How to Use WavePad Audio Editor: Beginner Guide ✍️

Learn the basics of audio editing with our beginner's guide to WavePad Audio Editor. Discover its essential features and make your audio professional.

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Updated on May 24, 2024

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Audio editing can be both exciting and daunting, especially for beginners. WavePad Audio Editor is a powerful tool for audio manipulation. It opens the door to endless creative possibilities. However, as the audio editing process is not very simple, it may be complex for beginners to edit audio in WavePad. Don't worry; here, we will cater to all your WavePad audio editing needs. This article explores basic WavePad features and steps to use it for audio editing. Whether you're a musician or an audio and music editor, here are the steps to use WavePad effectively.

About WavePad

💻Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

💲Pricing: $39.95

WavePad is a versatile audio editing software to create professional-grade audio. Its intuitive interface makes audio editing accessible to users of all levels. Whether you need to edit music, trim MP3, voice recording, or other audio files, WavePad has features for it. In the latest version, 17.83, users can add effects like echo amplification and noise reduction and top audio joiners. Users can record and edit music voice and other audio recordings. WavePad offers a free audio editing software version with limited features. For more advanced capabilities, users can upgrade to the paid version of $39.95.

wavepad audio editor

  • It offers a wide range of editing tools, including cut, copy, paste, compression, and auto trim, allowing users to manipulate audio precisely.
  • Users can apply multiple audio effects like echo, normalize, and reverb, enhancing the audio quality and creativity of their projects.
  • It supports batch processing, enabling users to efficiently edit multiple audio files simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • It provides scrubbing tools for precise navigation, search for quick access to specific segments, and bookmarking features for easy recall and rearrangement of audio segments.
  • Full-featured professional tool to amplify, normalize, equalize, envelope, and reverb.
🤵User Review
I used to use it on an everyday basis to record audio, edit it, and then create my video on another software like Filmora. And what I liked the most was the simple interface. But, it has too many tools, including useless ones. The version needs to be simpler to avoid distraction. - from GetApp

How to Install WavePad Audio Editor

System Requirements: Windows 10, Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 8.1; 1.5 GHz Processor

Storage Space: Memory: 4 GB RAM; 100 MB Storage space

Steps to Install:

Step 1. Download WavePAd from the link

Download WavePad audio editor

Step 2. The file is downloaded as an executable (.exe) file. Run the installation wizard.

Accept terms and conditions WavePad

Step 3. Follow the prompts and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 4. Setup may take a few minutes to install.

Installing WavePad Audio Editor

Once the installation is completed, you can open WavePad Audio Editor and start using it for all your audio editing needs on your Windows 11/10 system.

The WavePad toolbar has a versatile set of tools and functions for editing and manipulating audio files. This user-friendly toolbar serves as the central hub for accessing various audio editing options, including cutting, copying, pasting, applying effects, and controlling playback. Here's a list of some common options you can find in the Tools Bar:

  • File section: The File section has options for opening, saving, and exporting files.
  • Edit section: The Edit section has features for basic editing tasks, such as cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting audio.
  • View section: The View section controls the zoom level, the waveform display, and the spectral display.
  • Insert section: The Insert section has options to insert silence, markers, and regions.
  • Tools section: The Tools section has buttons for accessing a variety of audio editing tools, such as the amplify tool, the normalize tool, and the equalizer tool.
  • Effects section: The Effects section applies a variety of audio effects, such as echo, reverb, and distortion.
  • Help section: The Help section allows access to the WavePad help documentation.

Learn more about the WavePad Toolbar and its functionality in this YouTube tutorial.

  • 0:27 Tab Toolbar
  • 0:59 Project Tab
  • 1:21 Help Tab
  • 1:33 Tools Tab

How to Remove Vocal from Any Song with it

WavePad offers features to remove vocals without losing quality. With its effective feature to create instrumental versions, it is among the best mp3 to Karaoke converters. WavePad works best with songs in stereo or mono 8 16, 24, or 32-bit format, as it can identify the vocal spectrum within such tracks. To remove vocals from any song using WavePad, follow these detailed steps:

Step 1. Open WavePad audio and choose the song to remove the vocals.

Step 2. Select the "Effects" option and choose "Voice," the AI vocal remover for PC can recognize the vocal elements within the audio, so this is the effect you'll use to reduce the vocals.

Choose effects in WavePad

Step 3. Select the "Reduce Voices" option. Click on it to adjust and remove vocals from WAV file. If the original recording includes instruments near the vocals, they will also decrease in intensity. You may need to fine-tune this setting based on your preferences.

Remove vocals WavePad

Step 4. Preview the song with the reduced vocals to ensure the adjustments meet your expectations.

Step 5. If you're satisfied with the results, export the song.

It's important to note that WavePad may not entirely remove the vocals from a song; it can significantly reduce them to the point where they are hardly audible.

How to Remove Background Noise with it

If you're looking for the best voice editors to remove audio background noise, WavePad can help. To remove echo from audio using WavePad, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open your audio file in WavePad. Press the Ctrl + A key to select the entire audio file.

Step 2. Select "Effects" and click on "Amplify."

Amplify audio WavePad

Step 3. Adjust the gain value up to a maximum of 400%. It will adjust the overall volume of your audio.

Adjust amplification WavePad

Step 4. Open "Effects" > "Noise Reduction." You will find several options to remove audio popping noise, including Noise Gate, Auto Spectral Subtraction, Multi-Band Noise Gating, Grab Noise Sample from Selected Area for Spectral Subtraction, and Spectral Subtraction Based on Noise Sample.

Noise Reduction Wavepad

Step 5. Select the noise reduction method that suits your audio best. It is recommended to use "Auto Spectral Subtraction" for better quality.

Step 6. Set the "Silence to Audio Proportion." For example, you can apply a 35% proportion to your audio files.

Apply Auto Spectral Noise Reduction WavePAd

The Best Alternative to WavePad Vocal Remover

If you're in search of an efficient alternative to WavePad Vocal Remover, EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is an excellent choice of MP4 vocal remover online. While WavePad offers certain vocal reduction features, there can be limitations on features. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover will address such limitations and offer an effective solution.

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover can effectively separate vocals from music, making it a valuable tool for content creators and music enthusiasts. It offers multiple audio processing options, including noise reduction and click-pop removal. It supports various audio formats, making it compatible with a wide range of files.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Efficiently remove vocals, leaving you with instrument-focused music.
  • Support a variety of audio formats, ensuring compatibility with different file types.
  • Allow to make acapella from a song freely.

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a free and convenient solution to clean up your audio tracks – visit the EaseUS Online Vocal Remover website and try it for yourself today!


While creating audio or video content, the quality of audio plays a significant role in content engagement. Wavepad offers multiple audio editing features. This beginner's guide has explained audio editing tools using WavePad Audio Editor. With essential features and the step-by-step instructions provided, you can process audio effectively.

Though WavePad offers a wide range of audio enhancement tools, it has a few limitations, too. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a powerful and user-friendly tool to further refine your audio projects. With its multi-format compatibility, free availability, and multiple tools, EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is the best tool for all.

FAQs on WavePad Audio Editor

WavePad is a versatile audio editing software that offers a free version with a few features and a paid version called WavePad Masters Edition, which includes additional capabilities.

1. Is WavePad really free?

WavePad offers a free version with basic audio editing features. However, for more advanced functions and tools, users may opt for the paid WavePad Masters Edition.

2. How much does WavePad sound editor cost?

The cost of WavePad depends on the edition you choose. The WavePad Standard Edition, which includes more advanced features, costs $39.95 for a one-time purchase license. The price of the master version is $69.95.

3. Is WavePad free and safe?

WavePad's free version is generally considered safe to use. Like any software, it's essential to download it from the official website to ensure security. Paid versions offer additional features and may be purchased securely.

4. Which is better, Audacity or WavePad?

Both Audacity and WavePad are excellent audio editing tools. Audacity is an excellent choice for basic audio editing needs. WavePad offers a free version and a paid Masters Edition, with more features for those seeking professional editing features. The decision between the two ultimately depends on the user's specific requirements.

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