How to Remix a Song [Legally for Beginners]🎵

Learning how to remix a song isn’t difficult if you are aware of the steps that you have to take. Here, we will discuss the methods you must follow to get the expected results.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Quick Answer

▶️ To remix a song on your own, get the acapella, find the key of a song, arrange stems, create a remix, and then mix and master the new track.

▶️ To remix a song in FL Studio, you must upload it, add new tracks, adjust them by dragging, and download the track after evaluation.

▶️ For remixing songs on iPhone, you should launch the track in GarageBand, add "Apple Loops," adjust them nicely, and click on the "Record" button to complete the task.

Remixing of a song doesn't mean to speed up MP3 songs. But you need to perform many other changes to the original track to remix it nicely. This blog is written for those confused about this term and who want to learn how to remix a song using different software.

By reading this, you will better understand this process instead of learning how to change temp in MuseScore or any other software. Let's get started!

What is a Remix Song

Understanding the term "Remix song" might be confusing for beginners. The reason is multiple similar terms, like bootleg, are also used. So, let us first clarify what a remix song is before showing how to remix it.

A remix is a modified version of the original song in which the stem remains the same. You can say that a music producer, composer, or editor will take the original track and modify it in terms of bass, vocals, instrumental, and others to get a new version.

Shortly, you can say that learning how to speed up a song and change its parameters can be a step towards remixing that song.

Mostly, people think that remixing is legal and anyone can do this. It is not right, as remixing is illegal without the artist's prior permission. So, you need to ask for permission first before remixing any song.

Difference between Remix and Bootleg

Until now, you know the term remix and understand what it is. It is time to learn about the bootleg to understand its difference.

A bootleg is another technique to modify popular songs and give them a new version. This modification type is completely illegal because DJs create it without prior permission.

When learning about remixing songs, you also need to be aware of the reasons. There can be multiple conditions under which you want to remix a song. Some of these are discussed below:

The common reason for creating a remix is when you join remix contests. In such competitions, you need to create a remix that gets the audience's attention and helps you get a winning label.

Another common situation when you have to remix a song is when you are asked to do so by the original producer. It might be possible that you get an invitation from the artists to use the Audacity change pitch option and give their work a new look to get the attention of music lovers.

How to Remix a Song Full Tips

Remixing vocal tracks can be difficult for a beginner, so we have wrapped the method into different simple steps. From this section, you can read how to outperform when looking to master your track in remixing.

Step 1. Download Acapella

The very first step that you should take for remixing a song is finding its acapella. It is a specific track that includes only the song's vocals instead of other tracks like instrumentals. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for an MP3 volume booster or remixing of a song; an acapella extractor can help you perform well.

Step 2. Find the BPM of the Song

Once you have got the acapella of the song, it is time to learn how to find the key of a song. It is because you need to adjust the original track with other solo tracks like bass, drums, etc, to create a perfect remix. If you don't know, try using an online key finder.

 EaseUS Online Key Finder
Extract acapella out of a song. 
Find the BPM of the song.
Support multiple file formats.
Extract instruments and noises.

You can upload a song in different formats like MP3, MP4, and others. Moreover, it lets you modify basic parameters like pitch, speed, and volume. Undoubtedly, you can learn how to find the key of a song by ear. But EaseUS online key finder will help you get the task done within seconds for free.

Step 3. Arrange Stems

When you have the acapella of the song and find its BPM, you need to align it with other tracks in your DAW. Keep in mind that aligning tracks like bass, drums, and other instruments will help you understand what you are going to do.


It will also help you properly create and arrange stems in a single window. So, you can easily edit the tracks like to change pitch of song, its speed, and volume, without taking much time.

Step 4. Create Remix

After the above arrangement, it is time to get your hands on creating a remix of the song. You can adopt different techniques as per your experience and understanding of tracks. But the most effective way is to find the melody and use it in your remix.

You can also add your chords to the track to make it more cheerful when listening to it. It is only recommended to use your chords when you have basic knowledge and hands-on experience with basic music theory.

Step 5. Mix & Master New Track

After creating a remix, you can't just send it to someone to make it live or do it yourself. But you must mix and master your remix before sharing it with the public. If you don't do so, you won't be able to stand among other popular song remixes available online.

You can master your remix if you are well aware of the field. Moreover, you can also ask some professionals to do this for you or give you suggestions on how to edit your remix to make it appealing.

With the above steps, you can create a remix of any song to get the expected results. However, you can also watch this YouTube guide for a visual preview of how to efficiently remix a song🎞️. 

How To Remix ANY Song

How to Remix a Song for Beginners

It might be difficult to follow a manual way to remix the songs if you are a beginner. In this regard, you need to learn the methods for particular tools or software to perform well. You can accomplish this task by reading about remixing a song using different software and apps.

Make a Remix of a Song in FL Studio

Undoubtedly, FL Studio is used widely for audio editing and getting a masterpiece at the end. Using this, you can find tempo song as well as perform advanced tasks like remixing. Here, we will show you how to remix a song using FL Studio.

Step 1. Browse "Edison" in the FL Studio and load your track/song.

Step 2. Set the "Bits" to "32" and the "Sample Rate" to "192000".


Step 3. Find "BPM" and set it where "Kicks and Claps" are synchronized.


Step 4. Adjust the track positions to improve their synchronization.

Step 5. Now, go to "Mixer" and choose "Master" to compress the track.


Step 6. From the list, choose "Fruity Compressor" and click on the "Compress" option.


After following the above steps, you have finished remixing the original track.

Remix a Song Legally in Ableton

With multiple advanced audio editing tools available, Ableton can also be a reliable pick for remixing a song. You need to follow a few steps to get a masterpiece of the original track using this software. We have wrapped the entire process in the following section for your ease.

Step 1. Find the "Acapella" of the song and open it in "Ableton."


Step 2. Analyze its "BPM" and set it in the software.

Step 3. Choose the "Kick" from its collection and drag it over the original track.


Step 4. Now, you need to add a "Bassline" to the track to make it more cheerful.


Step 5. Apply "Sidechain Compression" and choose "Master" from the dropdown list.


Step 6. Add additional tracks like "Beats," "Instrumentals," etc.

Step 7. Arrange all tracks over each other one by one by dragging them.

In the end, you need to play the remix to evaluate the final track.

If you find this guide informative, share it on social media to help beginners in the field.


Remix a Song on iPhone in GarageBand

If you are an iPhone user and looking to remix a song with greater efficiency, GarageBand is here to assist you. Using this, you can perform multiple sound editing tasks like pitch adjustment, volume changing, and many others.

Mostly, people think they can learn how to change tempo in GarageBand only because of its limited features. But you can also create a remix of the song easily by following these simple steps.

Step 1. Open the "Song" in the GarageBand.

Step 2. Add "Tracks" below the song to create "Stems."

Step 3. Click on the "Apple Loops" and drag and drop the one you want to add.


Step 4. Now, you can play the original song and other tracks in real time.

Step 5. Once done, just click the "Record" button in the top menu to record the final track.


These steps can help you remix a song easily on your iPhone instead of choosing a DAW.

Final Words

From this blog, you must have learned how to remix a song using different DAWs. It might be possible that you are ready to create the first remix of your music production career after understanding this.

As you have seen, you need to find the BPM of a song to perform well in this field. That's why we recommend using EaseUS Online Key Finder, which can accomplish this task nicely within seconds.

How to Remix a Song FAQs

You may have cleared all your doubts by reading this guide. But if you still have questions, you can find them here.

1. How do you remix for beginners?

To remix a song as a beginner, you only need to follow the simple steps shared below:

  • Find "Acapella" and launch it in a specific DAW.
  • Find "BPM" and adjust it accordingly.
  • Add new tracks and set them for synchronization.
  • Master your mix using a specific tool.
  • Listen to the final track and get it on your device after the necessary edits.

2. Can you legally remix a song?

Yes, you can legally remix a song by getting permission from the producer. Here are the steps that you can follow for this:

  • Find the song you want to remix.
  • Approach its producer or artist to seek permission for remixing.
  • Create a remix as per your experience.
  • Give credit to the original artist while sharing it on any platform.

3. What app can I use to remix a song?

You can use the GarageBand iPhone application to remix a song. It has a simple interface with real-time processing.

4. Can you remix songs for free?

Yes, you can remix a song for free using GarageBand. Follow these steps to get the task done:

  • Add the song to GarageBand.
  • Choose additional tracks and add them to the loop.
  • Play all tracks side by side to check the results.
  • Tap on the "Record" button to complete the task.

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