Top 6 Joe Biden Text to Speech in 2024 [Online/App]👨‍🦳

Are you looking for a Joe Biden text-to-speech for pranks or entertainment? Look no further than this article that lists the 6 best and most realistic Joe Biden AI voice generators online.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 21, 2024

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Celebrity voice cloning makes content more entertaining and engaging for users, allowing them to personalize their experience and interact with text-to-speech technology in a more enjoyable and customized way.

Obama text-to-speech or Joe Biden text-to-speech levels thing up with accessible presidential voices. In this article, we are going to lay out all the realistic and high-quality Joe Biden AI voice generators online for free.

Joe Biden TTS🧑‍🦳 Platform💻 Effectiveness✍️ Rating🧑‍🎓 Web Provide 22,000+ AI models and natural-sounding voices. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
FakeYou Web Community-based TTS that has 3900+ choices. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
EaseUS VoiceOver Web A free online AI TTS that provides customization options and 460+ voices. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Uberduck Web Open-source AI voice generator with 45 voice options. ❤️❤️❤️ Web One of the most realistic AI voice generators with easy operation. ❤️❤️❤️
Parrot ai iOS Easily make celebrity speaking videos with AI. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Overview of Joe Biden

Before that, we need to get to know who Joe Biden is. Joe Biden inaugurated in 2021, is the 46th President of the United States. Prior to his presidency, he held a 36-year tenure as a U.S. Senator from Delaware and served as the Vice President of the United States alongside Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017.

Joe Biden

Best 5 Joe Biden Text-to-Speech AI Voice Generators Online

Cutting-edge AI celebrity text-to-speech generators are available online for convenience, and some of them are free to use, while others may offer a limited free trial.


💵Price: $7.99/m to $89.99/m is a paid online Joe Biden voice changer and music creation program with AI models, but you can start a free trial for its text-to-speech conversion. You can select from 9 languages and an extensive voice library including cartoons, anime, music, gaming, and public figures.

This president AI voice generator has JFK, Jokowi, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump to sing or say the written words with expressions and speed adjustment.

🔡Key Features:

  • Possess over 22,000 AI models and voices.
  • Create models of your own.
  • Get access to conversion history for good.
  • Make figures sing as you like.
  • Make AI singing voice.
               Pros                Cons
  • Generate text-to-speech in seconds with AI.
  • A wide selection of over 22,000 models.
  • Customizable emotions and speed.
  • High-quality, natural-sounding output.
  • Voicify AI's pricing could be considered high by certain users.
  • Getting proficient with all Voicify AI features may involve a learning curve.
📝User Review
I'm having so much fun just messing around with random songs and I honestly recommend trying them out!! They're very trustworthy and worth every penny! - From Trustpilot

Step-by-step guide to generate Joe Biden's voice with Voicify

Step 1. Visit the website and create an account.

Step 2. Select your premium plan and Joe Biden as the AI model.

Step 3. Enter the content you want under the "Text to Speech."

Step 4. Adjust your emotions and speed.

Step 5. Click "Convert Text" to get started.


💵Price: Free to $25/m

FakeYou text to speech is a community-supported TTS service that produces Joe Biden's voice in a few clicks. Supporting a growing library of 3900+ voices and multiple languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, German, and more, it is definitely a go-to choice for text-to-speech.


Casting as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bush, Biden, etc., is very easy to do. And the community will answer and help you should you encounter some errors.

🔡Key Features:

  • Replicate voices, including Joe Biden's, and customize them to your liking.
  • User-friendly and intuitive to use.
  • Provide a wide array of top-quality voices.
  • Incorporate AI for lifelike outcomes with regular updates.
  • Allow for free and unlimited voice generation.
               Pros                Cons
  • Deliver a natural sound of Joe Biden's AI voice.
  • Empower users to replicate and tailor their voices to their preferences.
  • No need for downloads or account creation.
  • Free of charge and supported by the user community.
  • Over 3900 voices.
  • Get premium plans to access some features.
  • No voice customization options.
  • Only for non-commercial purposes.
📝User Review
We liked FakeYou's approach towards being a community-driven platform that hosts various pre-defined AI voices inspired by video game characters, YouTubers, and famous personalities. From SoftGist

Get Joe Biden's voice easily with FakeYou

Step 1. Go to the FakeYou website and find the "Text to Speech."

Step 2. Search president or Joe Biden from the voice dropdown list.

Step 3. Click "Explore Voices" to change the language or category.

Step 4. Type your text and press "Speak."

Step 5. Click "Share/Download" to save the audio.

3️⃣EaseUS VoiceOver

💵Price: Free

EaseUS VoiceOver is a free online voiceover generator powered by an AI model. It empowers users to input, arrange, edit, and remove text sections. The intuitive interface and robust AI capabilities make it a versatile tool for creating customized voiceovers tailored to individual preferences and needs.

EaseUS VoiceOver

With 468 voices and 149 languages and accents to choose from, you can adjust tone, pitch, pause, and speed as you like without the need for registration. Whether you're looking to fine-tune the emotional tone, adjust pacing, or experiment with different voices, EaseUS VoiceOver provides a user-friendly platform for engaging and effective text-to-speech conversions.

               Pros                Cons
  • Free online tool, no need to create an account.
  • Extensive choice of over 460 voices.
  • Personalize voice settings, including pitch, speed, and emotion.
  • Export audio in MP3, WAV, and FLAC, as well as text files in SRT, TXT, and DOCX formats.
  • Depends on the internet connection.

🔡Key Features:

  • AI-driven TTS tool for text input, arrangement, editing, and deletion.
  • A selection of 468 voices and 149 languages.
  • Fine-tune tone, pitch, pause, and speed.

Convert text to Joe Biden's voice with EaseUS VoiceOver

Step 1. Go to the website and find the TTS section.

Step 2. Enter words you want Biden to say.

Step 3. Customize the voice and click generate.

Step 4. Download the final work.


💵Price: Free for non-commercial uses is an online text-to-speech website that enables users to transform text to voice and voice to voice, generate RAP, and clone voice. With a portfolio of 45 voices, you can explore the fun of voice conversion.

Select the age, gender, accent, style, mood, and public/private access of your voice to make a unique result. The AI will learn your selection to enhance accuracy and personalization.

🔡Key Features:

  • Clone your own voice.
  • Make AI sing or rap.
  • Generate speech from text with adjustment.
  • Create a rap video and your ML models.
               Pros                Cons
  • Own 45 AI-driven voices.
  • Fine-tune voice selection to create your style.
  • Open-source voice AI platform.
  • Could be used for personal uses and commercial ads.
  • Charge $10/m for creators and $500 for enterprises.
  • AI may produce errors.
📝User Review
Based on our review, we find Uberduck AI to be an excellent AI-driven TTS platform, even on its free version.  - From SoftGist

Generate Joe Biden sound with Uberduck ai

Step 1. Access the website and create an account.

Step 2. Navigate to the "TEXT TO VOICE" and select the voice per age, gender, accent, etc.

Step 3. Add your text to the box.

Step 4. Click "GENERATE SPEECH" and download the audio.


💵Price: From $0 to $330/m is one of the most realistic Joe Biden online voice generators. Whether you're making content for your stories, playing games, or listening to audiobooks, this AI voice generator can meet your demands.

Delivering in 29 languages, this online program has 25+ characters to choose from. It has deep learning AI models to learn and reproduce the human tone.

🔡Key Features:

  • Support 29 languages and more lively accents.
  • Provide easy workflow.
  • Powered by an AI model that renders human intonation.
               Pros                Cons
  • Ideal for content creators and publishers seeking rich, lifelike voice generation.
  • Offers enhanced features, including laughter, for storytelling.
  • Versatile for various applications.
  • Free online program.
  • No customization options to adjust voices.
  • Charge high prices for commercial uses.
  • Limited voice options available.
📝User Review
I've been using ElevenLabs AI voice technology for a while now, and I must say, I'm quite impressed. The voice outputs are incredibly realistic and the user interface is remarkably friendly. - From Trustpilot

Produce Joe Biden Text to Speech with

Step 1. Go to's official website and sign up.

Step 2. Select one language from the tags.

Step 3. Input the sentences.

Step 4. Select a voice from the grey downward arrow.

Step 5. Click the play button to listen to it, and press the download icon to get the file.

Best Joe Biden Text-to-Speech App

💵Price: From $4.99 to $14.99

Parrot ai is a mobile AI text-to-speech generator that creates lifelike voices for voiceovers, presentations, etc. This platform synthesizes chopped clips from Joe Biden's videos and turns them into written text into a video saying things in the box. You can find its app on the App Store.

Parrot ai

Popular voices like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and other celebrities are available. You can play the fun audio in voice memos, voicemails, and phone calls.

The web access to Parrot ai is more of a free trial for its app, which charges $4.99 for its Pro version. After you pick a celebrity, type your words, and make a video, you'll have to download the app to get the video.

🔡Key Features:

  • Easily make humorous voiceovers and videos with celebrities.
  • Use AI for lifelike voices in various applications.
  • Support celebrity sing-alongs and personalized messages.
               Pros                Cons
  • Simplifies content creation for a wide audience.
  • AI tech ensures authentic-sounding voiceovers.
  • Ideal for creating humor and sharing memes.
  • Relatively limited voice options.
  • Legal and ethical considerations with celebrity voices.
📝User Review
My friend sent me one of these things and I have to say, I am blown away by the realistic and high-quality speech it produces. - From Apple Store

Generate Joe Biden's voice with Parrot ai

Step 1. Download and log in to the app.

Step 2. Pick Joe Biden from the voice library.

Step 3. Type the sentences you want him to say.

Step 4. Press download or share your video.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, Joe Biden's text-to-speech technology offers an engaging way to interact with content in the voice of the 46th President of the United States, providing users with a unique and personalized experience.

For those seeking a versatile text-to-speech solution, EaseUS VoiceOver, a powerful AI-driven tool with numerous customization options, stands as an excellent choice, catering to a variety of voice needs and ensuring seamless, accessible text-to-speech functionality.

FAQs About Joe Biden Text to Speech

1. How to get the Joe Biden text-to-speech?

To get the Joe Biden text-to-speech voices, you can use online TTS services, mobile apps, or desktop tools. Here are the general steps to generate Joe Biden's voice:

  • Visit the online program like EaseUS VoiceOver or FakeYou.
  • Type or paste your text into the box.
  • Select Joe Biden as the character.
  • Select the language, tone, pitch, and emotion.
  • Click Start to convert the written texts to spoken words.

2. How to do Joe Biden voice changer?

To use Joe Biden's voice changer:

  • Simply download a voice changer app with Joe Biden's voice.
  • Input the desired text.
  • Choose Joe Biden as the voice source.
  • Fine-tune the parameters.
  • Start to convert the words.

3. What is the most realistic AI voice?

The most realistic AI voice is determined by its naturalness, clarity, emotional expressiveness, language support, customization, lack of artifacts, and more aspects. EaseUS VoiceOver is an online text-to-speech with emotion that provides high-quality AI voice without delay or artifacts.

EaseUS VideoKit

All-in-one Video and Auido Tool

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