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BandLab splitter is a perfect addition to the studio for those who want to get strong grip on their practice sessions. Are you new to this? Keep reading to have a deep overview of the topic and learn more about the tool.



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As a musician or music editor, you must know the importance of track separation. It is common to use various tools that might be hard to understand because of their complex features. For those who want an easy solution to this, the BandLab Splitter is the best pick.

It is an AI tool that can separate vocals from instrumental and other tracks without damaging the quality. Using this, you can easily separate tracks nicely and proceed with the music editing task. In this blog, we aim to share a complete guide on this tool to help you be better at a practice session and perform well.

Overview of BandLab Splitter

It is a full package for musicians who are looking to get a better grip to split tracks nicely without damaging quality. With the help of this tool, you can have full control over every individual track from any voice clip.

BandLab Splitter has multiple newly launched tools, with the help of which you can get separate tracks for every instrument and a vocal track. In short, whether you are looking to separate a piano track from a song or want to get any other instrumental track, you can use this advanced toolkit.

To help you know about it deeply, we have written a few major features of this advanced tool.

Key Features:

  • Unlike other tools, it works at an extensive speed to separate tracks.
  • You can access multiple advanced tools to adjust pitch, speed, and other parameters.
  • It is integrated with the studio to help you extend your editing and get better outcomes.


Overall, the acapella extractor of BandLab is completely free without any limitations. You can upload as many songs as you want to get them separated from the original file. However, you can get the BandLab membership, which starts from $14.95 per month.

bandlab pricing

With this membership, you will have access to multiple advanced features of the studio for professional audio editing.

How to Split Audio in BandLab?

Using the BandLab Splitter isn't as difficult as using the stem splitter in Logic Pro 11. The software is pretty simple to use for splitting tracks and performing basic editing. However, if you don't know how to use this splitter, we have the steps for you.

Step 1. Browse the splitter on your device and click on the "+" icon to import the file.

import screen bandlab

Step 2. The tool will automatically start splitting tracks. Wait until it is done.

bandlab ai splitter processing

Step 3. You will see "4" different tracks for vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments.

bandlab splitter tracks

Step 4. Drag the bar up or down to adjust the volume.

Step 5. Adjust the "Speed" and "Pitch" by using the options given beside the "Play" button.

Step 6. When you have finished with the settings, click on the "Upward" arrow to export the tracks.

Using the volume adjustment bar, you can remove the drum from a song or any other instrumental track. For your assistance, we recommend you watch this detailed video guide to learn the process effectively.

  • 01:41 - Splitter Tool
  • 03:59 - Stems vs Tracks
  • 06:48 - Rundown
  • 13:53 - Exporting
  • 15:23 - Phone Video sample
  • 19:36 - Audio Stretch
bandlab splitter

BandLab Splitter Alternative: EaseUS Online Stem Splitter for 4-Track Separation

Sometimes, you may not find the above-mentioned splitter suitable for your task. There can be many reasons, like technical errors, slow processing, etc. If you want to remove vocals from a Spotify song without facing such complications, you should try EaseUS Online Stem Splitter.

EaseUS Stem Splitter

It is the best alternative to BandLab because of its advanced features and fast processing. Using this, you can extract four different tracks from a song, including vocals, drums, bass, and other instrumentals. The best thing about this online tool is its extensive compatibility with fast processing.

Moreover, you can use this online splitter for free without registration. It is right to say that you will find it perfect when it comes to making karaoke from your songs and making them perfect for your work.

Key Features:

  • You don't need to download any resources like you have to do with other audio editing software.
  • It doesn't require registration, and using it for free.
  • The tool supports multiple audio/video formats to help you be comfortable using it.
  • One can use the tool without any technical knowledge because of its simple interface.

With such an extensive list of features, the EaseUS Online Stem Splitter is ranked at the top of the list of alternatives to BandLab. That's why it is recommended to use this software at least once and check how well it performs in separating tracks.

To Conclude

From the above discussion, you must deeply understand the BandLab Splitter. We have shared a detailed guide on this topic to let you be good at your work. However, if you don't find it suitable for your task, EaseUS Online Stem Splitter is the best choice.

Using this, you can split tracks from as many songs as you want. The best part is that you don't need to register with the platform or pay a subscription fee. Share this post with your friends!


FAQs on BandLab Splitter

We have listed a few questions and their brief answers here for those who have quick questions related to the topic.

1. Does BandLab have a splitter?

Yes, BandLab has a dedicated splitter that allows you to get separate tracks for vocals and different instruments for a single music file.

2. Can you split tracks on BandLab?

Yes, one can easily split tracks on BandLab using its AI splitter. It will not damage the quality of output tracks and will share the best tracks with you.

3. Is BandLab Splitter free?

You can use BandLab Splitter for free, as it doesn't require a subscription. However, you can purchase a subscription to the studio for additional tools and smooth working.

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