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Discover the top 5 free online alternatives for Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech! Explore reliable options to bring animated character voices to your text, enhancing your user experience.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on May 22, 2024

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Key Takeaways

💡BonziBUDDY is a free virtual desktop assistant that helps users manage downloads, sing, talk, etc.

💡Bonzi Buddy is widely considered adware and spyware, so downloading is not recommended.

💡Consider the top 5 Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech online free alternatives to get its voice safely.

Some may have heard of BonziBUDDY, the non-defunct virtual assistant that does everything online as required, be it joke sharing or web browsing. But, unfortunately, BonziBUDDY is widely regarded as adware and spyware.

Still, some of you might miss the voice of this little purple gorilla. In this article, I'll walk you through the history of BonziBUDDY and the five best Bonzi Buddy Text-to-Speech free online alternatives for you to get its voice safely.

About Bonzi Buddy

BonziBuddy, or BonziBUDDY, a freeware desktop virtual assistant developed by Joe and Jay Bonzi in 1999, offered a range of functions like sharing jokes, managing downloads, making AI singing voice, and talking, utilizing Microsoft Agent technology.

Bonzi Buddy

The software used a text-to-speech voice called Sydney, sourced from the Lernout & Hauspie Microsoft Speech API 4.0 package. Initially featuring Peedy, a green parrot, later versions introduced its character, Bonzi, a purple gorilla.

Despite its initial popularity, it became notorious for spyware and adware issues, leading to discontinuation in 2004 due to legal challenges and fines. The discontinuation led to the closure of Bonzi's website in 2008.

Is Bonzi Buddy Safe 2023

Given its historical reputation as adware and spyware, it is not advisable to consider Bonzi Buddy safe in 2023. Numerous sources, including Consumer Reports Web Watch, Trend Micro, and Symantec, have classified it as spyware or adware.

Reports mention activities such as resetting the user's browser homepage without permission, tracking user information, installing toolbars, and displaying unwanted advertisements. PC World even ranked it sixth on "The 20 Most Annoying Tech Products" list in 2007.

With a history of being labeled a "scourge of the Internet" and an "unbelievably annoying spyware trojan horse," it is prudent to steer clear of Bonzi Buddy and similar software to ensure the security and privacy of your computer and personal data in 2023.

Top 5 Safe Bonzi Buddy Text-to-Speech Online Free Alternatives

Considering the tremendous risks of downloading Bonzi Buddy, user-friendly online alternatives come in handy. They have Bonzi Buddy's voice and clear out the hazard.

Methods Pros Cons
TETYYS Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator Generate BonziBUDDY voice easily with settings. Limited voice options and no emotion options.
FakeYou Free TTS reader boasts 3900+ voices. No customization options.
101 Soundboards Wide selection of voices and sound effects. Have ads, lack settings, and longer waiting times.
Uberduck Versatile voice and rap generator. Limited voices and cannot search voice.
EaseUS VoiceOver Free BonziBUDDY voice reader supports 460+ voices and 140+ languages. Don't have celebrity ready-made templates.

1️⃣TETYYS Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

The first text-to-speech website that comes to mind is the TETYYS Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator, a freeware that allows users to select dozens of voices, languages, and customize speaking pitch and speed. It is a part of Microsoft Speech API 4.0.

 Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

It supports multiple text formats, such as plain text, HTML, and XML. You can also export it to WAV, MP3, or other formats.


  • Generate Bonzi Buddy's voice easily.
  • Customization options.
  • Speedy conversion.

Make Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech:

Step 1. Visit the TETYYS website and select Adult Male #2 as your voice.

Step 2. Define the pitch and speed.

Step 3. Input your text and click "Say it."

Step 4. Click on the audio player and click "Save audio as…"


FakeYou Text to Speech is a community-driven and free online TTS reader. Over 3900+ voices from cartoons, games, celebrities, movies, and more are available, and it's growing. This includes Johnny Depp, Donald Trump, Iron Man, Zelda, Trump, etc.


You can either download the MP3 result or share it on social media. The Sam Text to Speech has different pricing plans varying with privileges. But the free version meets the demand of most individuals.


  • Support 3900+ voices and 8 languages
  • Convert text to speech and voice to voice.
  • Work with Discord.
  • Wac2Lip to generate lip-sync videos.

Generate Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech:

Step 1. Access the FakeYou website and create an account.

Step 2. Select "Text to Speech" and search BonziBUDDY in the voice box.

Step 3. Choose between BonziBUDDY (Confused, Angry) and BonziBUDDY (Sidney, TruVoice, meme).

Step 4. Enter the text you want, press "Speak," and download the audio as needed.

3️⃣101 Soundboards

101 Soundboards is a free online and mobile Kanye text-to-speech generator offering a wide array of voice clips and sound effects. With a substantial, growing collection of 4,700+ voices, users can easily find the desired sound.

101 Soundboards

The platform provides preset sentence templates for quick previews, and while the generation process is straightforward, it lacks extensive customization options. Users typically spend an average of 3 minutes to obtain the MP3 file.


  • Access to over 4,700 voices.
  • Inclusion of various sound effects for each character.
  • User-friendly operation with pre-set templates.
  • Average wait time for the generated MP3 is 3 minutes.

Produce Bonzi Buddy text to speech:

Step 1. Visit the 101 Soundboards and type Bonzi Buddy in the search box.

Step 2. Select one sound from 28+ options.

Step 3. Enter your text to be spoken.

Step 4. Press "Generate It."


Uberduck text-to-speech is a versatile online TTS reader that allows users to convert text/voice to voice, generate AI raps, and clone their own voice. You'll need to sign up for the AI rap voice generator to proceed.


One can use it for free with limited monthly credits for personal use, while others must upgrade the plans for commercial use. Developers can create interactive voice and chatbots with this voice automation tool.


  • Used to have 5000+ expressive voices.
  • AI-generated raps and customizable lyric videos.
  • Discord text-to-speech.
  • API access and voice cloning.

Get Bonzi Buddy sound:

Step 1. Go to the website and log in.

Step 2. Under "TEXT TO VOICE," choose the age, gender, accent, style, and mood.

Step 3. Choose a preset voice or customize it as needed.

Step 4. Add your text and generate speech effortlessly.

5️⃣EaseUS VoiceOver

EaseUS VoiceOver stands out as a top-tier president AI voice generator utilizing advanced deep learning and speech synthesis techniques. This AI voiceover generator effortlessly produces lifelike character voices, allowing users to craft engaging dialogues seamlessly integrated into their videos.

EaseUS VoiceOver

Boasting compatibility with 460+ AI voice models and 149 languages and accents, EaseUS VoiceOver offers users the flexibility to customize settings such as speed, pitch, and emotion for their chosen AI voices.


  • Support for 468 voices across 149 languages.
  • Realistic voice without artificial tones.
  • No registration is required; it's free to use.
  • Export your creations in various formats like MP3, FLAC, SRT, and more.

Acquire Bonzi Buddy voice:

Step 1. Visit the website and choose the desired voice.

Step 2. Input the character's dialogue.

Step 3. Adjust settings like pitch and emotion.

Step 4. Click the speak button to generate the final work effortlessly.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, exploring these top 5 online free alternatives for Bonzi Buddy Text-to-Speech opens up a world of possibilities for adding dynamic and engaging voice elements to your content.

Whether you're creating entertaining narratives, enhancing user interactions, or experimenting with unique voice effects, these alternatives offer diverse features. With user-friendly interfaces and various voices, these platforms provide accessible and creative solutions for text-to-speech synthesis.

Bonzi Buddy Text-to-Speech FAQs

1. What text-to-speech does Bonzi Buddy use?

Bonzi Buddy incorporated a text-to-speech feature for user interaction, employing a voice known as Sydney. This voice was sourced from a previous Lernout & Hauspie Microsoft Speech API 4.0 package and is sometimes denoted as Adult Male #2 in certain software contexts.

2. What happens if you download Bonzi Buddy?

Downloading Bonzi Buddy could result in unwanted consequences, including intrusive ads, increased system resource usage, privacy concerns due to tracking, and difficulties in removal. It is generally not recommended to download or install Bonzi Buddy due to its history of unwanted behavior.

3. How to get Bonzi Buddy's voice?

To get Bonzi Buddy voice, use online TTS generators for convenience:

  • Access the website and select the voice.
  • Customize the pitch, speed, or other settings.
  • Press the say or generate button to get Bonzi Buddy's voice.

4. How do you make Microsoft Sam sing?

To make Microsoft Sam sing, follow the procedures:

  • Select the lyrics or content you want Microsoft Sam to sing, whether it's a song, poem, or other written material.
  • Convert the text to a compatible format suitable for text-to-speech processing, such as plain text or SSML.
  • Use text-to-speech software or a programming language supporting Microsoft Sam's voice. Input the formatted text, and let the tool generate the audio output of Microsoft Sam singing your selected content.

5. How do I get Microsoft Sam to say soy?

The SAPI5 version of Microsoft Sam pronounces "s'oy" or "soe" accurately, while the Speakonian (SAPI4) Sam correctly vocalizes "soei" when the word "soy" is followed by an "l" or a "w" in phrases like "soi water" or "soi leap." Surprisingly, in such cases, Speakonian Sam articulates it correctly.

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