Top 5 Juice WRLD Voice Generators [Free Online]👨🏾‍🎤

Experience the essence of Juice WRLD's unique voice with our top 5 free online Juice WRLD voice generators. Dive into the world of auto-tune and embrace the spirit of one of hip-hop's most iconic voices—all at your fingertips!

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Dawn Tang

Updated on May 22, 2024

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🎵To make Juice WRLD rap and speak: Kits AI, 4/5

🎵To talk, sing, or rap like Juice WRLD in 20s free: Lalals, 3.6/5 from Trustpilot

🎵To sing and speak smoothly under the paid mode: Voicify, 3.4/5 from Trustpilot

🎵To produce AI rap music with free monthly credits: Uberduck, 4.3/5 from SoftGist

🎵To generate 460+ voices easily online for free: EaseUS VoiceOver, 5/5

You may not have heard of Juice WRLD, but you might be familiar with "All Girls Are The Same," "Lucid Dreams," or "Godzilla," which are known as his masterpieces. Are you captivated by his nasally, pop-punk-infused tones? Read about the top 5 Juice WRLD voice generators.

Immerse yourself in the unmistakable sound of Juice WRLD as you explore these cutting-edge AI rapper voice generators designed to capture the essence of his iconic voice. Discover a world where technology meets artistry, and let the legacy of Juice WRLD echo in your creative endeavors.

Who Is Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD (real name Jarad Anthony Higgins) was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition for his distinctive musical style that blended elements of hip-hop, emo, and rock. Born on December 2, 1998, Juice WRLD rose to prominence with his breakout single "Lucid Dreams," which became a massive hit and showcased his ability to seamlessly fuse genres.

Juice WRLD

His music often explored themes of heartbreak, mental health struggles, and substance use. Juice WRLD was known for his introspective and emotionally charged lyrics, resonating with a wide audience. Tragically, he passed away on December 8, 2019, at the age of 21, due to an accidental drug overdose. But his impact on the music industry remains significant.

Best 5 Juice WRLD Text to Speech Online

Despite his untimely death, Juice WRLD's legacy is celebrated by fans worldwide, and his voice is missed. Luckily, like there is a 2Pac AI voice generator free online, Juice WRLD's sound can be found in celebrity text-to-speech.

🔢How many tested 10, and only 5 selected
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Selected for Web users
🔉Tested voice Juice WRLD
📑Supported feature Make celebrity AI sing, talk, or rap
🆓Free trial Yes
⏰Time spent 15 days

1. Kits AI

🏧Price: Free for 15 conversion/m, and 300 characters

Kits AI is an online AI voice generator that allows you to make AI singing voice, clone your voice, separate vocals and instruments from a song, and create free Juice WRLD covers and upload them to YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Kits AI

The best part is that you can sing in Juice WRLD's voice using the recorded audio file. If you need more convert minutes, high output quality, or AI library access, choose one of its pricing plans.

Kits AI prices

               Pros                Cons
  • 100+ royalty-free AI voices.
  • Voice cloning and rap music cover.
  • Remove vocals from a song.
  • Transform a YouTube video into an AI cover.
  • Multiple instruments are available.
  • Limited 10 languages.
  • Lack of voice customization options.
  • Free users cannot access the AI library and have low-quality output.
🔎User Review
Kits AI is an innovative AI voice platform tailored specifically for musicians, offering a plethora of creative possibilities for transforming their vocal expression. - From Futurepedia

2. Lalals

🏧Price: Free for 3 voices, 3 conversions, and 20s at once

Lalals is a celebrity AI voice generator free that makes Travis, Drake, Juice WRLD, Rihanna, and more singers and famous people sing, talk, and rap.


This Juice WRLD AI voice changer converts any vocals to 1000+ voices, and it supports uploading or recording audio to make a stylish song. Here are its pricing plans.

Lalals pricing

               Pros                Cons
  • 1,000+ AI voices.
  • Easy and user-friendly workflow.
  • Record your voice and sing like singers or rappers.
  • Limited characters for a free account.
  • No voice options.
  • Limited processing time for free users and cannot download.
🔎User Review
Highly recommended! User friendly and cool. Great for people who are into music and have hobbies in making music. Thank you for existing. Can't wait for future updates. - By Silene Oliveira, from Trustpilot

3. Voicify

🏧Price: Free trial is a professional online music creation tool backed by AI technology. With access to over 22,000+ AI models and it's growing, one can find any voices, such as Juice WRLD, Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Lana Rey, and more.


The AI song cover generator is able to self-define the tempo, instruments, and lyrics and make AI sing easily. It also has a text-to-speech feature to convert celebrities' voices. Upgrade to premium plans starting from $7.99/m for more credits and advanced features.

Voicify prices

               Pros                Cons
  • Voice cloning for custom voice models.
  • Access to 22,000+ AI models.
  • Create AI-generated songs with popular artists' voices.
  • Customize your song output.
  • Add effects like reverb or echo to your tracks.
  • The price could be prohibitive for certain users.
  • Familiarizing oneself with these models and features may entail a learning curve.
  • The quality of voice cloning varies.
🔎User Review
I recently had the pleasure of using, and I must say it is an outstanding AI covers generation website. - By Bollywood AI, from Trustpilot

4. Uberduck

🏧Price: Free version

Uberduck text-to-speech is an online TTS program that supports 5,000 expressive voices, but the majority of the AI character voice generator's voices have been removed from availability and cannot be utilized, including the Juice WRLD AI voice. If you are looking for Uberduck alternatives, there are other great options.


Users can select the age, gender, accent, style, and mood to locate the desired voice. However, they cannot search the voice directly in the box anymore. For non-commercial users, they can use it for free. To generate raps and use them commercially, you need to buy a membership.

Uberduck prices

               Pros                Cons
  • Convert text/voice to voice and make AI-generated rap.
  • Transform your voice into others.
  • Plenty of voice settings.
  • API accessible.
  • Lots of voices have been taken off the shelves.
  • Limited voices for a free account.
🔎User Review
We liked the variety of premade and user-generated AI voices that Uberduck AI provides. It generated a human-like voice using our sample text. - From SoftGist

Explore the top-rated Juice WRLD Voice Generators and infuse your creations with his unique sound – share the post with fellow enthusiasts and unleash your creative potential!


5. EaseUS VoiceOver

🏧Price: Free

EaseUS VoiceOver is an exceptional AI voiceover generator employing advanced deep learning and speech synthesis techniques. This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly obtain lifelike character voices, adding a touch of realism to their creations. Dive into the creative process by utilizing its customizable blocks to craft engaging dialogues seamlessly integrated into your videos.

 EaseUS VoiceOver

This Joe Biden text to speech boasts compatibility with an extensive range of 460+ AI voice models spanning 149 languages and accents. Users enjoy the flexibility to fine-tune their chosen AI voices, adjusting parameters such as speed, pitch, and emotion for a personalized touch.

               Pros                Cons
  • Access a diverse array of 467 voices in 149 languages.
  • Achieve realistic outputs free from artificial tones.
  • Enjoy hassle-free usage without the need for registration.
  • Export your creations in multiple formats, including MP3, FLAC, SRT, and more.
  • Doesn't support AI music covers.

Get the free AI voice generator now.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, these best 5 Juice WRLD voice generators offer a gateway to unleash your creativity and infuse your projects with the distinctive tones of this iconic artist.

Whether you're a budding artist seeking inspiration or a devoted fan looking to add a touch of Juice WRLD's magic to your creations, these text-to-speech websites bring his signature auto-tuned vibes right to your fingertips.

Juice WRLD Voice Generator FAQs

1. What type of voice does Juice WRLD have?

Juice WRLD's voice was characterized by his emotional depth, smooth delivery, and the ability to switch between rapping and singing seamlessly. His vocal classification is likely a tenor. The description of his voice being nasally or whiny and reminiscent of pop-punk from the early 2000s suggests a unique tonal quality. The use of auto-tune in most of his songs further enhances and modifies his vocal characteristics.

2. How to talk to Juice WRLD?

Juice WRLD passed away on December 8, 2019. Unfortunately, it is not possible to communicate with him as he is no longer alive. But you can interact with the deceased singer using text-to-speech tools that include his AI voice.

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