13 Best Noise Cancelling Apps You Need [Android/iPhone]📕

If you are struggling with the background noise in your call or recording, read here about the noise cancelling app Android. In this blog, we have listed the 13 best apps that can help you in this regard.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Nothing is more irritating than the background noises when you are talking on the call or recording something. It has become compulsory to look for a reliable noise-canceling app for Android and iPhone to overcome this issue. 

If you are struggling with the best vocal remover selection or noise cancellation app, this article is for you. You can choose any of the apps mentioned below as an Acapella extractor. We have analyzed and listed the apps that we have found the best. Let's read about them!

🔢How many tested 20 and 13 are selected
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Selected for Android and iPhone users
📑Supported functions Noise removal and reduction
🔍What we tested Compatibility, output quality, format supported, and speed
⌚Time duration 3 weeks
🥇Most recommended EaseUS online vocal remover

Preview the Review Results

We have analyzed multiple options to find the best app that removes background noise nicely. If you are struggling with the noise compensation, we recommend you read about them and choose the one compatible with your device. Here is a quick overview of all the apps discussed in this blog.

Noise Cancelling App Compatibility💻 Free/Paid💰 Rating❤️
EaseUS online vocal remover Android & iOS (Web) Free 5/5
Neutralizer Android Free with in-app purchase 4.5/5
Noise Killer Android Free 4.3/5
Safe Headphones Android Free 4.8/5
Lexis Audio Editor Android & iOS Free (Basic Plan) 4.8/5
Noise Generator Android Free 4.4/5
Noise Wall Android & iOS Free with in-app purchase 4.3/5
Denoise iOS Paid 4.7/5
myNoise Android & iOS Free 4.6/5
UrbanDenoiser Android & iOS Free 4.4/5
Audio Noise Reducer Android & iOS Free 4.8/5
Reduce Noise in Audio-Video Android Free 4.5/5
AI Vocal Remover & Karaoke Android Free 4.4/5

1. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover (iOS & Android)

💵Price: Free

If you are looking for an AI-powered tool for noise cancellation, you must try EaseUS online vocal remover. It is an online tool to separate voice from music or noise without manual effort.

This online tool has an MP3 voice remover using which you can accomplish your task and have clear audio in the output. It is right to say that you can remove background music from video online free when using it.

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

Here are a few prominent features of this web-based tool.

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • It has an AI-based algorithm to remove noise from an audio file.
  • You can extract noise from the entire call recording of up to 20 minutes.
  • EaseUS vocal remover allows you to insert an audio file with a maximum size of 350MB.
  • One can use it to separate vocals from background noise in multiple files in a single go.
  • It has a one-click working interface.
  • No built-in audio editing (customization) tools.

We recommend using this online web-based tool to remove background noise instantly.

2. Neutralizer (Android)

💵Price: Free with in-app purchase

Sometimes, you don't find a noise cancelling app suitable because of unique hearing capacities. If you need a tool like an AI audio enhancer that can let you hear seamlessly without distortion, Neutralizer is for you.

This Android application allows you to do a hearing test when you open it. This feature makes it suitable for everyone as they will get custom settings. A major drawback is you can't separate music from vocals using this application.


               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Custom settings.
  • Good for personal noise cancellation.
  • Simple adjustment options.
  • Personalized EQ feature.
  • Useful for only Android users.
  • Demand proficiency.

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3. Noise Killer (Android)

💵Price: Free

Finding vocal remover apps for noise cancellation is pretty simple. But it is a hectic task to manage them. Noise Killer has got your back and launched customized features with automatic adjustment.

It is an Android application that can cancel the background noise of all types. You can eliminate the background noise of any frequency. The best feature of this application is the auto-adjustment of sound according to the situation.

Noise Killer

The only limitation of this application is it doesn't allow you to separate vocals from music free.

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Automatic volume adjustment.
  • Cancel every type of background noise.
  • Suitable for calling and recording.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Manual adjustment for first-time use.
  • Errors in automatic volume adjustment.

4. Safe Headphones (Android)

💵Price: Free

Sometimes, it is important to hear others while passing through a street. Safe Headphones is an Android application designed for this purpose. Unlike other applications, it doesn't cancel the entire noise.

But it gives you a safe way to hear what others are saying. By turning on this application, you will listen to the ambient sound. This application is suitable for those who use their headphones while passing through the streets.

Safe Headphones

The main drawback of this Android application is the unavailability of different basic features. You can't use it like a Karaoke maker or for other related tasks. 

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Keep users safe from accidents.
  • Supports advanced features like audio searching.
  • Automatic filtration.
  • Not compatible with all headphones.
  • Make irritating sounds audible.

5. Lexis Audio Editor (Android & iOS)

💵Price: Free (Basic Plan)

Whether you want to record something or want to edit your pre-recorded audio, Lexis Audio Editor is a good-to-go application. It works like a song vocal remover in which you can separate tracks and get output in multiple formats. It supports multiple output formats, including WAV, MP4, AAC, and WMA.

Lexis Audio Editor

The limitation is it restricts free users to get output in MP4. You have to be a premium member to get output in this format.

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Built-in audio recorder.
  • Extensive editing features.
  • Supports multiple platforms.
  • Pre-recorded audio clips editor.
  • No MP4 format in the free version.
  • Limited features for free users.

6. Noise Generator (Android)

💵Price: Free

Use the Noise Generator Android application to listen to interruption-free music. It works like a high-quality vocal remover and separates your music tracks.

You can also use it oppositely to remove music from voice recording and listen to what the person is saying.

Noise Generator

The only issue with this application is it asks you to set the audio level that requires proficiency.

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Easy-to-understand interface.
  • Noise removal from the music or vice versa.
  • No advertisement.
  • No usage restriction.
  • Suitable for Android users only.
  • Difficult to adjust the sound level.

7. Noise Wall (Android & iOS)

💵Price: Free with in-app purchase

Another good noise cancelling app on Android is Noise Wall. It assists you in removing noise from the background by recognizing the sound automatically.

Whether you are looking for basic or advanced features, you will find them in it. The best advantage of using it is the dynamic volume adjustment.

Noise Wall

But the problem comes when you have to remove vocals from an audio as it doesn't offer this feature.

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Android and iOS compatibility.
  • Automatic removal of background noise.
  • Quick noise removal.
  • Free for basic use.
  • No audio file editing.

8. Denoise – audio noise removal (iOS)

💵Price: Paid

It is a hectic task to turn on the noise cancelling app every time. But Denoise has resolved this issue with automatic working. While you have installed this application on your iOS device, it will automatically start working.

The audio recording application will remove the background noise without your notice. You only have to learn basic editing tasks like how to remove voice from video but keep music.


The main drawback is that it can't remove noise in real time while you are calling someone.

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Automatic noise cancellation.
  • Provide high-quality sound output.
  • No need for additional effects.
  • Customizable noise removal.
  • No live call noise cancellation.
  • No real-time preview.

9. myNoise (Android & iOS)

💵Price: Free

Most apps cancel the entire sound of a specific frequency without considering whether it is noise or not. myNoise is an effective application to overcome this problem.

Using this application, you can remove distortion from audio with specific frequencies. It enables you to set the frequency and remove sound dynamically. The only limitation is you must be proficient in making adjustments for better output.


               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Customized noise removal.
  • Effectively remove the sounds.
  • No advertisement banners.
  • Built-in voice effects.
  • Demands proficiency by users.

10. UrbanDenoiser (Android & iOS)

💵Price: Free

Have you ever noticed that noise cancelling apps lower the sound of the audio? If you don't want to experience such results, UrbanDenoiser is designed for you.

You can remove background noise and increase the sound of the output audio. Just learn how to remove clicking noise from audio and get the output with better quality. The only limitation is that it extracts all the notes with higher frequency.


               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Built-in music player.
  • Enhance audio quality.
  • Remove background noise quickly.
  • Automatic sound volume adjustment.
  • Removes all notes with higher frequencies.

11. Audio Noise Reducer & Recorder (Android & iOS)

💵Price: Free

One of the most efficient and advanced applications for noise removal is an Audio noise reducer and recorder. Whether you want to remove background noise from audio or compare the output with the original one, it has a dedicated option.

You can get output in mp3, mp4, and other popular formats. It also allows you to record a new audio clip. But the problem comes when you have to remove notes with slight noise as it can't detect them.

Audio Noise Reducer & Recorder

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Built-in media player.
  • Real-time evaluation.
  • Supports multiple formats.
  • Free without advertisement.
  • Can't detect lower noisy notes.
  • Reduce noise only.

12. Reduce Noise in Audio - Video (Android)

💵Price: Free

Removing noise from audio recordings isn't enough sometimes. But you may need to use other related features like audio converter, editor, etc. Reduce noise in audio-video is the required application you should download from Google Play.

Using this application, you can get rid of the background noise in an audio and video clip. It allows you to get output in different formats and interconvert them.

Reduce Noise in Audio

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Multiple audio editing features.
  • Built-in recorder.
  • Audio-video converter.
  • Allows you to record audio.
  • Don't work with music.
  • Pops up advertisement.

13. AI Vocal Remover & Karaoke (Android)

💵Price: Free

Another noise removal application for Android devices is AI vocal remover & karaoke. The designers have launched it with multiple features to allow users to remove echo from audio.

You can easily extract noise from your audio clip or a song to make it crystal clear. The only problem is that it keeps showing advertisements, making it irritating to use for noise removal.

 AI Vocal Remover & Karaoke

               🌞Pros                ⛈️Cons
  • Extensive list of functions.
  • Automatic MP3 conversion.
  • Built-in audio player.
  • Allows users to select multiple files.
  • Advertisement videos.
  • Supports limited formats.

Final Words

By reading this blog, you can choose any noise cancelling app for Android and iPhone. If you don't want to download an application and want an online solution, go with EaseUS online vocal remover. 

You can extract different tracks from any audio file within minutes. It enables you to use this online tool multiple times without registering with it. You must try it by visiting the official website and using it for once. 

FAQs About Noise Cancellation Apps for Android and iPhone

If you still have any questions about noise cancellation apps for Android, you can find them here. We have listed a few questions with their answers here. 

1. What to listen to block out noise?

You can listen to music on your headphones to block out noise from the surroundings. Multiple other devices are also available in the market for the same purpose. 

2. How do I reduce background noise during a phone call?

The best way for audio ducking iPhone during a phone call is through an application. Follow these steps to accomplish the task.

  • Turn on the application during the call.
  • Set the sound you want to block or adjust the built-in settings.
  • Start speaking in the call as you have blocked the background noise from your voice.

3. How do I get rid of background noise in audio?

You can use an application to remove noise from a pre-recorded audio clip. Follow these steps to get the task done.

  • Open the noise removal application.
  • Upload your audio clip.
  • Set the frequencies that must be considered as background noise.
  • Extract that noise from the audio using the dedicated options.

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