16 AI Vocal Remover for PC to Isolate Acapella Painlessly

This article lists the 5 best free or paid AI vocal removers for PC that are used for isolating vocals from songs, and audio, and their pros and cons.

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Updated on Jan 31, 2024

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Imagine a situation where you have recorded a musical piece, but the issue is that it contains voices or conversations. What would you do in this scenario? Would you manually remove the vocals or seek a tool that can eliminate vocals in bulk? Considering the costs of time and money, many individuals would opt for the latter. AI Vocal Remover for PC, in particular, is highly regarded for its efficiency and accuracy.

AI vocal remover enables users to extract vocals, accompaniment, or instruments from video or audio on their computer. Compared to traditional vocal isolation methods, AI vocal remover has advantages including preview support, faster processing speed, and support for a wider variety of audio sources. With it, you could easily remove vocals in audio or videos on your computer. After testing below 16 tools, we got some data to help you choose.

🔢How many tested 25, and 16 are selected
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Selected for Songwriters, DJs, content creators, and more
📂Supported input file format MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and more
✨UI design Fit for beginners

16 AI Vocal Remover for PC

Here are 16 AI vocal removers that you can use on your computer. Let's explore them together.

NO.1 EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

At the top of the list is EaseUS Online Vocal Remover, a comprehensive AI-powered online vocal remover. It enables you to extract vocals from audio files, supporting various formats and facilitating easy sharing on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You have the option to download the vocals and accompaniment separately. More importantly, it can help users remove vocals from audio files in seconds with high quality, like removing vocals from Spotify songs.

easeus online vocal remover

Begin the process of removing vocals from songs by clicking the button below.


  • Utilizes artificial intelligence technology for enhanced performance
  • Offers additional features for a more comprehensive experience
  • Fast and accurate vocal removal


  • Limited features in the newly released online tool

Also, besides the above online vocal remover, there is also an app for removing vocals: EaseUS VideoKit. It could be used to trim, crop, or add transition effects to videos. Over 1000 audio and video format conversions, size compression, and GIF making are also available.

🤵User Review
After using EaseUS VideoKit, we believe that it is a powerful and comprehensive video editing software that offers a wide range of features. - from SYSGeeker

Watch the YouTube video guide to learn more about the best vocal removers🔎

  • 0:00 Intro 
  • 0:17 EaseUS
  • 1:04 Audacity
  • 1:35 Vocal Remover
  • 2:04 TuneBat
  • 2:33 D Mixer


LALAL.AI, a Tunebat vocal remover, offers a fast and precise solution to remove vocals from songs without compromising quality. This software enables users to eliminate vocals directly in a web browser. In addition to vocals, it also assists in removing instruments such as drums and electric guitars. To utilize its features, you need to choose the stem separation type and select the desired audio file.



  • Produce high-quality audio outputs
  • Support the removal of instrument sounds like drums, piano, bass, electric guitar, and more


  • Rely entirely on online services
  • Require pricing plans for full access to all features
🤵User Review
The best vocal remover in the game. I've used software and other websites but LALAL.AI give the best results. - from Product Hunt

NO.3 WavePad

Wavepad is a reliable video editor with an extensive selection of audio effects, offering features such as isolating vocals, reducing vocals, fading in/out, and splitting, among others. This audio mixer software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It provides options to remove vocals using WavePad AI, Parametric, and simple channel subtraction techniques.



  • Support more than 50 audio formats
  • Offers professional audio effects
  • Provide three methods to effectively reduce vocals


  • Lack of multi-track recording capability, supporting only single-track recording
  • Default frequency settings may not completely remove vocals
🤵User Review
Wave pad is a professional editing and recording application that you can have on your phone and laptop it gives you quick editing and adding effect to your audio mix and you can choose the format you want to save your final mix - from G2

NO.4 Media.io Vocal Remover

Medio.io is an AI-powered online tool designed to effortlessly remove vocals from songs or audio files. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily remove background noise while preserving high-quality instrumental tracks. Additionally, it offers the unique ability to generate accurate music lyrics, making it ideal for making karaoke.

Media.io vocal remover


  • AI-powered, ensuring professional and reliable results
  • User-friendly interface, making it easy to work with
  • Support various music formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, and video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV


  • Limited to process one file at a time
  • The default export format is limited to MP3
🤵User Review
Simple to convert files and works fine. No problems on my end. - from MyWot

NO.5 PhonicMind

PhonicMind, powered by HiFi AI, provides a seamless solution for effortlessly isolating vocals from songs. The process of removing vocals is remarkably simple: users can easily upload their desired song to the PhonicMind website and receive a version of the track with the vocals removed. Additionally, PhonicMind supports the removal of drums, bass, and other instruments from the audio track.



  • Fast and efficient vocal removal
  • Can be used for creating karaoke tracks and acapella versions
  • Free preview available


  • Not all vocals are consistently removed accurately
  • Minor issues might happen with multi-track extraction
🤵User Review
Loved the music quality for both the vocals and karaoke previews that I've tested on some files. - from Product Hunt

NO.6 AI Vocal Remover

AI Vocal Remover utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, employing deep learning analysis to train its AI model and ensure high-quality vocal removal. This software enables users to extract vocals from both WAV and MP3 files. After processing, users can obtain their tracks in various forms such as karaoke, acapella, or with specific instruments like bass or piano.

AI Vocal Remover


  • Rapid processing time, completing in just 15 seconds
  • Compatibility with MP3 and WAV file formats
  • Availability of a mobile APK version


  • Presence of frequent advertisements
🤵User Review
It takes time for the downloaded audio to be shown in the downloads... otherwise, the app is perfect...very good extraction of karaoke without vocals...I recommend this app - from Google Play

NO.7 EasySplitter

EasySplitter is recognized as an invaluable practice tool for singers as it caters to the requirements of professional music producers and creators. This tool effectively assists users in isolating vocals, bass, or drums from songs. Once the vocals are removed, the tool provides users with four separate versions of the file. Moreover, EasySplitter can also be used to make movie trailers.



  • Highly professional tool
  • The cloud-based platform eliminates the need for the installation
  • Offers fast processing service


  • Additional features are unlocked for paid users
🤵User Review
It worked once, and then just gave me an error message over and over. - from App Store

NO.8 Moises.ai

Moises.ai is an AI-powered vocal remover with a striking UI design that combines simplicity and user-friendliness. It offers its cloud storage, providing a storage period of up to 3 days. Utilizing deep learning technology, this tool effortlessly detects chords in real time. Additionally, Moises.ai offers a range of beneficial features highly favored by professionals.



  • Easy-to-use interface
  • A comprehensive tool with valuable features
  • Available for both Android and iOS platforms


  • Does not support wind instrument stems
🤵User Review
I love it, I play Harmonica and I always needed to separate the primary instrument from the accompaniments! Moises will be fantastic if the user can download the partition (music sheets that contain music note) - from Product Hunt

NO.9 Song Peel

Song Peel allows users to effortlessly remove vocals from a song and split it into acapella and instrumental tracks within minutes. However, unlike other tools, the tracks cannot be downloaded directly; instead, they are sent to the user via email. This tool supports various file formats, including WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, and FLAC.

Song Peel 


  • Offer cloud service for tracking processing
  • Convenient delivery of tracks via email
  • No need to sign-up


  • Limited file size capability
  • Do not provide API
🤵User Review
I've used many things which do this stuff for many years now (both free and commercial) and I like this one the most :) - from Product Hunt

NO.10 Vocali.se

Vocali.se is a free audio maker that allows users to extract vocals from audio files in various formats and save the resulting karaoke tracks as MP3s. Regardless of the file size, this tool completes the processing within 2 minutes. Similar to the aforementioned tools, Vocali.se operates as a cloud-based vocal remover.



  • No installation required
  • Fast and free service
  • Impressive sound quality


  • Limitation on file size
🤵User Review
I'm literally making a goofy lil snippet with a homie vocal sample from a local Toronto r&b / pop group. I was able to get the isolated vocals from this with no problem. - from Trustpilot

NO.11 Vocal Remover and Isolation

Vocal Remover and Isolation is a versatile online AI tool that goes beyond vocal removal. It can extract audio from MP4, WAV, and MP3 files, creating two new tracks: the original song and the isolated vocal track. In addition to vocal removal, this tool offers various editing features such as pitch, scale, and BPM adjustments.

Vocal Remover and Isolation 


  • Rapid processing time of just 10 seconds
  • User-friendly and straightforward interface
  • Supports the splitting of music into separate part


  • The results may occasionally be unusual or unexpected
🤵User Review
The service was straightforward to use, and I was able to quickly get the result back with the background music removed. The output quality was excellent. - from Trustpilot

NO.12 Melody ML

melody ml utilizes machine learning technology to separate vocals from instrumentals. Users can upload audio files in formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, or Vorbis. With a simple click to upload, the tool swiftly completes the process. Once finished, users receive an email with a download link.



  • The fast vocal removal process
  • Secured file download for input files


  • Limited availability of additional musical features
  • No more advanced features
🤵User Review
easy to use .good design pocket friendly - from Product Hunt

NO.13 HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter is specifically designed for influencers and website owners, enabling them to download online content and repurpose it for their needs. It provides the capability to separate voice from music and extract vocal tracks. With its AI algorithm, users can quickly obtain the desired audio track.

HitPaw Video Converter


  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Manual control over video properties
  • Allows users to customize files for different platforms


  • The free trial version adds a watermark to exported videos
  • Currently unavailable for Mac users
🤵User Review
This software has been a real lifesaver, as I've been working on a rather detailed family history, with lots of video elements to gather. - from Trustpilot


Voxisco is an AI-powered vocal remover tool that enables users to perform unlimited vocal isolation. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it accurately analyzes and divides the audio into its components. Additionally, Voxisco offers storage for processed files on their servers for 5 days.



  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Powered by AI technology, ensuring efficient processing


  • Additional features are available for paid users
  • Only support 100MB in advanced plan
🤵User Review
Only gives 31 seconds of a song. I tried playing The youtube arc rap by SMG4 but it gave me 31 seconds. - from Product Hunt

NO.15 Notta

Notta allows users to effortlessly remove vocals from their songs by simply dropping the audio file into the tool. It employs cutting-edge audio isolator algorithms and technologies to ensure high-quality results. This online tool is particularly useful for DJs and YouTubers. To prioritize user security and privacy, all files are deleted within 24 hours.



  • Intuitive interface for ease of use
  • Produce high-quality output
  • accurate vocal removal


  • Voice removal may not work effectively on complex audio
  • Track outputs are no longer being generated
🤵User Review
fabulous good quality of sound after transformation, and fast transformation speed. - from Trustpilot

No.16 Splitter.ai

Splitter.ai is a versatile tool that offers compatibility with nearly all platforms. Its standout feature lies in its two systems: the 2 Stem model and the 5 Stem model. The 2 Stem model separates instrumental tracks from vocals, while the 5 Stem model extracts specific elements like bass, piano, and drums. Splitter employs cutting-edge machine learning software to effectively isolate vocals from music.



  • Option to choose between the 2 Stem model and the 5 Stem model
  • Fast and reliable performance
  • Free to use


  • Limitation on the input audio file
  • UI design could be cleaner
🤵User Review
Granted, the extraction is not always perfect, but it's doing a pretty darn good job if you ask me, especially for the genre I'm into which is gospel (let me know how it's doing on other genres).- from Reddit

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good AI Vocal Remover for PC

Many people get into trouble when choosing AI Vocal Remover for PC. Faced with a colorful interface and a variety of features, users either spend a lot of time researching the products listed in Google, or directly choose one that looks good. Neither method can filter out the most suitable one. This article lists the factors you must consider when choosing this software.

💪User-friendliness: The whole vocal removal process should be simple. Users should remove human voices from files such as audio with minimal technical knowledge.

✨Speed and efficiency: Does the tool remove human sounds quickly? Is batch processing supported? You should choose a tool that is efficient and does not affect the quality of the output.

🔉Quality of vocal removal: The overall audio quality should not be reduced after the removal of vocals.

🖥️Compatibility: The overall audio quality should not be reduced after the removal of vocals.

🤵Reviews: Comments or feedback from other users will also affect your understanding of the performance and reliability of the AI vocal removers before making a final decision.

If you are interested in learning about additional high-quality online or offline vocal removers, you can refer to the following article:

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This passage has examined twelve vocal remover options suitable for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. The assessment involved testing various popular online and offline vocal removers.

FAQ of AI Vocal Remover for PC

If you still have any questions or uncertainties, I hope the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below can assist you.

1. How do I remove vocals from a song for free on PC?

Utilize free tools like Splitter.ai to assist you. Simply drag and drop your file into the web browser, click the designated tab, and you'll obtain two tracks: the original song and an acapella track.

2. What is better than LaLal AI?

VocalRemover, Media.io vocal remover, and EasySplitter are viable alternatives to LaLal AI for removing vocals. If you don't specifically require an AI-based solution, Audacity, and Adobe Audition are also effective options. For beginners, we also recommend EaseUS Online Vocal Remover. Try it right now.

3. Is LaLa AI free?

Yes, it is free to try for a starter, and if you need more features, there are 2 packs: the plus pack and the lite pack.

4. Is there a free AI I can use?

VocalRemover, aivocal remover, Splitter.ai are free. All of them enable you to extract audio from video.


This post provides comprehensive information on AI vocal removers available for PC. These 16 tools can effectively isolate vocals from audio tracks with ease and precision. Most of them are multifunctional video editors, you can trim, rotate, crop, and reverse YouTube videos. To assist you in making a decision, we have also listed 5 important factors to consider. You can choose according to your specific needs or simply begin by using EaseUS Online Vocal Remover.


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