IBM Watson Text to Speech: Reviews & Alternatives

Many people are confused about IBM Watson text to speech and want to learn more about it. If you are also looking to enhance your knowledge, read this blog until the end.

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Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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Key Takeaways

▶️IBM Watson text to speech is one of the advanced tools for business usage with higher accuracy and fast processing.

▶️It is hard to believe but AI tools have helped professionals in their work and have the attention of companies recently.

▶️Amazon Polly, Google Cloud text to speech, and EaseUS VoiceOver are some amazing alternatives to IBM text to speech are discussed below.

Undoubtedly, every company wants to get involved in technology-based products to boost performance. One of the fastest-growing fields that has gotten professionals' attention is text-to-speech websites.

Using this, many professionals have streamlined their tasks. IBM Watson text-to-speech converter is one of the top-rated tools used by such professionals. It is rather new to the field but got the attention of the people because of its effective conversion. This blog will evaluate what this IBM tool is and its alternatives.

Review of IBM Watson

Learning about the company or tool before using it can save time and effort. The same goes for IBM Watson, which you should understand before picking. So, we are here with a comprehensive review of the company and its text-to-speech converter.

What is IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an advanced computer system that can answer the queries of the users/customers. It was developed by IBM company to help businesses get their tasks done without manpower.

ibm watson text to speech starting page

IBM Watson text to speech is an innovative tool developed by the company with the help of advanced AI and deep learning. The tool is dedicated to generating natural human-sounding voices for any text passage.

Using this advanced tool, you can perform Obama text to speech conversion that no one can identify. The developers have designed this converter with such a simple interface that anyone can use it. Besides, it has an advanced algorithm to convert your text to speech to generate a natural-sounding voice.

Its Pricing

Learning about this celebrity text to speech tool, professionals think that its pricing is higher than their expectations. If you are also thinking the same, you are wrong, as you can get started for free for a limited character count. You can check the pricing chart here in the following section.

ibm watson tts pricing plans

Its Pros and Cons

For more understanding of the IBM Watson text to speech tool, we have listed a few pros and cons of this converter.


  • Uses advanced AI for conversion
  • Overcome audio generation problems of content creators
  • It can be integrated with other apps/software
  • Support multiple languages to assist every user around the globe


  • Not good for personal usage
  • Learners can't afford it
🤵User Review
Good to for text to speech conversion. It's easy to use and UI is awesome. Its conversion is precise and highly accurate. Still, it can't be used for many languages easily. - from G2

Top IBM Watson Text to Speech Alternatives

Sometimes, you may not find the IBM text to speech tool useful for your work. It can be because you need an excellent tool to get text to speech with emotions. In this case, you should check the following list of this converter's alternatives.

1. EaseUS VoiceOver

Another good pick as text to speech for Mac and Windows is EaseUS VoiceOver. You can use this voiceover generator on any of your devices with internet access. It is far better than IBM Watson text-to-speech because of its multiple features.

EaseUS VoiceOver

EaseUS VoiceOver has 450+ voices and supports 140+ languages. Additionally, you can use its built-in features to edit the generated sound. Using it, you can set the speed of the voice, adjust the volume, and use many other features related to audio editing. Ready to elevate your audio experience? Give EaseUS VoiceOver a try today!


  • It offers 450+ built-in voices.
  • Anyone can use it as it works on one-click processing.
  • You can get subtitle files in the end to use them anywhere on the internet.
  • It supports multiple formats for audio downloading.


  • Tool for everyone with 140+ languages
  • Built-in editing tools
  • Subtitle format downloading option
  • Fast conversion with accuracy


  • No offline working

2. Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly text to speech is one of the best alternatives to the IBM Watson tool. It offers a cloud-based solution for this problem, making everyone comfortable using it. With this deep learning tool with authentic sound, you can convert your text to speech.

amazon polly tts interface

It is capable of generating realistic voices for your text within seconds. This is why professionals use it as an Eric text to speech tool. It has helped content creators get the voice of their favorite characters without hurdles. Many developers are also integrating it with other apps because of its speech synthesis feature.


  • It generates realistic sound with cloud-based storage.
  • You can use different file formats for uploading text.
  • Text to speech tool by Amazon Polly offers multiple audio formats for downloading.
  • You can get started with this tool for free.


  • Create natural-sounding voices
  • Support 10+ languages
  • Fast processing with accurate conversion
  • Based on advanced AI and deep machine learning


  • No translation feature like IBM Watson
  • Support rarely used file uploading formats
🤵User Review
A pretty awesome text to speech converter. The way to handle Polly is pretty simple even when it uses an old XML format, it works pretty well and you can hear the voice even on phones or others pretty clearly. I think the pricing it's something that I don't like too much. - from G2

3. Google Cloud Text to Speech

If we say that it is one of the best services launched by Google for professionals, it will be right. Google Cloud Text to Speech conversion is an advanced tool for this type of conversion. It is powered by DeepMind technology that is helping developers in different fields.

google cloud text to speech

The tool is launched for professionals with the availability of 380+ built-in voices and 50+ languages. You can choose or integrate any of those voices through API with your applications. It all depends on your work requirements, but the tool is perfectly designed for common users and professionals.


  • It allows users to freely choose from the available languages and voices.
  • API availability makes it suitable for developers using it for their tasks.
  • You can get personalized speech using its wide list of voices.
  • It creates realistic voices that no one can identify.


  • Cloud-based working
  • Widespread integration with apps
  • Support multiple audio formats
  • Simple and fast working interface


  • Limited input text formats
  • Demand programming knowledge for smooth working
🤵User Review
Useful Google service. Text-to-speech is one of the most useful tools of Google Cloud tools. It has a lot of option, is easy to use, can be developed easily thanks to really open API, and the output is of a high-quality level voice, supporting multiple languages. - from G2

To Wrap Up

We hope you have learned about IBM Watson text to speech tool in this blog. It has been written after comprehensive research. If you find this tool incompatible with your task, you can choose the above alternative.

Undoubtedly, all alternatives mentioned in this blog are efficient. But we recommend picking EaseUS VoiceOver because of its multiple features and accurate conversion. You can use it for different purposes like voiceover of podcasts, movies, and video clips.

FAQs on IBM Watson Text to Speech

If you still have any questions related to text to speech converter by IBM Watson, you can find them here. We have listed a few questions with their quick answers.

1. Is IBM Watson text to speech free?

You can get started with IBM Watson text to speech for free. But you have to upgrade the plan if you need to use it regularly without limits.

2. How much does Watson text to speech cost?

The starting price of this text to speech converter is $0.02/1000 characters. You can also upgrade your plan to premium by contacting customer support.

3. Is IBM Watson discontinued?

No, it isn't discontinued yet. But the company has claimed that its products will be withdrawn soon.

We have written this blog after comprehensive research. If you have liked it and found it useful, please share it with others on social media.


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