Top 10 Vocal Remover Apps in 2024 (Android/iPhone)🆕

To make a song Karaoke version perfectly, you need top vocal remover apps for mobile devices like Android and iPhone with powerful AI. Here in this article, we list the 10 top apps in detail for your reference.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Vocal remover apps are used to create Karaoke versions of songs, extract instrumentals for remixing, practice vocals or instruments along with a song, and explore creative music arrangements.

There is so many dazzling vocal remover software on the market, which is the most trustworthy with high performance? We test 20 vocal remover tools and choose half of them for your reference. And here's what we select given the following data:

📱Compatibility Android OS, iOS, and web users
🔊Audio format MP3, AAC3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, etc.
🆓Free version available? Partial available
💵Price $0-$49.99/y
🤖AI-powered? Yes
🥇Most recommended Studio365 for Android, Voloco for iOS, and EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

5 Vocal Removers for Android

When it comes to the best vocal removers for Android, there are various options available that offer powerful features to help you extract vocals, create karaoke versions, and enhance your audio experience. Here are some notable examples:

#1 Vocal Remover - Studio365

The reason why Vocal Remover-Studio365 tops the list is that it has a much better and authentic vocal removal effect with AI algorithms that extract vocal accompaniment quickly and it can be done offline.


It is a free Android application without ads, and this voice remover can also double as a voice changer for Zoom, a bass booster, an audio denoise tool, and a ringtone maker.

Rating 4.4/5
Compatibility Android 8.0 and up
Audio Format M4A, AAC-ADTS, OGG, MP3, FLAC, WAV
Free version available? Yes
Price $0

But note that, according to the customer reviews, this popular vocal remover cannot download the extracts sometimes, so, it's suggested that you try an unimportant audio clip first.


  • Remove vocals from music videos or reduce ambient noise from speech videos
  • Remove vocals and create remixes or denoise audio
  • Cut and share music clips for ringtones or notifications
  • Alter your voice pitch for perfect adjustments
  • Enhance low-end frequencies for a premium audio experience
  • Amplify sound volume up to 200% or reduce it to 10%


  • AI-powered vocal remover and extractor
  • Extract instruments and vocals from audio
  • No need to upload files
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • No adds and free


  • Cannot download or save extracted files sometimes
🧑‍🎓User Review
I recommended to each and every one of those who looking for vocal remover... it's very easy and useful♥️ - By Tegite ninja, from Google Play

#2 AI Vocal Remover & Karake

Vocal Remover for Karaoke is a user-friendly multimedia tool that transforms any song in your music library into a backing track for Karaoke. It's a straightforward and intuitive tool, perfect for beginners. You can download the instrumental and audio files to your phone, rewrite the lyrics to songs, or create Karaoke.

ai vocal remover karake

However, if you don't buy premium, you have to watch ads and you only have 3 free trials. And it could take time to download audio and shows in the folder.

Rating 4.3/5
Compatibility Android 4.4 and up
Audio Format MP3 and more
Free version available? Yes
Price $0.99 - $99.99 per item


  • Change any song into a backing track
  • Remove the vocals by adjusting the slider
  • AI-powered separate songs and extract vocals & instrumental
  • Save Karaoke output results on your phone


  • Simple music tool for beginners
  • A multimedia tool with high compatibility
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface


  • Lack of advanced features to alter the instrumentals
  • Audio results depend on the songs and can result in distortion
  • Have ads
🧑‍🎓User Review
Great app, allows me to separate the vocals from the instrument, and download each of them separately!!! This app is amazing and super super nice!!! - By Emmanuel Okafor, from Google Play

#3 SonicMelody

SonicMelody uses AI to remove vocals from songs so you to create perfect Karaoke tracks. This app converts any MP3 song on YouTube into instrumentals instantly and isolates or eliminates vocals, piano, bass, and drums easily.


On the other side, you only have 2 free conversations, and sometimes there could be download or processing errors. And those non-subscribers have to watch ads.

Rating 4.1/5
Compatibility Android 5.1 and up
Audio Format MP3 and more
Free version available? Yes
Price $1.99 - $9.99 per item


  • Separate songs using Artificial Intelligence
  • Add audio effects like tempo changing, pitch detection, audio cutter, etc.
  • Record and share the work with others
  • Upload to TikTok and something alike
  • Save the Karaoke files on your phone


  • Free available app
  • Use AI to remove the voice from songs
  • Convert MP3 songs into Karaoke easily
  • Separate vocals and instruments easily


  • Have ads
  • Occasional download and processing bugs
🧑‍🎓User Review
Definitely one my favorite apps! Not only does turn regular songs into instrumentals, it also turns songs on YouTube to instrumentals. - By Richard T. Satterwhite, from Google Play

#4 SplitHit

SplitHit is an Android mobile vocal remover and audio mixer software that enables users to split audio streams from songs and isolate vocals, guitars, drums, and more as separate files for mixing music or Karaoke. This vocal remover does a great job of vocal removal and delivers the desired result. For people who want to extract the backing track and practice their vocals, this could be a great choice.


At the same time, there is a 'Splitit vocal remover' voice at the beginning of the edited song and exportation could be failed. And you get one free song a day until you pay the premium.

Rating 3.9/5
Compatibility Android 7.0 and up
Audio Format MP3 and more
Free version available? Yes
Price $0.99 - $29.99 per item


  • Split songs into vocals and instruments
  • Isolate vocals from MP3 to make a Karaoke version
  • Save pianos, guitars, or drums to use as sound samples for mixing music
  • Eliminate vocals and boost the bass or drums


  • Cost-effective audio application for Android
  • Isolate vocals individually from instruments
  • User-friendly for everyone


  • Take time to process long songs
  • Save and export the outputs may fail
  • 2 free conversations only
🧑‍🎓User Review
This app is honestly my favorite comparing to the others. You can easily remove vocals from this and it sounds perfect! - By Hayden Prage, from Google Play

#5 Vocal Remover, Cut Song Maker

This vocal remover app is a super easy tool to batch erase vocals using an AI algorithm. It automatically identifies instrument tracks like vocals, drums, bass, and piano. The multitasking is another edge too, which mixes different instrument sounds and splits one audio into several tracks to cut. And you can convert one audio format to another one it supports.

Vocal Remover, Cut Song Maker

Nevertheless, you only get a 3-day free trial and after that, you need to pay to use it. And it has ads for more than 200mb of songs.

Rating 4.3/5
Compatibility Android 8.0 and up
Audio Format MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC, and more
Free version available? Yes
Price $3.99 - $19.99 per item


  • Extract piano sound for piano practice and singing
  • Remove vocals to practice singing with a backing track
  • Remix guitar, bass, and other tracks by removing drums for skill practice
  • Easily create and mix songs with multiple audio tracks
  • Convert songs to Karaoke and create backing tracks
  • Intelligent separation of vocals and instruments for live rehearsal


  • Easily cut, edit, and trim audio
  • Mix different instrument sounds for customization
  • Make music easily with multitrack editing and mixing
  • Batch processing audio tracks and extract accompaniment
  • 2000+ music materials provided


  • Full-time ad for over 200mb audio files
  • The result can be warped sounding sometimes
  • No free trial without credit card details
  • Little slow in processing
🧑‍🎓User Review
Love this app! For my choir class, we have to sing with a Karaoke track, but with my music taste, there isn't always one to work with. I love that I can just whip up a quick track so easily! - By kutie lexie, from Google Play

5 Vocal Removers for iPhone

For iPhone users looking to separate vocals and accompaniment from a song, there is a range of impressive vocal removers on App Store to choose from. Now, let's delve into some of the standout examples of vocal removers available on iPhone:

#1 Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio

Voloco is a popular and the most recommended vocal remover and audio editor that empowers users to separate vocals from songs/videos and add an effect to make a memorable remix. Over 50 effects and thousands of free beats are available to choose, and write down your unique lyrics on the pad to make a top track. Apply up to eight vocal layers in the studio to process your work easier.


Likewise, the downside of this tool is that you have to pay for these features, and this could be bad news for those who want to take a try first (although the cheapest one-time trial for your track is $1.99).

Rating 4.8/5
Compatibility (v8.4.5 for) iOS 15.1 or later
Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Audio Format MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.
Free version available? No
Price $9.99/m, $49.99/y


  • Select from thousands of free beats made by top producers
  • Import your beats for free
  • Create complex arrangements
  • Use up to eight vocal layers in the recording studio
  • Apply effects to the audio you recorded
  • Separate vocals from songs and videos
  • Export your vocals as AAC or WAV files for further mixing
  • Lyrics pad for easy lyric writing and Karaoke session


  • Studio-quality sound
  • Automatic removal of background noise and pitch correction
  • Wide range of presets for compression, EQ, auto voice tune, and reverb effects
  • Extensive library of free beats from top producers to rap or sing over
  • Over 50 effects are available


  • No free trial
🧑‍🎓User Review
Not only the best app ever ... my fav thing in the whole world. I looooooove Voloco!!!! - By Sunkidboppermen, from Apple Store

#2 Moises: The Musician's App

Moises is a versatile vocal remover tool available for Apple devices that allows users to edit music files effortlessly with practical features like AI vocal removal, a metronome, count-in, chord detection, and tempo, and pitch changes. With its array of tools, users can enhance their voice recordings and sound for Karaoke or sharing. You can change the song key, isolate instruments, and remix them as you like. Also, you can send a clean acapella to Dropbox to edit on your computer later, or perform by yourself and play covers and original music.


But there is limited time for free audio separation per month or duration per file, and you have to get a subscription to fully use the advanced services.

Rating 4.7/5
Compatibility (v2.13.0 for) iOS 13.0 or later, Android
Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac
Audio Format MP3, AAC3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG, WMA
Free version available? Yes
Price $3.99/m, $39.99/y


  • Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, piano, and strings using Artificial Intelligence
  • Instantly generate click tracks and speed up or slow down any song
  • Control and change the key in real time with one click
  • Export audio mixes and individual tracks with a metronome
  • Create playlists for practice and rehearsals
  • Remix vocals, drums, guitars, bass, piano, and more using the powerful Mixer
  • Trim and loop music parts for focused practice


  • High compatibility with both Apple and Android devices
  • The versatile tool integrates vocal removal, chords detection, song remixing, and speed changer
  • AI-powered audio separation and chord detection
  • Free version available


  • Sometimes crash happens and songs are gone
  • An error processing message sometimes appears
🧑‍🎓User Review
Edit-changed my review to a 5-star. For the first time in my life this app changed in the exact manner that I was hoping for! Cheers to the developers for listening to Consumers! - By Shirdizzle, from Apple Store

#3 Audio Editor-Music Editor

Audio Editor-Music Editor is a user-friendly and powerful audio editor tool for editing audio on iPhone and iPad. Import the audio file via WiFi, Apple Music, UTI, and more, then reduce noise and separate vocal/accompaniment easily and quickly, the draft will be automatically saved for you to re-edit or set as the ringtone.

It offers a range of features to complete professional audio work with ease. You can fine-tune your audio by cutting, balancing the settings, adding fade-in and fade-out, and applying some effects.

Audio Editor-Music Editor

Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy these advanced functions without paid subscription, or save the final work.

Rating 4.6/5
Compatibility (v2.13.00 for) iOS 14.0 or later
Works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
Audio Format M4A, MP3, M4R, WAV, AIFF, ect.
Free version available? No
Price $2.99/m, $10.49/y, $29.99/p


  • Splicing and sound mixing
  • Cut the audio fast
  • Control the rhythm 0.2 times-4 times shifting
  • 1s-5s fade-in and fade-out
  • Multiple sound effects like reverb, distortion, or delay
  • Reduce noise and separate vocal/accompaniment
  • Support for wired or wireless earphones, in-ear monitors, and accompaniment play


  • One-key switching and easy drag-and-drop functionality for seamless editing
  • Fast and precise audio maker
  • Control the rhythm freely with adjustable speed ranging from 0.2x to 4x
  • Customizable R-CH and L-CH settings for audio balance
  • Set desired fade-in and fade-out durations (1s to 5s) for smooth transitions


  • Cannot save edited audio without the subscription
  • Cannot use the advanced features without paying
  • Have ads
🧑‍🎓User Review
I was surprised by the high quality exports and mixing, and the interface is clean and easy to understand. - By Zoraahwastaken, from Apple Store

#4 SoundLab Audio Editor

If you are a YouTuber, TikTok uploader, or music lover, SoundLab is a multifunctional AI vocal remover you cannot miss. It allows you to remove vocals from the audio and track of the video and create a Karaoke version. This help enhance audio on videos.

To make songs more interesting or personalized, add multiple effects, customize the pitch or tempo, or edit and mix multitrack audio. It could also be used as a video dubber, sound recorder, and noise reducer.


But still, it's not always the most user-friendly when you cannot change the order of the tracks in a project or highlight smaller portions of a track.

Rating 4.6/5
Compatibility (v2.7.6 for) iOS 11.2 or later
Works on iPhone and iPad
Audio Format AAC, ALAC, MP3, FLAC, WAV
Free version available? Yes
Price $3.99/m, $19.99/y, $39.99/p


  • Add multitrack to the editor, adjust clip position, and apply audio fx
  • Remove vocals from the audio track and make Karaoke
  • Trim the clip from the music file and change the tone
  • Export multiple file formats
  • Supports up to 16 tracks for multitrack editing and mixing
  • Built-in audio extractor for extracting audio tracks from videos


  • AI-powered vocal remover and extractor for separating vocals from audio/video files
  • Non-linear editing with precise control and full undo/redo capabilities
  • Range effects for processing selected audio portions with various filters
  • Global effects for real-time filtering during mixing
  • High-performance waveform display and multiple export options


  • Compatibility with limited file formats
  • Sometimes bugs appear like do not save music edits
🧑‍🎓User Review
In lieu of my PC, I use my iPad more, so this app is 5 stars despite my inability to figure out something so seemingly simple. - By dm74575, from Apple Store

#5 WavePad Music and Audio Editor

WavePad Music and Audio Editor is a comprehensive free audio editing software and voice remover. This vocal remover supports a wide range of file formats and provides powerful editing functions and effects, and you can upload your work to Google Drive/Dropbox/PC for later use.

And there's an extensive sound library with more than 1,000 sounds for its users. It also has versions for Windows and Mac.

wavepad vocal remover

Yet you may struggle with loop editing and the lack of multitrack mixing as I did, and some of the features might be a little time-Consuming.

Rating 4.6/5
Compatibility (v17.34 for) iOS 9.0 or later
Works on iPhone and iPad
Audio Format MP3, WAVE, AIFF, FLAC, OGG Vorbis Audio, GSM, VOX, AIF, etc.
Free version available? Yes
Price $2.99/m, $9.99 for all features


  • Support various file formats like WAVE and AIFF
  • Cut, copy, paste, insert, trim, and other audio editing capabilities
  • Auto-trim and voice-activated recording
  • Upload and download from Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Multiple audio effects are available, including echo, amplify, and noise reduction
  • Selection of sample rates and bits for precise audio control


  • Cost-effective vocal editing and removal app
  • Ability to work with multiple files simultaneously
  • Offers auto-trim and voice-activated recording features
  • Convenient integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for file management


  • A bit complicated for beginners
  • Separated subscription and purchase plans like $0.99 to remove ads, and $4.99 to unlock all effects
🧑‍🎓User Review
As it is, it's a very good app for editing and making various tweaks to audio files. This is what I mainly use it for. - By VKStarfox, from Apple Store

Bonus: The Best Online Vocal Remover

We talk about the ten best vocal remover apps, but if you are looking for a great online vocal remover tool by any chance, EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is an online vocal remover for PC that removes vocals from a song/video using AI, exports separate files and supports 10+ audio formats easily. Besides that, it also supports video editing and conversion, audio extracting and conversion, noise removal, and subtitle generation.

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

  • AI-based vocal removal from audio
  • Export vocal and music backing tracks independently
  • Compatibility with almost all mainstream audio formats
  • Export and share the Karaoke version with your friends

Besides that, if you want to find a desktop vocal remover app, you can also download EaseUS VideoKit by clicking "Get App" on the above button, which is also an excellent vocal remover app for Windows and macOS users.

Watch the YouTube video guide to learn more🔎

  • 0:00 Intro 
  • 0:17 EaseUS
  • 1:04 Audacity
  • 1:35 Vocal Remover
  • 2:04 TuneBat
  • 2:33 D Mixer
vocal remover app


We test 20 vocal remover apps for your mobile devices and select 10 of them due to their high performance and great reviews. For Android users, Studio365, a free vocal remover without ads with a bunch of features like audio editing and adjustment, noise reduction, etc., would be your best choice. For iPhone users, you can opt for either Voloco or Moises, depending on your budget; they are both AI-powered and multipurpose tools.

Spread the word about the best vocal removers for Android and iPhone by sharing this article on social media and helping others elevate their audio recordings and enjoy Karaoke fun!


Vocal Remover App FAQs

1. Which is the best vocal remover app?

For Android users, Studio365 is the best option for clean and effective vocal and accompaniment removal, while for iPhone users, the experienced Voloco definitely worth a try due to its multiple preset effects and multitracking feature.

2. How do I remove vocals from audio for free?

You can find numerous free vocal removers online or a free trial affiliated with the vocal remover software. Typically, there are and LALAL. AI, PhonicMind, EaseUS VideoKit, and more.

3. How do I remove vocals from a recording?

A bunch of tools can be used to remove vocals from an audio recording or a song, like those I mentioned in the article. And on top of that, you could also use an online vocal remover or vocal remover software for PC.

EaseUS VideoKit

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