Top 9 YouTube to MP3 Converters🥇 - Features, Pros, Cons and FAQs

Whether you are looking for an online YouTube to MP3 converter to download YouTube to MP3 directly or a desktop YouTube to MP3 downloader that convert YouTube videos to MP3 safely, you can find the one you like from the top 9 YouTube to MP3 converter this year.

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Updated on May 07, 2024

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Our review is based on the unbias testing results in the following:

✍How many we tested 42
⏰How long we tested A total week, 7 days
🎯What we value Downloading speed, fluence, pricing, safety, reliability, supported downloading sources, including YouTube playlists, shorts, audio, etc.

Overview of the Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

There are more than 20 million monthly searches from users who look on the Internet for "YouTube to MP3" converters. The huge user needs motivate us to conduct a review of the top 8 YouTube to MP3 converters from the top ranking results to help users have a better understanding of these online or desktop YouTube to MP3 converters and make a better decision about which website or tool to use.

If you are one of the users looking for a YouTube to MP3 converter for PC or Mac but don't know which one is the optimal choice, read on to check the TOP 9 YouTube to MP3 converters and their pros & cons. Afterward, you can pick up the one that suits your need most to apply.

Supplementary information: Most Popular Video Streaming Platforms

Most popular video streaming platforms

Top 1. Overall Best -- EaseUS Video Downloader

Regarding reliability, capability, and user experience, EaseUS Video Downloader is our top pick for converting a downloaded YouTube video to an MP3 audio file. As a famous software company, EaseUS has primarily dominated the industry of data recovery, computer backup and disk partitioning. However, later it starts to involve the multimedia industry and promotes the new star product - video downloading and converting software. You can rely on the EaseUS fame, specialty, authoritativeness and prompt tech support while choosing the best video to MP3 converter for not only YouTube but other streaming videos.

Apart from YouTube, EaseUS Video Downloader supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other streaming video sites or social networking sites. Don't hesitate to give it a try.

easeus video downloader - best youtube to mp3 converter


  • Go compatible with both Windows and macOS
  • A desktop app that is able to ensure user privacy and is free of ads
  • Fully support YouTube video and audio download with a link
  • Download YouTube videos to MP3 in 320kbps, 256kbps, or 128kbps
  • Download YouTube videos to MP3 or other formats in high quality
  • Download YouTube thumbnails
  • Download YouTube Channels and playlists


  • Requires downloading and installing the app on your PC or Mac
  • The online version is upon coming

Top 2. Smooth YouTube to MP3 Converter -- AceThinker

After the trial, the YouTube to MP3 converter from AceThinker is regarded as the best YouTube to MP3 converter among the top 9 ranking results. Unlike most online YouTube to MP3 downloaders that are loaded with ads and redirections, AceThinker provides a clean interface and smooth video downloading process. You won't be bothered by ads or redirected to unknown websites during video download. Thus, it's safe and pure to use.

AceThinker Free YouTube to MP3 Converter


  • Provides multiple video & audio download options
  • Supports various video sites
  • Free from ads and redirections


  • Needs its desktop music downloader to download high-quality video/audio files
This software supports all of the most common media files among users. For that, we will not be having a problem converting and the compatibility of our video files. (From Top Seven Reviews)

Top 3. Easy Online YouTube to MP3 Converter --

Being free and easy to use, the online YouTube to MP3 converter - ToMP3, is a recommended choice for downloading YouTube to MP3 directly using the browser. In addition to being a YouTube to MP3 converter, it is a YouTube video downloader that allows you to customize the video format and quality. Although there are popup ads that need you to close manually, there are no other shortcomings you will see.

YouTube to MP3 Converter - ToMP3


  • Provides rich video & audio download option
  • Supports 21 languages
  • Supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Safar, and many other browsers
  • Supports PC, Android, and iPhone


  • Has ads that need to be closed manually
This is a very reliable YouTube to MP3/MP4 converter. I'm used to use it on my phone with no problems and same goes for PC. If you get an error that says the converter didn't work, do NOT try the one it recommends. It tries to install something and my antivirus went haywire. It said something about a trojan and adware. Just click 'retry here' button and it should work!(From Trustpilot)

Top 4. Fastest YouTube to MP3 Downloader -- X2Download

X2Download is a free website to help you download YouTube videos and audio online. It's quite similar to SnapSave: being full of ads is the only factor that hinders you from choosing this tool. It works to download YouTube videos and audio in a customized quality and format. Among all of the tested YouTube to MP3 converters, X2Download has the fastest download speed, making it outperform all its competitors.

X2Download YouTube to MP3 converter


  • Download videos at the fastest speed
  • Supports all devices
  • Supports video download in high quality like 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p
  • Supports more formats like 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM...
  • Supports 21 languages


  • Keeps popping up ads
Our analysis finds that has a medium-low authoritative score of 39.8. This means that the site could be flagged as Controversial. Risky. Red Flags. (From Scam Detector)

Top 5. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter -- SnapSave

If you think ads are bearable, you will like the Best YouTube Video Downloader from SnapSave. It offers various video & audio download options to fulfill your needs of downloading YouTube videos or converting YouTube to MP3. Whether you want to download a YouTube video of high quality like 4K, 2K, and 1080p or save YouTube videos to MP3 in 320kbps, 256kbps, or 128kbps, SnapSave will get it done for you.

SnapSave YouTube to MP3 converter


  • Supports video & audio download in different formats
  • Supports computers, tablets, and mobile phones (both Android and iOS)
  • Supports all formats, including MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM, MO formats, etc.
  • Supports 21 languages


  • Has ads that need to be closed manually
Unsafe site: Popups, Ads, etc. (From WOT)

Top 6. Desktop YouTube to MP3 Downloader -- 4K YouTube to MP3 (Free Download)

For you who are sick of the ads and redirections that are quite common on online YouTube to MP3 converters, a desktop app is a better choice. The 4k YouTube to MP3 downloader app spares you from being bothered by ads and redirections and offers you 15 daily downloads for free. That's enough if you only want to download online videos or audio files occasionally.

4K YouTube to MP3


  • Free of ads and redirections


  • Provides single download option
  • Needs to pay for the app if you want to download more than 15 items per day
4K YouTube to MP3 is an app that makes this possible and simplifies the process to a great extent. It essentially reduces it to paste a YouTube video's URL in the main window, with everything else being handled automatically. (From Softpedia)

Top 7. Online YouTube to MP3 Converter -- YTMP3

This online YouTube to MP3 converter provides you rich video/audio download options. Whether you want to save a YouTube video to MP3 in 320kbps or download YouTube to MP4 1080p, you can meet your needs for free using this online tool. However, no YouTube to MP3 downloader is perfect. If you choose this online service, you have to bear the redirections you will encounter after clicking the download button.

YTMP3 YouTube to MP3 converter


  • Provides rich video & audio download options
  • Provides a clean interface with no ads
  • Allows to upload the file to Dropbox directly


  • Redirects to other unrelated sites
Is safe? No, is not safe to use. The website and server are full of pop-up ads, push notifications, and redirections, which contain malware and can lead to malicious and potentially unwanted applications installed on your device. (From Cybernews)

Top 8. Clean YouTube to MP3 Converter --

As the website says, "YT1s YouTube Downloader helps you save Youtube videos to your device. You can choose from a variety of formats and qualities to download." It works as it claims. Like many of its equivalents, enables you to download YouTube videos to MP4, MP3, or other desired formats without any limitations at no cost. If you don't mind the ads on the website, this YouTube to MP3 converter is an excellent choice.

YT1S YouTube to MP3 converter


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Provides video & audio download options
  • Supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS


  • Has ads that need to be closed manually
This website is safe ONLY IF you use an add blocker because the site can redirect you to unsafe sites. If you have an ad blocker, that can be avoided. (From Trustpilot)

Top 9. Easy YouTube to MP3 Converter -- OnlyMP3

The only flaw of the YouTube to MP3 converter from OnlyMP3 is redirection. Once you click the download button, it will open another website. But, simultaneously, it will download the MP3 file to your computer. It won't prompt ads or persuade you to download desktop software to enjoy more features. It's a pure YouTube to MP3 converter that can easily convert YouTube videos to MP3.

OnlyMP3 YouTube to MP3 converter


  • Free of ads
  • Provides 20 languages
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile phone
  • Supports various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.
  • Uploads converted audio files into Dropbox directly
  • Allows to download audio by changing URL


  • Disallows video download
  • Provides single audio download option
  • Redirects to other websites
This site always worked for me, I love the functionality of uploading mp3 files to dropbox. (From Trustpilot)

Brief Comparison: Top 8 YouTube to MP3 Converters

There is a record of the time we spent downloading a YouTube video to MP3 using these tools:

Name Audio Size Quality Download Time
EaseUS Video Downloader 3.54M 263kbps 7s
AceThinker 3.54M 128kbps 11s
ToMP3 3.34M 128kbps 10s
X2Download 3.34M 128kbps 7s
SnapSave 3.34M 128kbps 7s
4K YouTube to MP3 3.4M 128kbps 16s
YTMP3 3.34M 128kbps 8s
YT1S 3.34M 128kbps 13s
OnlyMP3 6.7M 256kbps 58s

Based on the statistics, we recommend the EaseUS solution the best option to download YouTube video and convert it to MP3.

FAQs on YouTube to MP3

You may have questions below:

1. How to convert YouTube to MP3 on computer?

To convert YouTube to MP3 on computer, be it a Mac or PC, you can use a desktop YouTube to MP3 converter, an online tool, or a browser extension. All these tools will help you convert YouTube to MP3 directly by copying the URL.

2. Which is the best YouTube to MP3 downloader app?

If you prefer a YouTube to MP3 downloader app over an online tool, you can't miss EaseUS Video Downloader, a reliable and fast video downloader for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other 1000+ sites.

3. How to convert YouTube to MP3 at 320kbps?

To convert YouTube to MP3 at 320kbps, you need a YouTube to MP3 converter that allows customizing the audio quality. Tools like SnapSave, X2Download, and ToMP3 will help download audio in different qualities.

Final Verdict

Although online YouTube to MP3 converters are popular, they are not the best choice.

They are highly unstable. As you may have experienced, the URL of the website keeps changing since it is easily banned by Google. Besides, as many users have said, they are unsafe, ads-loaded, and are highly likely to redirect you to other unsafe sites.

Given that, it's advisable to use a desktop-based YouTube to MP3 converter to download YouTube to MP3 safely, such as the EaseUS video downloading app.

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