceOver has features.

  • Offer a user-friendly interface for effortless text-to-speech conversion
  • A variety of voices and accents to customize voiceovers
  • Users can control parameters like reading speed and voice pitch
  • For applications ranging from content creation to enhancing accessibility

Final Words

The world of text-to-speech technology has evolved significantly. This article listed the top 8 text-to-speech websites with versatility and accessibility. From enhancing accessibility for individuals with visual impairments to helping content creators, these platforms offer multiple features and options. EaseUS VoiceOver Generator stands out as a user-friendly and powerful solution for converting text to voice. With its free features and high-quality voice generation, it has become the first choice for users.

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FAQs on Text-to-Speech Websites

Text-to-speech technology has become popular due to its applications in audio accessibility and content creation. Below are some insights into TTS Technology:

1. What website turns text into voice?

Several websites can turn text into voice. Some popular options include Google Text-to-Speech, NaturalReader, and iSpeech.

2. Is there a website that reads text to you?

There are multiple websites offering text-to-speech services. Some services are free with limited features, while advanced TTS services need a subscription. If you're looking for the best TTS tool, EaseUS VoiceOver Generator can help.

3. What website converts text to speech for free?

Multiple tools and software are offering free text-to-speech conversion. Some websites offering a free version include EaseUS VoiceOver Generator, Google Text-to-Speech, and iSpeech. You can choose a specific subscription plan according to your needs.

4. What is the most realistic TTS voice?

The quality and realism of text-to-speech voices can vary, but some TTS engines are known for their realistic voices. EaseUS VoiceOver is often praised for its natural-sounding voices. The perception of realism can also depend on individual preferences and the specific use case.

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