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Are you searching for best news reporter voice generators for your content? Look no further than this post listing 6 of the top options free online.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 01, 2024

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People often use news reporter voice generators to create engaging content, develop news-style accouchements for presentations or podcasts, and enhance the professionalism of audio or video projects. These AI voice generators convert text to high-quality news voices, allowing users to convey information in a polished manner.

In this guide, I'll meticulously curate the best 6 free newscaster texts to speech and delve into their strengths and weaknesses. Join me as I explore these top-notch tools, providing insights into creating natural and lifelike AI news reporter voices to elevate your video and audio content.

News Reporter Generator🗞️ Voice🔊 Language🌍 Price💸 Rating👍
EaseUS VoiceOver 468 149 Free 5/5
Narakeet 700 90 Free, 30 min for $6 4.5/5 900+ 140+ Free, $31.2/m, 99/m 4.3/5
ElevenLabs 120 29 Free, $1/m, $11/m, $99/m, $330/m 4.6/5
FakeYou 3993 8 Free, $7/m, $15/m, $25/m 3.9/5 120+ 20+ Free, $29/m, $39/m, 75/m 4/5

👑EaseUS VoiceOver

The first best free text-to-speech is EaseUS VoiceOver, a quality AI voiceover generator with newscaster voice for audio and video. You can make conversational-style professional news or documentary voiceovers with ease. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface without a tough learning curve.

news reporter voice generator easeus voiceover

On top of that, this text-to-speech with emotion allows you to fine-tune the volume, mood, pause, and pitch of the generated voice, which ensures granular control over the overall voice quality. Backed by its advanced AI text-to-speech technology, EaseUS VoiceOver generated natural-sounding voices. The newscaster voice option, in particular, adds a level of professionalism and authenticity to your content.

               📣Pros                🔕Cons
  • Use advanced AI technology for natural-sounding voices.
  • Professional newscaster voice for video content.
  • Support multiple file formats, languages, and voices.
  • Allow users to adjust voice settings.
  • Free, high-quality voiceover without cost.
  • Cannot generate videos directly.

How to have a reporter voice using EaseUS VoiceOver?

Step 1. Visit EaseUS VoiceOver and get started.

Step 2. Select a language and voice from the dropdown list.

 Select a language and voice

Step 3. Enter your text in the given block and add another one as needed.

Enter your text in the given block

Step 4. Choose "newscast" and customize the settings.

 Choose newscast

Step 5. Download the block.

Download the block


Moving on, Narakeet is another great girl voice text-to-speech and news reporter voice generator. With it, you can make AI news reports in 90 languages using 700 announcer voice options. More than that, things will be so much easier for you when you have TXT, PDF, EPUB, DOCX, and more files. Upload them and save yourself the trouble of typing.

news reporter voice generator narakeet

This kid voice generator does offer plenty of customization options for users to change the volume, speed, format, and output. However, one should note that free accounts only get 20 free conversions, and the maximum upload file limit is 10 MB. Also, they cannot preview the result.

               📣Pros                🔕Cons
  • Free news anchor AI voice synthesizer.
  • Make news in 90 languages using 700 voices.
  • Provide customization options.
  • Integrate the tool with various digital platforms.
  • Limited conversions and features for free accounts.
  • No voice filters for a quick selection.

How to do a news reporter voice with Narakeet?

Step 1. Go to the website and click "More Options."

Step 2. Choose your language and voice.

Step 3. Adjust the volume, speed, and formats.

Step 4. Enter your text or upload a file.

Step 5. Click "Create Audio" to generate.


The next deepfake voice generator for free creates conversational AI for YouTube and TikTok videos. narrates the story and voices your characters in 900+ AI voices spanning over 140 languages and accents. It also allows users to replicate any voice with its voice cloning feature. With the compatibility with many formats like MP3 and WAV, content creators, educators, or marketers can seamlessly integrate it into their diverse range of projects.

news reporter voice generator

The free celebrity AI voice generator offers both free and paid plans. For free users, you can get 12,500 characters and 1 instant voice clone, but you are not allowed to use it commercially. Meanwhile, for creators and professionals, prices vary from $31.2 to $99 per month.

               📣Pros                🔕Cons
  • 900+ realistic AI voices.
  • API is accessible for developers.
  • Instant voice clones.
  • Modify tone, speed, and style for a tailored voiceover.
  • Free SpongeBob text-to-speech with customization options.
  • Commercial use only for paid plans.
  • The voice cloning only supports English.

How to do a news anchor voice using

Step 1. Access the website and create an account.

Step 2. Search and select the voice "Nicole."

Step 3. Type your text in the box.

Step 4. Define your speed, emotion, and advanced voice controls for stability, similarity, and intensity.

Step 5. Click the button to preview and download it if you are satisfied.


Now, let's delve into the versatile AI speech synthesizer,, which generates lifelike speech from text and voice. Employing advanced deep learning models, the AI voice generator recognizes text nuances and delivers high-quality news with precision voice tuning, including stability, clarity, similarity, style, and speaker boost.

news reporter voice generator elevenlabs

The text-to-speech website has different pricing plans for various users. Free users have 10,000 characters per month and enable voice design and cloning. However, for those who need commercial use you'll have to pay for the premium plans.

               📣Pros                🔕Cons
  • API is accessible for free.
  • Craft news voice from scratch using voice design.
  • Clone the desired news host's voice easily.
  • Transform your voice and text into another voice.
  • Tailor your speech with expressions and fine adjustments.
  • Limited monthly characters and custom voices for free.
  • Don't support subtitle files.

How do one make a news voice from ElevenLabs?

Step 1. Go to the and sign up.

Step 2. Choose "Text to Speech" and select a narrative voice.

Step 3. If you cannot find your favorite, click "Add voice" and choose to design or clone one.

Step 4. Type or paste your text and press the generate button.

Step 5. Listen to the result and fine-tune the voice settings. Once you like it, download the work.


When it comes to an open-source TTS reader for news, we cannot get round FakeYou text to speech. This community-based voice generator uses deepfake technology to generate audio or videos of your favorite characters. It also includes a voice designer to create one's own AI voice and a face animator for lip-synced videos.

news reporter voice generator fakeyou

With a growing voice library of 3993 voices, one can basically find any voice he likes, including the news reporter voice. And the whole procedure is as easy as winking. All you need to do is submit your scripts, which also means there are no other tweaks for the voices.

               📣Pros                🔕Cons
  • AI-driven open-source text-to-speech without login.
  • A wide selection of voice libraries backed by the community.
  • A versatile tool as a voice generator, voice changer, and voice designer.
  • Unstable voice quality.
  • No voice settings for adjustment.
  • Non-premium is limited to 12s of audio.

How to announce news with FakeYou?

Step 1. Access FakeYou and choose "Text to speech."

Step 2. Search Reposted Speech from the voice list.

Step 3. Enter the text you want the narrator to say.

Step 4. Press the "Speak" to generate.

Step 5. Share or download the text-to-speech audio.

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One of the best AI voice generators for free text-to-speech is With more than 120 voices in 20+ languages to choose from, you can get satisfactory voices eventually. Murf excels in its nuanced control over voices, allowing users to finely tune aspects such as pitch, speed, pauses, and volume. Elevate your creative experience by seamlessly integrating stock music, images, and videos, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and engagement to your voiceovers.

news reporter voice generator

The news reporter voice generator supports TXT, DOCX, and SRT, so you can import your ready-made substile file and generate the news quickly and easily. And, of course, it has a free version, which allows you to try all voices in 10 minutes of voice generation and transcription. However, one cannot download the final result.

               📣Pros                🔕Cons
  • Choose from 120+ voices in 20+ languages.
  • Control over the voice's pitch, pronunciation, volume, expression, etc.
  • Support multiple subtitle files for direct upload.
  • Embed your build as video or audio on your website.
  • Stock music, images, and videos.
  • It cannot be downloaded for free users.
  • Limited audio editing.

How to get newscast text to speech via

Step 1. Create an account and log in.

Step 2. Create your project and choose a voice you like.

Step 3. Select "Newscast casual" or "Newscast formal" from the filter.

Step 4. Enter your text in the block or import a script file.

Step 5. Set the pitch, pause, emotion, etc., and play it.

Step 6. Add multimedia elements and export your project.

Wrapping up

To wrap it up, a news voice generator can be a game-changer for content creators seeking professional and authentic audio narratives. The top 6 free online generators highlighted in this article offer a diverse range of features, ensuring that users can find the perfect fit for their projects, whether it be for news reporting, educational content, or marketing endeavors.

Among these, EaseUS VoiceOver stands out as a commendable choice with advanced AI technology, customization options, and compatibility with various formats, providing an impressive array of over 468 voices in 149 languages.

Announcer Voice Generator Text to Speech FAQs

1. How do you make a news voice?

You can make a news reporter voice online for free using any TTS mentioned above. Take EaseUS VoiceOver for example here:

  • Visit EaseUS VoiceOver and get started.
  • Select the preferred language and voice.
  • Click the emoji dropdown to locate the newscast.
  • Enter your text in the given box.
  • Customize the pitch, speed, and pause.
  • Listen to the result and download the MP3 if you like.

2. How to do a news anchor voice?

To achieve a news anchor voice, follow these steps:

  • Speak at a moderate speed for clarity.
  • Articulate words distinctly.
  • Use an authoritative, neutral tone.
  • Practice correct pronunciation.
  • Add subtle variations in pitch.
  • Regularly practice news scripts aloud.
  • Study experienced news anchors, and record and analyze your delivery.

3. Are there any free AI voice generators?

There are a bunch of the best free AI voice generators that turn written text into your favorite voices, including EaseUS VoiceOver, FakeYou,, ElevenLabs, and more. They provide a free version for users to try.

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