9 Hot-Pick Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Discover the top 9 free pitch shifter VST plugins. Here are the features of the best plugins to enhance your music production.



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Pitch plays a crucial role in music production and audio enhancement. It determines the melody of a voice and contributes significantly to its emotional impact. However, sometimes, altering the pitch of audio is necessary to enhance audio.

Pitch changer extensions and plugins offer users a versatile toolset to manipulate pitch with precision and ease. The availability of free pitch shifter VST plugins has enhanced the functionality of the audio editing tools. This article explores the top 9 free pitch shifter VST plugins. We've highlighted their features and functionalities for various creative applications. Here is also a free tool that helps you change your music pitch online.

Top 9 Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

1. Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Auburn sounds Graillon

Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Pitch Shifter is a powerful tool in music production. It offers a diverse range of functionalities in vocal and monophonic instrument processing. Graillon 2 offers pitch correction and harmonization. Its interface strikes a balance between simplicity and functionality. The Pitch Correction module facilitates real-time adjustment of pitch and tempo with precision.

It has a selection of scales and configurable correction strengths. It enables subtle tuning tweaks to the iconic auto-tune effect. This feature opens up musical expression by analyzing input audio and adhering to the chosen key. The plugin has a formidable "Pitch-Tracking Modulation" feature to change the pitch of a song.


  • Robust pitch correction and harmonization features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time pitch adjustment


  • Limited customization for advanced users
  • Some users may experience latency issues
  • Free version has restricted features

2. GVST GSnap Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

GVST GSnap pitch shifter

GVST GSnap Pitch Shifter is a prominent choice among musicians and producers for precise pitch adjustment. It empowers users to fine-tune their audio recordings with ease. The plugin's control panel is divided into three distinct sections – Detection, Correction, and MIDI. These offer tailored controls for optimizing pitch manipulation. The Detection section allows users to define the bottom and top frequency range.

The Correction section allows for precise control over vocal tuning effects. Users can fine-tune parameters to achieve their desired results. You can set a target scale for pitch correction to attain natural-sounding harmonies. GSnap's advanced pitch detection algorithms ensure a smooth and accurate pitch shift process. It incorporates a built-in formant preservation feature to preserve the natural tonal characteristics of the input audio.


  • Precise pitch detection
  • Configurable correction and MIDI control
  • Natural-sounding results


  • Limited to monophonic audio
  • Formant preservation may not be perfect

3. Aegean Music Pitchproof Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Aegean music pitchproof

Aegean Music Pitchproof Pitch Shifter is a distinctive pitch-shifting VST plugin. This plugin seamlessly blends pitch shifting algorithm with harmonization. It offers multiple features for both music production and live performances. One of Pitchproof's standout features is its diverse selection of harmonization modes. This allows users to create lush harmonies that imbue melodies with depth.

The plugin includes a Blend Knob and grants users precise control over the intensity of the effect by adjusting the balance between the dry and wet signals. Pitchproof offers a Detune function to add subtle pitch variations and enrich the sonic texture of audio. It is a versatile toolkit to change pitch of YouTube videos. Aegean Music provides additional value to users by offering the Unison Beatmaker Guitar Pack.


  • Emulates vintage guitar pedal effects
  • Multiple harmonization modes
  • Blend knob for dry/wet control


  • Not as versatile for non-guitar applications
  • Can introduce artifacts in complex audio

4. FreSh by Max Project Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

FreSh by Max Project

FreSh by Max Project is a standout option among pitch shifter plugins. It offers comprehensive features tailored specifically for pitch correction and vocal processing. Its commitment to simplicity and functionality is reflected in its user-friendly interface and streamlined feature set. FreSh provides an accessible platform for adjusting the pitch of your recordings with precision and ease.

Its precise pitch control allows users to fine-tune their audio with adjustable pitch range and correction speed. It includes a built-in formant shifter that empowers users to manipulate the tonal characteristics of a voice. Users can craft unique vocal effects that alter the character and timbre of the original recording. It provides the tools needed to make your vocal tracks stand out in the mix.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Adjustable pitch range and correction speed
  • Built-in formant shifter


  • Limited to basic pitch correction
  • Lacks advanced features for sound design

5. Stolon by Novaflash Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Stolon by Novaflash

Stolon by Novaflash offers a plethora of features tailored for creative sound design and manipulation. Its highly customizable granular pitch-shifting algorithm provides users with precise control over pitch modulation. Users can craft a diverse range of sonic textures. Its granular synthesis engine allows users to adjust parameters such as grain size and window shape.

Stolon can add classic effects and polyphonic instruments driven by MIDI input. It facilitates the creation of harmonies and choir effects. Users can integrate Stolon seamlessly into their compositions and performances. It includes a built-in LFO to modulate the pitch dynamically.


  • Highly customizable pitch-shifting
  • Granular pitch-shifting algorithm
  • Built-in LFO for modulation


  • Steep learning curve
  • May require significant CPU resources

6. Erzatz by novaflash Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Erzatz by Nova

Erzatz by Novaflash is a noteworthy addition to the pitch shifter VST plugins. It offers comprehensive features for creative audio manipulation. The powerful toolset allows for crafting unique and captivating sonic landscapes. Its sophisticated pitch-shifting algorithm enables users to control the pitch of their audio.

Erzatz offers a granular synthesis engine for precise adjustment of parameters. It empowers users to sculpt their sound with precision. It offers a range of modulation options, such as built-in LFOs and envelope followers. You can add movement and dynamics to the pitch-shifted audio. Erzatz's versatility extends beyond traditional pitch-shifting effects. The plugin also offers features such as formant shifting and harmonic generation. Erzatz can be used in both monophonic and polyphonic modes for a wide range of musical applications.


  • Experimental pitch-shifting capabilities
  • Unique sound design possibilities
  • Detailed control over pitch parameters


  • May introduce unexpected artifacts
  • Limited support

7. HarmonicBoost by ChromaDSP Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

HarmonicBoost by ChromaDSP

HarmonicBoost by ChromaDSP is a polyphonic pitch shifter VST plugin that enhances audio signals by boosting harmonically matching content in real-time. This innovative tool offers a range of features for the stereo field and enhances the overall sonic experience. Its intuitive interface and versatile controls provide users with the ability to synthesize octave and interval shifts for the left and right channels.

It allows precise manipulation of the stereo image. One of the standout features of HarmonicBoost is its smoothing control. It regulates the compromise between tracking speed and accuracy. This ensures that the pitch tracking remains stable and reliable. It supports a wide range of sample rates to ensure compatibility with various audio production workflows.


  • Polyphonic pitch tracking
  • Separate interval controls for stereo enhancement
  • Real-time synthesis of octave and interval shifts


  • Potential latency issues
  • Limited to harmonic content
  • May not be compatible with all hosts

8. Pitchproof by Aegean Music Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Pitchproof by Aegean

Pitchproof by Aegean Music is a standout pitch shifter VST plugin renowned for its ability to emulate the classic analog pitch-shifting effects. Its seamless integration of pitch shifting with harmonization offers users a versatile toolkit for creating a wide array of musical effects. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set enhance music production and live performances.

Pitchproof's harmonization capabilities allow users to choose from various modes. This feature enables the creation of lush harmonies that add depth to melodies and enhance the overall musical composition. It also offers a Blend Knob to precisely control the intensity of the effect by adjusting the mix between the dry and wet signals. The plugin includes a Detune function to add pitch variations to the audio.


  • Classic analog pitch-shifting effects
  • Versatile harmonization modes
  • Blend knob for effect intensity control


  • May introduce artifacts with complex audio
  • Limited to guitar-focused applications

9. Spectral Lemuring by Fugue State Audio Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Spectral Lemuring by Fugue State

Spectral Lemuring by Fugue State Audio is an innovative pitch-shifting plugin that harnesses the power of spectral processing to produce mesmerizing sounds. This plugin offers precise control over the frequency content of input audio. It is a valuable tool for both seasoned sound editors and music producers. Spectral Lemuring provides users with a range of controls in frequency analysis. This parameter enables users to achieve a diverse array of effects for creative needs. It allows users to create evolving features that set Spectral Lemuring apart from many other free pitch shifters available.


  • Advanced spectral processing
  • Freeze function for unique textures
  • Built-in LFO for parameter modulation


  • High CPU usage
  • Limited support

Bonus: Online Pitch Shifter - EaseUS Pitch Changer

EaseUS Pitch Changer offers comprehensive audio tools. It is a versatile and user-friendly online pitch shifter that allows users to adjust the speed and pitch of files. It is compatible with a range of file formats. EaseUS Pitch Changer offers flexibility and convenience for users working across various platforms.

Its advanced AI-powered vocal remover lets users separate vocals from music for free. It automatically detects and separates noise elements from the instrumental track. It allows users to create karaoke tracks and remixes of their favorite songs easily. Users can choose from multiple types of separation without compromising audio quality. EaseUS Pitch Changer also supports the extraction of vocals from both video and audio files.

  • AI-Powered Pitch Shifter: It uses advanced artificial intelligence to detect and adjust pitch automatically.
  • Multiple Types of Separation: It can separate drums and noise from music tracks to create karaoke versions or covers effortlessly.
  • Support for Various File Formats: It supports audio and video file formats to ensure compatibility with different platforms and media type
  • Extraction from Online Sources: It allows users to extract vocals from online video and audio sources.
  • Real-Time Preview and Built-In Player: The built-in player allows users to preview their audio in real time.

Visit the EaseUS Online Vocal Remover website now to enjoy its multiple pitch-changing and audio manipulation features for free!

The Bottom Line

We've provided the top 9 free pitch shifter VST plugins. If you're looking for an automatic pitch changer, EaseUS Pitch Changer emerges as a standout choice. It offers advanced AI-powered vocal removal and support for various file formats. It is the ultimate tool for unleashing creativity and enhancing audio manipulation.

FAQs on Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Pitch-shifting software depends on individual needs and preferences. If you're looking for the best pitch-shifter plugins, here are some insights to help you.

1. What is the best software to change the pitch?

The best software for changing pitch depends on factors such as user preferences and budget. EaseUS Pitch Changer is the best free pitch changer. The free online tool can automatically detect and adjust pitch.

2. What is the difference between a frequency shifter and a pitch shifter?

Both frequency shifters and pitch shifters have different audio effects. A frequency shifter shifts all frequencies by a fixed amount. A pitch shifter changes the audio pitch without affecting its timbre.

3. What is the pitch shifter plugin in logic?

Logic Pro users can access various pitch shifter plugins such as built-in Pitch Shifter and Varispeed functions. These allow users to adjust the pitch in real time to create manipulation of audio within the Logic Pro environment.

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