Mike Tyson Voice: Why He Sounds Like That & 6 TTS Generators

Why does Mike Tyson talk like that, and how do you get Mike Tyson's voice online? Explore the answers in the article in detail.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on May 22, 2024

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When I mentioned "the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title in the World Boxing Hall of Fame," what comes to your mind? The only thing you might think of is Mike Tyson, the world-class professional boxer who was characterized by his aggressive, menacing boxing style, criminal record, and lisp disorder.

Boxing fans or content creators may want to know what happened to Mike Tyson's voice and how to get his unique speaking style easily online. This article explains why Mike Tyson speaks with a lisp and lists the 6 web-based celebrity text-to-speech generators or music creators.

What Happened to Mike Tyson's Voice

Michael Gerard Tyson, also known as "Iron Mike," is an American former professional boxer born in New York in 1966. Making his debut in his 18s, Mike Tyson competed from 1985 to 2005 and won multiple awards and titles, including the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles in succession. He stands as the youngest boxer in history to secure a heavyweight title.

Michael Gerard Tyson

The origin of Mike Tyson's lisp can be traced back to a childhood accident where he suffered a significant injury to his upper lip, resulting in misaligned teeth. This dental misalignment, coupled with other factors like a turbulent upbringing and a lack of speech therapy, contributed to the distinctive speech impediment that Tyson developed over the years.

Best 6 Mike Tyson Voice Generators for Music & Speech

As we delve into the realm of Mike Tyson's voice using speech synthesis technology, let's explore the top 6 of Mike Tyson's best AI voice generators. From free options to advanced tools, these factors should be taken into account.

🗿Realism Ensure the voice generator accurately reproduces Mike Tyson's voice.
🛠️Customization Better to have options to customize the generated voice for specific needs.
💡User-Friendly Has an easy-to-navigate interface for a smoother experience.
🎼Output Quality Produce a coherent and natural Mike Tyson voice.
🤑Cost Consider the affordability when you choose.
🧐Review Consider user experiences and reviews.

Check out:

1️⃣FakeYou-Mike Tyson Deepfake TTS Generator

💸 Price: Free, $7-$25/month

🗣️Output Quality: ⚝ ⚝

FakeYou text-to-speech is a free, community-based, and open-source text-to-speech powered by AI technology. Use FakeYou to transform text or voice into the speaking voice of your favorite character, craft your personalized AI voice, and produce a lip-synced video effortlessly.

FakeYou mike tyson voice

This Mike Tyson deepfake TTS generator has a wide selection of 3,983 voices in the realms of anime, announcers, superheroes, games, memes, singers, etc. It supports 8 languages altogether. However, one should note that this robot text-to-speech doesn't provide voice settings for fine-tuning, and the non-premium users are limited to 12 seconds of audio.

               Pros                Cons
  • Don't need to create an account.
  • 3,983 voices in 8 languages are available.
  • Easy to use with community support.
  • Free of charge.
  • Don't offer voice settings.
  • Limited text characters for free users.
  • Voice output varies with models.
  • Not suitable for commercial use.

2️⃣Voicify-Mike Tyson AI Music Cover

💸 Price: $7.99-$89.99/month

🗣️Output Quality: ⚝ ⚝ ⚝

Voicify.ai is a paid web-based AI music cover generator that allows you to access the full history of conversion, train custom models, make AI singing voice, and convert text to speech. An extensive and growing library of 20,347+ AI models satisfies all your needs for the voices of musicians, characters, cartoons, gaming, and public figures.

voicify mike tyson voice

Unlike FakeYou, this AI rapper voice generator comes with customization options. Adjust the language, expression, and speaking speed for your customizable text-to-speech, or perfect the song cover's tempo and lyrics. The intuitive and clean UI will guide you through the whole procedure.

               Pros                Cons
  • Make AI music and text-to-speech with emotion.
  • User-friendly and easy interface.
  • A wide range of options for artists' voices.
  • Offer a secondary gadget to fine-tune your output.
  • Relatively high-quality voice output.
  • Prices may be high for personal users.
  • Voice quality hinges on the community.
  • Take time to know all the models and features.

3️⃣101 Soundboards-Mike Tyson TTS Computer AI Voice

💸 Price: Free

🗣️Output Quality: ⚝ ⚝ ⚝

101 Soundboards is a freely accessible online tool, compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones, offering millions of sounds and 4,680 voices through the Pokimane AI voice generator.

101 soundboards mike tyson voice

While catering to a variety of preferences, such as celebrities, games, memes, and streamers, it doesn't come with any user-defined voice tools. Preview hundreds of sound clips for each voice and download the MP3 as needed.

               Pros                Cons
  • Boast a vast collection of millions of sounds.
  • Diverse voice options of 4,680 voices.
  • Accessible on both Android and Apple mobile phones for convenience on the go.
  • Lack of advanced customization options.
  • Have a noisy interface that might confuse users.

4️⃣Singify-Sing Like Mike Tyson

💸 Price: 1,000 free credits and $6.99/month

🗣️Output Quality: ⚝ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝

Singify is an AI song cover generator that offers users the flexibility to upload YouTube songs, as well as MP3/WAV/M4A audio files or record voices under 10MB. Boasting over 100 AI voice models, Singify employs advanced technology to create natural and lifelike AI song covers.

singify mike tyson voice

It provides 1000 free credits for first-time login users, which suffice a 45s song generation. However, like any tool, it comes with its own set of pros and cons:

               Pros                Cons
  • Diverse input options.
  • Authentic and high-quality song covers.
  • Offer 1000 free credits for the initial login.
  • Variety of 100 AI voice models.
  • Feature a user-friendly interface.
  • Lacks the option to customize voice settings.
  • To proceed after the initial free credits, users need to upgrade.

5️⃣Narakeet-Mike Tyson AI Narrator

💸 Price: Free, $6/30 minutes

🗣️Output Quality: ⚝ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝

Narakeet is a girl voice text-to-speech narrator with high compatibility with multiple file formats, including TEXT, TXT, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, PDF, EPUB, RTF, ODS, VTT, SRT, and more. Basically, you can convert most of the documents to audio and create voiceovers and audiobooks easily.

narakeet mike tyson voice

This kid voice generator creates audio dialog using 700 voices in 90 languages and includes settings to change the volume, speed, format, and output of the voice. The tool offers 20 free conversions, with a maximum audio script length of 1 KB. However, it does not allow previewing or commercial usage.

               Pros                Cons
  • Accessible and realistic text-to-speech.
  • Support 700 voices in 90 languages.
  • Enable voice customization.
  • Compatibility with multiple formats.
  • Limited free conversion and script length.
  • High prices for some users.

Spread the word and talk like the champ – it's a knockout! 👑


6️⃣EaseUS VoiceOver-Mike Tyson Free Text-to-Speech

💸 Price: Free

🗣️Output Quality: ⚝ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝

As one of the best free text-to-speech AI tools, EaseUS VoiceOver generates lifelike and natural Mike Tyson voice without limit. It uses deep learning and speech synthesis technologies to achieve the best result. You can further adjust the emotion, pitch, and tone.

EaseUS VoiceOver

The deepfake voice generator free has 468 voices in 149 languages and accents for you to choose from. Not to mention the smooth output of MP3, WAV, SRT, TXT, and other formats. It also enables you to create a dialog for video voiceover, storytelling, video games, etc.

               Pros                Cons
  • Offer 460+ voices in 140 languages.
  • Perfectly tailor your voice output.
  • Export creations in various formats.
  • Free online TTS reader without limit.
  • Don't support AI music cover.

Get access to your best free voiceover generator for your content creation!

Wrapping up

To sum up, this post explains what happened to Mike Tyson's voice and the 6 best online tools to mimic his voice or make him sing. From text-to-speech websites to AI music creation platforms, users can find fun in whatever creation they engage themselves with. Try them out and select one proper premium or free option to entertain yourself or your audience!

Mike Tyson Voice AI FAQs

1. Did Mike Tyson voice himself in the Simpsons?

No, Mike Tyson didn't voice himself in the Simpsons. Drederick Tatum in the Simpsons is a parody of Mike Tyson, voiced by Hank Azaria. The character features a high-pitched lisping voice, a criminal record, and financial troubles.

2. Why does Mike Tyson speak with a lisp?

Mike Tyson speaks with a lisp due to a childhood speech impediment known as a lazy tongue. This is because he has a tough childhood marked by violence and a lack of speech therapy.

3. What happened to Mike Tyson speaking?

Mike Tyson developed a lisp, scientifically known as 'Sigmatism,' causing slurry and mumbled speech due to misalignment between the throat, tongue, lips, or teeth during speaking.

4. Where is Mike Tyson originally from?

Mike Tyson was born in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York, on June 30, 1966.

5. How tall is Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson is 5 feet 10 inches, around 178cm.

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