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Top 8 Excellent Voice Changer for Zoom (PC & Mobile)

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 28, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Many people currently utilize the Zoom software to hold remote meetings in a user-friendly manner, and using the voice changer for Zoom further improves user experience. But why are these software types necessary? To note, people use the Zoom platform for online-based corporate meetings or tutorials/classes in educational institutions. People perform presentations, hold speeches, and host meetings through the platform.

But sometimes background sound issues and noise from different elements causes quality loss. Using a voice changer for Zoom enhances voice quality, adds thematic sound effects, or customizes your voice to hide identity. You can carry out this process using specific software types, which this post details- read ahead to know more.

1. Voicemod

Device Compatibility: Windows

Voicemod is one of the topmost app choices to try as a voice changer for Zoom. The Windows 10 voice changer is simple to activate and works smoothly on different systems. You can activate it and expect high-quality audio for your changed voice during online meetings on Zoom.

The sound effect you change the original voice to sound realistic and different from the original. Make further customizations as needed.


Key Features:

  • High-quality real-time AI voice effects
  • Stable noise reduction ability improves sound quality during online calls
  • Various sound effects and voice choices
  • Real-time recording in different voices is available for the best user experience
  • Enable you to change your voice on Discord


  • Support for different platforms
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Different voice options for calling


  • Not compatible with older Windows versions
  • Ads are available

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2. FineVoice

Device Compatibility: Windows/iOS

FineVoice is a user-friendly Zoom voice changer that PC and iPhone users can try out for high-quality real-time voice modification during calls, online meetings, or gaming.

Zoom is also suitable for this app among the different compatible software types. Thus, many users prefer this solution for their requirements. In case of issues, customer service is easily accessible.


Key Features:

  • Real-time AI-based voice effects are available
  • An unlimited number of audio channels are supported
  • Get a strong audio extraction ability
  • TTS and STT support is available


  • Free and customer-priority support is available 24x7
  • Strong encryption protection here for data security
  • Different audio formats are available


  • Limited voice filter choices with the free version
  • It would be best to upgrade your plan to increase the recording time amount

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3. AV Voice Changer

Device Compatibility: Windows

AV Voice Changer is one of the best PC-based software choices available for high-quality voice-changing functionality during Zoom calls. You can record the audio in different voice types and add additional sound effects to morph the sound further.

This program allows users to add various voice effects in the recorded audio files, too, if you did not use the real-time function.

AV Voice Changer

Key Features:

  • Import the voice of another person for easy comparison with your voice
  • You can find voice analyzer parameters like Harmony, Score, Brightness, and Pitch
  • Get an add-on library support for more packs of sound effects and voice effect choices
  • Edit the Zoom-based call recording to refine voice quality


  • Diverse effects are available for free use
  • Easily prepare globally accepted hotkeys
  • Play the files you import in the built-in player


  • It would help if you got a premium-level headset for better audio output
  • Unavailable in many languages

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4. Clownfish Voice Changer

Device Compatibility: Windows

Clownfish Voice Changer is a high-quality app for Windows users to adjust their voice during Zoom calls and meetings. The features here are heavily embedded and will easily work with whatever app you use in the following installation.

Like Zoom, you can apply this app for microphone access for other online platform-based communications. Various sound effects are available, from baby voice to Atari-like sound.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Key Features:

  • Diverse sound effect options
  • Works on Zoom for real-time voice modification
  • Text-to-speech support with in-built Voice Assistant
  • The music player feature includes a playlist and high-grade audio control


  • Built-in sound player features and management
  • Get VST plugin support
  • Supports different media formats


  • No Mac version support
  • Slightly complex to insert custom sounds

5. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Device Compatibility: Windows/Mac

NCH Voxal Voice Changer is a user-friendly software for Zoom users to use as a high-quality voice changer. You can record your voice and use the diverse features available here to mix the audio quality and enhance the sound to a high range. There are diverse free effects available for voice changing, which you can use to edit your voice during Zoom-based calls.

NCH Voice Changer

Key Features:

  • Diverse voice library with options like boy, girl, echo, and other effects
  • Create customized voiceovers in audiobook recordings
  • Use custom hotkeys to switch easily between voices
  • Prepare multiple personalized voice effects


  • Easy to apply customized voices during online gaming
  • Supports different audio input device types, like microphone or headset
  • FPS does not notice any hit in the software performance quality


  • Paid licenses for the features apply per user
  • Not suitable for commercial use

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6. Voice Changer Plus

Device Compatibility: iOS

Voice Changer Plus is a suitable app for mobile users for similar voice-changing support during different functions, like online calls. It is compatible with the Zoom app and includes a variety of interesting sound effects and voices. You can choose your preferred option and change your voice sound during calls or singing.

The app includes a simple recording functionality, making it simple to save the changed voice effect for further use.

Voice Changer Plus

Key Features:

  • A Strong VoiceOver feature is available
  • 55+ voice and background effects are present
  • Add additional effect to files after recording
  • Select specific photos for sharing with the Premium plan


  • Easy to record real-time customized voice effects
  • Trim control support is available
  • Easily save or share the file


  • Too many ads in the free version
  • Not available for Android phone users

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7. RoboVox - Voice Changer

Device Compatibility: Android/iOS

Many mobile phone users try our RoboVox mobile-based voice changer for Zoom functions. Here, there are 32+ voice effects available to use, including options like Exorcist, Dalek, HAL, etc.

You can optimize the voice modulation and pitch with the X-Y control field and use different features here for more advanced editing work.

RoboVox - Voice Changer

Key Features:

  • The Vocoder feature is available with real-time support for FFT Spectral Analysis
  • Three different modes are available, lime recording, parrot, and real-time
  • 32+ voice effects are available
  • Change sound modulation and pitch using the X-Y control field


  • The voice recording is clear and precise
  • Email saved files in WAV format
  • Save the recordings as a ringtone


  • Incompatible with many brands
  • Quality is noticeable properly with headphones on

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8. Voice.ai for Zoom

Device Compatibility: Windows

Voice.ai for Zoom is another app you should try for a high-quality voice-changing experience using communication-based platforms. You will get many voice options, including copies of realistic movie characters.

You to activate the app for audio input with Zoom settings and continue with the process with customized voice type.

Voice.ai for Zoom

Key Features:

  • Deep learning technology is available for easier voice recognition and change
  • Various sound effects and voices to select from
  • Super audio mixing functions
  • Text-to-speech function supported


  • Fully free to use
  • Supports different language options
  • Goofy sound effects are available


  • The Mac-based version is still unavailable
  • Slightly complex learning curve

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The Bottom Line

Overall, using a voice changer for Zoom is useful for changing the vocal quality or customizing your tone completely during meetings. You can opt for desktop-based apps for the process or use mobile apps for a simpler recording experience. Go through the different features of all the options to select the one that should work best for you.

Voice Changer for Zoom FAQs

For many people, some points require a few repetitions to clarify some information related to voice changer apps. The following are some of these common questions people often bring up.

1. Can you use a voice changer on Zoom?

Yes, some apps, like Voicemod and AV Voice Changer, are compatible with the Zoom app. You can use them to change voice effects and sound on the platform.

2. How do I add sound effects to the Zoom meeting?

It is best to activate the voice changer for Zoom apps for microphone input devices through the Settings menu. Then, you can easily add sound effects to the meeting audio.

3. Is Voicemod free?

Yes, Voicemod is free software and includes a wide range of features for voice ranging on different compatible platforms. However, you can update your software to the Pro version for more benefits but with payment.

4. What is the best voice changer?

Different suitable voice changer apps exist, like Voicemod for Windows, iMyFone MagicMic for Mac, RoboVox for mobile devices, etc. The different apps cover various functions, so the best choice can differ for users based on their criteria.

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