2024 List: Songs at 125 BPM for Running

Create a perfect workout playlist with popular songs at 125 BPM! Here are the tracks perfectly suitable for cardio sessions and strength training.

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Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Music is the best motivator that can enhance workouts. The tempo of a song plays a crucial role in dictating the intensity of physical activity. At 125 BPM, the tempo of songs creates a balance between energy and movement. The BPM is suitable for workout sessions.

Whether you're jogging or doing cardio workouts, selecting songs with a 125 BPM ensures a steady rhythm. This article mentions the popular songs at 125 BPM for workouts. Here, we'll mention the tracks to enhance exercises. Moreover, we'll suggest the best free vocal remover app to adjust tempo and BPM of a song.

Top 20 Popular Songs at 125 BPM

Music can enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of a workout. If you find the key of a song, you can create a better playlist for your workout sessions. Here are the best 20 running songs at 125 BPM:

1. Brand New Chick by Anjulie

Brand New Chick is a dynamic song by Anjulie. It is an excellent addition to any workout playlist. its energetic 125 BPM keeps you motivated during your exercises. Anjulie's powerful vocals and melodies create a high-energy atmosphere. When you listen to music, its 125 BPM will help you give your all in your workouts. Brand New Chick pumps you up during running and workouts.

2. Both Of Us [Clean Edit] by B.o.B featuring Taylor Swift

Both Of Us [Clean Edit] is a captivating and uplifting track by B.o.B featuring Taylor Swift. It is perfect for energizing workout sessions. With its infectious rhythm, this clean edit is ideal for high-intensity exercises. B.o.B's dynamic rap and Taylor Swift's melodic vocals combine to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. The song's powerful lyrics and melody add an element of inspiration. The energy of the track makes it an excellent choice for running in traffic.

3. Conway by Reel 2 Real

Conway is a lively track by Reel 2 Real. With its pulsating 125 BPM, this song provides an ideal tempo for high-intensity exercises. Reel 2 Real creates an electrifying atmosphere to keep you motivated in workouts. The song's vibrant melody and bassline add excitement and momentum. Whether you're working out in the gym or at home, "Conway" keeps you moving. The song is perfect for adding energy to workout sessions.

4. What Do You Mean? By Justin Bieber

What Do You Mean? is a perfect track for energizing workout sessions by Justin Bieber. It provides the ideal rhythm for high-intensity exercises. The smooth vocals and beat of the song create an energetic atmosphere. The song's relatable lyrics and memorable melody add excitement to your workout sessions. It is an excellent choice for exercise and running. Whether you play loud music or use headphones, the song keeps you moving and grooving.

5. Alejandro [Bimbo Jones Radio Remix] by Lady Gaga

Alejandro [Bimbo Jones Radio Remix] is a pulsating and electrifying track by Lady Gaga. With its beat and catchy hooks, the remix is ideal for high-intensity workouts. Lady Gaga's powerhouse vocals combined with the vibrant production of Bimbo Jones create an energetic voice. The remix adds new energy and dynamism to the song. It is perfect for cardio exercises and intense training sessions. Whether you're working out at the gym or at home, it keeps you moving.

6. +1 by Martin Solveig featuring Sam White)

+1 is a famous track by French DJ and producer Martin Solveig. It features the vocals of Sam White. the song was released in 2015 and is perfect for dance and workouts. With its catchy melody and uplifting lyrics, +1 has the perfect energy for the workout. Sam White's soulful vocals add depth and emotion to the track. Whether you're a fan of electronic music or want to lift your spirits in a workout, +1 leaves a lasting impression.

7. I Get Lonely by Janet Jackson (The Velvet Rope)

I Get Lonely is an emotive track by Janet Jackson. It shows the artist's versatility and depth. The song was released in 1997 in the album "The Velvet Rope." It has themes of isolation and the search for connection. Jackson's soulful vocals and heartfelt delivery are in a rhythm. The haunting melody creates a perfect tune to help in workouts. Lonely shows Jackson's ability to create powerful music that transcends genres and speaks to the human experience.

8. Anonymous by Bobby Valentino featuring Timbaland

Anonymous is a dynamic track by Bobby Valentino featuring Timbaland. The song is perfect for energizing workouts with its pulsating 125 BPM. this song provides the ideal tempo for high-intensity workouts. Bobby Valentino's vocals and Timbaland's signature production combine to create an electrifying atmosphere. The track keeps you motivated and pumped up during your fitness routine. The song's memorable lyrics add energy. Using headphones while running works great for cardio workouts and boosts adrenaline.

9. After Party by The Lonely Island featuring Santigold

After Party by The Lonely Island featuring Santigold is a dynamic and energetic track. its beat and catchy hooks make this song ideal for high-intensity workouts. The song combines Lonely Island's lyrics and Santigold's soulful vocals. The combined voices create an immersive experience. Its 125 BPM keeps you energized during workouts. With its rhythm and pulsating energy, the track is perfect for hard training sessions.

10. Come Into My World by Kylie Minogue

Come Into My World is a dynamic track by Kylie Minogue. Its energetic rhythm makes it perfect for workout sessions. With 125 BPM, you can play songs along with high-intensity exercises. The vibrant music and vocals create an electrifying atmosphere. it keeps you motivated during your fitness routine. The song's hooks and melody add an element of energy. The song keeps you moving and is a perfect soundtrack to your fitness journey.

11. Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp (Breakfast in America)

Goodbye Stranger is a timeless classic by Supertramp. It was released as a part of the album "Breakfast in America" in 1979. The song offers rock and progressive music. Its pop music creates a melodic masterpiece. With a high tempo, the song is a must-have in any workout playlist. Its 125 BPM makes it perfect for cardio exercises and high-energy routines. The song's memorable lyrics offer motivation and keep you energetic.

12. Straighten Up And Fly Right by Diana Krall

Straighten Up And Fly Right is a captivating track by Diana Krall. It can add swing to your workout routine. The motivational song is ideal for high-intensity exercises. The soulful vocals and swinging jazz arrangement create an energetic atmosphere. The song's catchy melody and lyrics add positivity to any song. The upbeat track keeps you moving from start to finish. You can explicit buy on Apple Music, Amazon Music, or listen on Spotify.

13. California Gurls by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg

California Gurls by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg is an energetic track. Its music and lyrics keep you pumped up during your fitness routine. The song's playful lyrics and summery vibe add excitement to your workout sessions. Perry's vocals and Snoop Dogg's delivery combine to create an energetic environment. California Gurls keep you moving. It is a perfect soundtrack to your fitness journey. With its catchy melody, this track provides the ideal tempo for workouts.

14. Baby By Me [Digital Dog Radio Edit] by 50 Cent featuring Ne-Yo

Baby By Me [Digital Dog Radio Edit] is a high-energy track by 50 Cent featuring Ne-Yo. 50 Cent's commanding vocals with Ne-Yo's smooth delivery create a dynamic atmosphere that keeps you motivated. The Digital Dog Radio Edit adds new energy to the original song. It adds pulsating rhythms to elevate the workout to new heights. With its 125 BPM, the track keeps you energized. This song’s beat is suitable for powering in intense workout sessions

15. Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga

Brown Eyes is a captivating song by Lady Gaga. This track is perfect for powering in intense workout sessions. With its pulsating 125 BPM, the track provides an ideal tempo for workouts. Lady Gaga's powerhouse vocals and dynamic production create a dynamic atmosphere that keeps you pumped up during your fitness routine. The song is an excellent choice for cardio workouts and fitness activities that require adrenaline. Whether you're hitting the gym or working out at home, the Brown Eyes track keeps you moving.

16. Live While We're Young by One Direction

Live While We're Young is a motivating track by One Direction. The energetic song is perfect for adding energy to your workout routine. The high beat and rhythm are good for high-intensity exercises. Its melodies create an electrifying atmosphere to keep you energized. The song's lyrics about living life and embracing the moment add an element of enthusiasm. Live While We're Young provides the perfect soundtrack to elevate your workout experience.

17. A&E [Gui Boratto Remix] by Goldfrapp

A&E [Gui Boratto Remix] is an electronic track by Goldfrapp. The track conveys melodic beats and energy. It is an ideal addition to any workout playlist. The remix is perfect for cardio exercises and high-intensity workouts. It infuses the original song with Gui Boratto's signature style. They incorporate pulsating rhythms and dynamic synths to drive the energy levels skyward. The track's mesmerizing groove and melodies are perfect for a workout. Whether you're hitting the treadmill or other challenging workouts, A&E [Gui Boratto Remix] keeps you energized.

18. All Over The World by Ola

All Over The World by Ola is an energetic track best for workout sessions. With its pulsating beat and melody, this song provides the perfect tempo for exercises. Ola's dynamic vocals add positivity and motivation to the track. The 125 BPM motivates listeners to push through their fitness goals. The infectious rhythm of All Over The World makes it ideal for cardio workouts or any fitness activity.

19. Chelsea by Stefy featuring Snoop Dogg

Chelsea is an energetic song by Stefy featuring Snoop Dogg. With its tempo and rhythm, this song is ideal for workouts. Stefy's dynamic vocals and with Snoop Dogg's rap create an engaging environment. The song's lyrics add fun and excitement. It is an excellent choice for workouts. the track keeps you moving during your workout sessions.

20. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

What Makes You Beautiful is a popular track by One Direction. The track is ideal for high-intensity exercises. One Direction's harmonious vocals and music create an electrifying atmosphere. It keeps you energized and focused. The song is perfect for providing motivation for your workout routine. The song's empowering lyrics add an element of encouragement. "What Makes You Beautiful" uplifts your spirits and keeps you moving towards your fitness goals.

Here is a table that includes songs we selected at 125 bpm, you can choose based on your preferences.

Title Time Year Distance Genre
Brand New Chick 3:29 2011 280 meters CHR
Both Of Us [Clean Edit] 3:32 2012 290 meters CHR
Conway 3:54 1995 330 meters Dance 1990s
What Do You Mean? 3:21 2015 270 meters CHR
Alejandro [Bimbo Jones Radio Remix] 3:18 2010 260 m Dance 2010s
+1 3:10 2015 255 meters Dance 2010s
I Get Lonely 5:17 1998 460 meters R&B soul
Anonymous 3:50 2007 330 meters Urban
After Party 2:52 2011 250 meters Rock 2010s
Come Into My World 4:31 2001 360 meters Dance 2010s
Goodbye Stranger 5:50 1979 500 meters Pop music
Straighten Up And Fly Right 3:54 2009 330 meters Jazz
California Gurls 3:53 2010 325 meters CHR
Baby By Me [Digital Dog Radio Edit] 2:31 2010 220 meters Dance 2010s
Brown Eyes 4:05 2008 340 meters Dance 2000s
A&E [Gui Boratto Remix] 7:00 2008 600 meters Dance 2000s
Live While We're Young 3:17 2012 260 meters CHR
All Over The World 3:36 2011 290 meters Dance 2000s
Chelsea 2:52 2006 250 meters Dance 2000s
What Makes You Beautiful 3:17 2012 260 meters CHR

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To Conclude

Music can enhance motivation and performance in workouts. The tempo of a song plays a pivotal role in shaping the exercise experience. This article mentioned a diverse array of tracks that cater to various workout preferences and intensities. Whether you're looking to boost cardio sessions or inject energy into your fitness routine, songs at 125 BPM offer something for every fitness enthusiast.

While creating a perfect workout playlist, consider utilizing tools like EaseUS Online Vocal Remover to customize your music experience. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, EaseUS can create the ultimate soundtrack for your fitness journey.

FAQs on Songs at 125 BPM

Looking for a perfect song for a workout can be exhausting. If you’re looking for the best songs, here are some insights.

1. What famous songs are 120 BPM?

Some popular songs with 120 BPM include:

  • Call Me Maybe song by Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Rumour Has It by ADELE
  • Teenage Dream song by Katy Perry

2. What songs are 126 beats per minute?

Songs with a BPM of 126 offer a slightly faster tempo. Some popular tracks at this tempo include:

  • All To Myself by Marianas Trench
  • Only Girl (In the World) by Rihanna
  • America by Neil Diamond

3. What famous song has 128 BPM?

At 128 BPM, you'll find famous tracks:

  • Push It song by Salt-N-Pepa
  • On the Floor (feat. Pitbull) by Jennifer Lopez
  • We Found Love by Rihanna

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