Top 8 Free MP3 to Text Converters [2024 List]

Want to convert your recordings or meetings from MP3 to text? This post lists 8 free mp3 to text converters to convert audio files into accurate text.

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Updated on Mar 05, 2024

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Quick Summary

  • 1. EaseUS VideoKit is ideal for newbies and users looking for batch conversions.
  • 2. Google Speech-to-Text is great for users seeking accurate cloud-based transcription with Google's advanced speech recognition.
  • 3. InqScribe is best for content creators and professionals needing a flexible tool for audio and video transcription.
  • 4. HyperTRANSCRIBE is best for researchers, journalists, and content creators requiring basic transcription features.
  • 5. Happy Scribe is best for users prioritizing ease of use for transcribing interviews, meetings, etc.
  • 6. Flixier is ideal for individuals or businesses seeking a user-friendly platform with collaborative transcription features.
  • 7. Notta is best for content creators, marketers, and social media professionals requiring a tool for transcribing and editing video content.
  • 8. VEED is optimal for content creators, marketers, and social media professionals requiring a tool for transcribing and editing video content.

When you're aiming to create subtitles, explanatory text, transcripts, or extract information from interviews for your podcasts or videos, the need to convert MP3 files to text becomes apparent. This is where the prowess of free MP3 to text converters comes into play. The following content will explore the usage and advantages of eight tools in this category.

The following table presents a comparison of these 8 MP3-to-text converters in various aspects. It is hoped that this data will provide some assistance in making your final choice.

🔢How many tested 15, and only 8 selected
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Selected for Windows and Mac users
📂Audio format supported MP3, MKV, WAV, and more
📽Transcript editing Allow text editing and exporting
🔖Text accuracy At least 90%
🥇Most recommended EaseUS VideoKit

Part 2. Free MP3 to Text Converter Software

The MP3 to Text converter software can maximize your entire operational process for greater comfort, as its user interface is relatively large. Moreover, it doesn't require internet support and can store user usage records. Therefore, we have selected four MP3 to text converter software options.

1. EaseUS VideoKit

💲Price: Free
🖥️Compatibility: Windows & Mac
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Newbies and users who are looking for batch conversions.

EaseUS VideoKit is an all-in-one video editor that utilizes AI to convert MP3 to text quickly. It supports transcription for over 100 languages and dialects, with an accuracy rate of up to 90%. In addition to processing audio in MP3 format, it enables users to add subtitles to downloaded movies and extract subtitles from MKV files.

easeus videokit subtitle generator

However, its capabilities go beyond subtitles. You can also use it to trim videos, apply special effects, and remove vocals and background noise from videos, among other features. Moreover, its user interface is remarkably straightforward, making it accessible even for users with no prior experience in audio and video editing.

Key Features of EaseUS VideoKit:

  • Edit videos without watermarks
  • Remove vocals without losing quality to keep your video clean
  • Generate text efficiently and accurately with AI
  • Add text effects to videos to improve the visual experience

Intrigued? The download button below can assist you in safely and freely downloading EaseUS VideoKit.


  • Clean and simple user interface
  • No audio size limitations
  • Accurate AI recognition of human speech


  • Not available for mobile users
Leveraging AI technology, EaseUS VideoKit swiftly and precisely transcribes speech to text. Currently accessible exclusively to Windows and Mac users.

2. Google Speech to Text

💲Price: Start from $0.024/minute, pay-as-you-go with free characters per month
🖥️Compatibility: Web-based 
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Users seeking accurate cloud-based transcription with Google's advanced speech recognition.

Google Speech to Text employs machine learning models to convert audio files into text. It supports transcription for over 125 languages and dialects. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with other programs through its API, enabling users to activate the service for real-time communication with applications or to submit audio and video materials for transcription.

google speech to text


  • User-friendly interface
  • Use noise robustness to improve accuracy
  • Offer high-quality transcription result


  • Slow processing speed
Google Speech to Text stands as a top-notch transcription service tailored for businesses, ensuring professionalism and accuracy.

3. InqScribe

💲Price: $99 for individual license
🖥️Compatibility: Windows & macOS
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Content creators and professionals needing a flexible tool for audio and video transcription.

InqScribe can directly play videos from your hard drive, flash drive, or CD and then provide you with a text editor. The program supports multiple languages, allowing you to transcribe various languages within the same document. It also allows you to insert timecodes at any point in the text and type anywhere in your transcript, making it highly suitable for creating and adding subtitle files to videos.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Support multiple languages
  • Able to insert timestamps or type anywhere in the transcript


The interface is sparse

InqScribe offers a classic manual transcription approach, complemented by a minimalist user interface for a streamlined experience.


💲Price: Start from $999
🖥️Compatibility: Windows & macOS
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Researchers, journalists, and content creators requiring basic transcription features.

If you're not inclined to invest time in figuring out how to use separate typing software, then HyperTRANSCRIBE is what you're searching for. It combines video playback and a text editor within a simple interface, allowing you to transcribe on any Windows or Mac OS computer. For even greater transcription efficiency, you can also customize shortcuts.



  • Offer convenient keyboard hotkeys to enhance the usability
  • No professional equipment needed


  • Old-fashioned UI design

Part 3. Free MP3 to Text Converter Online

If you're looking for a quick way to convert your MP3 to text, online tools can save you the hassle of downloading. The following four online MP3-to-text converters can provide assistance for you.

5. Happy Scribe

💲Price: Offer a free version, and start from $10 for a subscription
🖥️Compatibility: Web-based
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Users prioritizing ease of use for transcribing interviews, meetings, etc.

Happy Scribe brings together an audio-to-text converter, video-to-text converter, free transcription editor, automatic transcription software, and caption generator into one platform. It supports 120 languages, and audio can be converted from over 40 formats. The manual transcription audio service it offers allows users to transcribe audio for free, while it also provides paid services like automatic transcription software and human transcription.



  • Seamlessly integrate with platforms like YouTube, Zapier, and Zoom meetings
  • Capable of importing audio or video files from various external platforms
  • No time limit on credit expiration


  • Text accuracy might not match that of AI transcription
Happy Scribe provides users with rapid video transcription along with diverse export options. Note that enhanced accuracy may incur higher costs.

6. Flixier

💲Price: Offer free version, and start from $20/month
🖥️Compatibility: Web-based
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Individuals or businesses seeking a user-friendly platform with collaborative transcription features.

Flixier's free audio-to-text converter can assist you in effortlessly creating textual transcripts of recordings and conversations within minutes. It's compatible with all popular video and audio formats, including WAV, MP3, WMV, MKV, or AVI. Moreover, it integrates with the Zoom conferencing platform to generate subtitles for your videos. It also lets you edit the SRT files and TXT files and save them to your device.

flixier auto subtitle generator


  • Support free transcription of audio into text
  • Support impressive video and audio formats
  • Converted text can be downloaded


  • The free version offers limited features
Flixer supports cost-free audio-to-text transcription, supporting an array of impressive video and audio formats.

7. Notta

💲Price: Offer a free plan, and start from $12/month
🖥️Compatibility:  Web-based
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Content creators, marketers, and social media professionals requiring a tool for transcribing and editing video content.

Notta, the best vocal remover online free, allows users to upload MP3 files from their computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox URL. It can transcribe 104 languages and translate them into 43 languages. Roughly estimated, transcribing audio as long as 5 hours takes only 10 minutes. After transcription, it also permits you to add annotations and play the video at various speeds. Apart from MP3, you can use it to transcribe blog articles, study notes, and more and export them in TXT, DOCX, SRT, and PDF formats.

notta audio to text converter


  • Provide a fully free plan for first-time users
  • Transcribe live meetings in Zoom, Meet, and Teams
  • Support transcription in 104 languages


  • The AI summary can not be exported
Notta offers cloud-based video transcription services, catering to both recorded and live videos for added convenience.


💲Price: Offer a free plan, and start from $12/month
🖥️Compatibility: Web-based
👩🏽‍🦰Best for: Content creators, marketers, and social media professionals requiring a tool for transcribing and editing video content.

VEED also employs advanced AI technology to rapidly and accurately convert audio files like MP3 and WAV into text. This video subtitle generator can be applied in various scenes, such as transcribing lectures, podcasts, meetings, and more. It also supports making subtle modifications to transcriptions. The entire transcription process is straightforward: upload your audio, click on subtitles, choose automatic transcription, and hit the start button to initiate automatic audio transcription.

veed audio to text


  • Simple interface
  • Allow downloading the converted text
  • Advanced video editing features are available


  • Text accuracy is not high in the free version
VEED presents an online transcription tool that's free, rapid, and user-friendly, with no mandatory account registration.

In Closing

This article introduces 8 MP3 to Text Converters, allowing you to transcribe audio while providing editing capabilities and exporting text in various formats. Each tool has its own pros and cons, so you can choose the one that suits you best. If you're looking for a fast and accurate way to convert MP3 to text, don't miss out on EaseUS VideoKit.

Begin your journey of converting audio to text by downloading EaseUS VideoKit.

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FAQs on Free MP3 to Text Converters

Limited content can't cover limitless information so this section will present you with frequently asked questions from our users about this topic.

1. How can I transcribe MP3 to text for free?

Several tools and software offer free transcription services for converting MP3 to text. You can explore platforms like Happy Scribe, Notta, and EaseUS VideoKit, which provide free plans for converting audio to text.

2. Is there a free program that converts audio to text?

Yes, free programs and online services can convert audio to text. Platforms like Happy Scribe, Notta, and VEED offer free plans that allow you to transcribe audio files into text without cost.

3. How do I convert MP3 to TXT?

To convert MP3 to TXT, you can use transcription tools like EaseUS VideoKit or Happy Scribe. Take EaseUS VideoKit as an example, navigate to "Subtitle Generator," and upload your file. The tool will automatically analyze and generate text.

4. Can Google convert MP3 to text?

Yes, Google offers a service called Google Speech-to-Text that can convert audio, including MP3 files, into text.

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