Samsung Text to Speech: 2024 Comprehensive Guide🧭

Discover how to make Text-to-Speech on Samsung Galaxy. This guide mentions the simple steps to enable and use the text-to-speech and select-to-speech features.

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Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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Key Takeaways

🚩To turn on/activate text to speech on Samsung Galaxy, first, open the Samsung Galaxy setting, scroll down, select General Management, then choose Text to speech output, Finally, click Samsung Text to speech or Google Text to Speech.

🚩To customize text-to-speech languages, voice, pitch, and speed, go to Samsung General Management, then tap Text to Speech Output, choose Preferred TTS engine, and choose the Samsung text-to-speech engine option.

🚩Follow these steps to use Select to Speech on Samsung: Open the Setting and select Accessibility, then look under Display, click Select to Speak, and tap the toggle switch for the Select to Speak shortcut to turn it on.

Samsung devices offer multiple accessibility features to enhance the overall user experience. One notable feature is Text-to-Speech, which can convert written text into spoken words. It creates a more inclusive and versatile interaction with your Samsung device. Whether you prefer hands-free operation or have visual impairments, Text-to-Speech offers convenience and accessibility.

This guide on how to make text-to-speech on Samsung explores the steps to activate and use this feature effectively. From enabling text-to-speech to select-to-speech and disabling features, here are step-by-step instructions to help you. Moreover, here we'll suggest the best free AI voice generator to enhance your experience.

How to Turn on Text to Speech on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung's built-in text-to-speech tool is accessible through device settings. If you want to turn on text-to-speech on a Samsung device, you can do it in its settings. By activating TTS, you can improve your reading experience.

Here are the steps to turn off Text to Speech on Samsung Galaxy:

Step 1. Open your Samsung Galaxy "Settings."

Step 2. Scroll down and select "General Management."

Step 3. Choose "Text-to-speech Output."

choose text to speech output

Step 4. Open the preferred engine settings and enable the feature in settings.

enable samsung text to speech

How to Use Samsung Text to Speech

Unlock advanced accessibility and convenience with the Samsung Text-to-Speech feature. It allows users to convert on-screen text into narration. It is a valuable tool for individuals with visual impairments or who prefer listening over reading. Whether you want to read web articles or messages, it offers a versatile user experience. Follow these steps to enable and use the text-to-speech feature in Samsun Galaxy.

Step 1. Open Samsung Settings, and then go to "General Management."

Step 2. Tap "Text to Speech Output" > "Preferred TTS engine."

Preferred TTS engine Samsung Galaxy

Step 3. Choose the Samsung text-to-speech engine option.

Step 4. Tap the settings icon next to the option to customize settings like language, voice, pitch, and speed.

Using Text to Speech in Various Apps

For Web Browsers

Follow these steps to use text-to-speech for YouTube in Samsung Internet or Google text:

Step 1. Open your preferred web browser on your Samsung device.

Step 2. Open your web browser.

Step 3. Long-press on the text.

text to speech in browser

Step 4. Tap on "Speak" or a similar TTS-related option.

Step 5. The Samsung text-to-speech engine will read the selected text aloud.

For E-Book Readers

Follow these steps to use text-to-speech in e-books, e.g., Kindle text-to-speech and Google Play Books:

Step 1. Open an e-book reader app.

Step 2. Select an e-book or document to read.

Open an eBook Samsung.

Step 3. Find an option like "Read Aloud," "Text-to-Speech," or "Listen."

Read Aloud Samsung Text to Speech

Step 4. Tap on this option, and the Samsung TTS engine will start reading the content aloud.

For Messaging Apps

Here are the steps to use text to speech in communication apps like, text-to-speech for Instagram reels, Messages, and WhatsApp:

Step 1. Open the messaging app.

Step 2. Select the message or conversation you want to hear.

Step 3. Long-press on the text to bring up a menu.

Step 4. Look for the TTS option, usually labeled as Speak.

Step 5. The TTS engine will read the selected text aloud.

For Documents and Emails:

Step 1. Open the document or email app.

Step 2. Highlight or select the text you want to hear.

Step 3. Access the context menu and find the TTS option (labeled as Speak).

Step 4. The TTS engine will read the text aloud, providing enhanced accessibility.

To learn more about text-to-speech, watch this YouTube video.

  • 1:18 Select to speak
  • 1:46 press and Hold Volume up and down
  • 2:09 Open Up an APP That Has the Text
  • 2:48 Text to Switch Setting

How to Use Select to Speech on Samsung

Take control of a more interactive and accessible smartphone experience with Samsung's Select to Speak feature. This tool enhances the accessibility of your Samsung device. It allows users to highlight and listen to the content on their screen. Whether you want to read web pages, e-books, or messaging apps, Select to Speak enhances the user experience. Follow these steps to activate and effectively utilize Samsung's Select to Speak feature across various applications.

Step 1. Open the "Settings" and select "Accessibility."

Step 2. Look under Display and tap on “Select to Speak.”

Choose Select to Speak Samsung Galaxy

Step 3. Tap the toggle switch for the "Select to Speak shortcut" to turn it on. Allow full control when prompted and acknowledge the pop-up explaining the shortcut button functionality.

Enable select to speak Samsung Galaxy

Here are the steps to use it in multiple applications and enhance the overall accessibility of your Samsung device.

Activating Select to Speak: While using an app or viewing a webpage, activate Select to Speak. Select a word or image on the screen to initiate the feature.

Activate select to speak Samsung

Selecting Blocks of Text: Optionally, tap, hold, and drag a box over a block or section of text to have it read aloud.

Select blocks of text Samsung Galaxy

Using the Select to Speak Toolbar: To hear all the text on the screen, use the Play button on the Toolbar at the bottom. Use the same button to pause, or tap the "Stop" button to halt reading.

Use select to Speak Toolbar

Expanding the Toolbar: Tap the left arrow (<) in the Toolbar to reveal additional controls for skipping paragraphs or adjusting the speed of the speech.

Expand select to Speak toolbar

Reading in the Background: While Select to Speak continues reading text aloud in the background, you can perform other tasks on your device.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "Accessibility" > "Select to Speak" and tap "Settings."

Select to speak settings Samsung Galaxy

Step 2. Enable "Read in the background" by tapping the toggle switch.

Read in the background Samsung Galaxy

These steps provide a comprehensive guide to enabling and using the Select to Speak feature on Samsung devices, enhancing accessibility and usability.

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With comprehensive language support, users can access content in 167 languages, expanding the app's utility across diverse linguistic preferences. Users can fine-tune their generated voices by adjusting speech speed from -50% to 50%, providing full control over narration. You can export generated audio in multiple formats and subtitles files. You can use the free tool even without logging in. Click here to try EaseUS VoiceOver.

🌟Features of EaseUS VoiceOver:

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  • Free Accessibility: Benefit from TTS functionality even without logging, ensuring convenient use.


  • User-Friendly Interface
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  • Free and online


  • No offline version

To Conclude

The Text-to-Speech feature on your Samsung device can significantly enhance your smartphone experience. From providing accessibility and convenience to creating engaging content, the feature offers multiple benefits. This article mentioned the steps on how to make text-to-speech on Samsung. Whether you prefer hands-free operation or need assistance with visual impairments, it opens up new possibilities.

As technology continues to advance, modern tools and features are adding inclusivity. To enhance accessibility, consider exploring EaseUS VoiceOver, a versatile solution designed to further empower your device's capabilities. Enhance your interaction with technology and make your Samsung device an even more user-friendly and accessible tool.

FAQs on Samsung Text to Speech

Samsung devices offer a text-to-speech feature to enhance accessibility for users who prefer listening rather than reading. If you want to access this feature on your Samsung phone, here are some insights for you

1. Does Samsung have a text-to-speech feature?

Yes! Samsung devices have an in-built text-to-speech feature. It reads the on-screen text and narrates the content. Follow these steps to enable TTS in Samsung:

Step 1. Open "Settings."

Step 2. Go to "Accessibility."

Step 3. Select "Vision."

Step 4. Click on "Text-to-Speech."

Step 5. Toggle on the switch to enable it.

2. How do I get to talk to text on my Samsung phone?

To use talk-to-text on a Samsung phone, you can use the Voice Typing feature.

Step 1. Open a text typing app, such as text messages or Notes.

Step 2. Locate the keyboard and look for the microphone icon usually present on the keyboard.

Step 3. Tap the microphone icon to activate the voice input or voice typing feature.

Step 4. Start speaking, and your spoken words will be transcribed into text in real time.

3. How do I make my Android read text aloud?

Step 1. Open your Android device Settings.

Step 2. Scroll down and select "Accessibility."

Step 3. Choose "Hearing" or "Vision."

Step 4. Find "Text-to-speech" or "Screen reader" and enable it.

Step 5. Adjust other settings like speech rate, pitch, and language as per your preference.

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