Beginner's Guide: How to Use SoundCloud [2024 Full Tips]

Are you new to SoundCloud and don't know how to use it to improve your musical experience? Whether you are an artist or a casual listener, SoundCloud offers services and tools for everyone. This article explains detailed information on how to use SoundCloud to grow your audience.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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SoundCloud is an incredible music streaming website that has provided a platform for countless artists to find their voice and connect with an audience for free without hassle. You can download a song, remove distortion from audio, and listen to it offline unlimited times.

So be with us to dive into the profound details of SoundCloud and learn how to use SoundCloud to make the most of the platform. While you know how to use Ultimate Vocal Remover, you'll also be in for a powerful alternative to make your videos more engaging. 

SoundCloud Overview: What Is It

SoundCloud is a safe online audio streaming and distribution platform founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2007 for listeners and creators. Users can create SoundCloud profiles to upload, stream, promote, and share all kinds of music and podcasts on desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

SoundCloud is free, but paid subscriptions offer ad-free listening and offline listening options. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited offers unlimited audio upload time and storage at $12/month (if billed annually). Listeners can access a full catalog of over 135 million tracks with SoundCloud Go+.

However, artists can take SoundCloud Next for free or a monthly subscription to SoundCloud Next Pro at $8.25. But while uploading a track or playlist to SoundCloud, artists must ensure to remove background noise from audio.

With SoundCloud, a user gets audience analytics and engagement, chat/messaging, collaboration tools, on-demand webcasting, hosting, engagement tracking, mobile access, session recording, and more. A creator can remove audio from MP4 or replace it with other sound/audio recordings from SoundCloud to enhance videos.

For more clarity and enhanced listening experience, you can watch the video.

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How to Use SoundCloud 2023

SoundCloud can be accessed online and for iOS and Android devices. As it's free, anyone can sign up and use SoundCloud at no cost. You can download a sound file and learn how to enhance whispering in audio to capture the intimate and hushed quality.

1️⃣How to Use SoundCloud as a Listener

Step 1. Download the SoundCloud app or visit and create an account. 

create a soundcloud account

Step 2. Click "Display Name" > "Profile" > "edit the display name/bio/city," etc., and save changes. 

Step 3. Click the "Home" tab > "Discover" page. 

discover the playlists

Step 4. Click "More" > "Add to Playlist". Click Follow under "an artist's name" to follow their new tracks, playlists, and reposts, and check them in the Stream tab. Or check the Library tab for live likes and playlists. 

add to playlists

As a creator, you must know how to remove vocals from a song to use the music as BGM in your videos. 

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2️⃣How to use SoundCloud as an artist

Step 1. Click "Upload" to upload a track to SoundCloud. Or drag your files and drop them into the upload box. 

upload a track to soundcloud

Step 2. Click "Public" or "Private" to set the audio track privacy. Enable downloads for your track and "add/change" track information. 

3️⃣How to download and activate SoundCloud

On Mac🖥️

Step 1. Launch any browser on your Mac and open the Softonic website. 

Step 2. Type SoundCloud for Mac in the Search Bar.

click on the free download option

Step 3. Open SoundCloud for Mac and tap the Free Download tab under it. 

Step 4. Move to the Downloads folder on your Mac and click the "downloaded SoundCloud file" to install and activate it. 

On PC 💻

Step 1. Open on your Chrome, Brave, or Edge browser and log in to your account. 

tap on the install option

Step 2. Click the "install icon" in your address bar to the right and open the Desktop Player from your apps folder.

Step 3. Right-click the "SoundCloud icon" on your desktop and click to add to your "taskbar/dock." 

On iPhone📱

Step 1. Navigate and open the App Store and search for SoundCloud to install the app. 

install the soundcloud app for iphone

Step 2. Log in to SoundCloud using your username and password. Alternatively, sign up to create an account. 

4️⃣How to create a playlist and add Songs to SoundCloud

On the Web

Step 1. Add tracks to an existing playlist by clicking "Add to playlist" below any track.

tap on create new playlist option

Step 2. Make a new playlist by clicking the "Create New playlist tab." Then, pick a title for your playlist and see if you want to keep it public or private. 

On iOS/Android✨

Step 1. Once you play a song, you'll find three dots (More button) on the Now Playing screen in the bottom-left corner (bottom-right corner for Android).

Step 2. Click the More button and tap "Add to Playlist to add your track." Or, click the "Plus sign" in the top-right corner to create a playlist. Choose a title for your playlist and see whether to keep it private or public.

click on the add to playlist option 

5️⃣How to delete songs from SoundCloud Playlist

On Web🎹

Step 1. Click the "Add to Playlist" button below the track's waveform and tap Added to remove it. 

Step 2. Alternatively, click the "pencil icon" below the playlist's waveform and go to your playlist's edit page to remove tracks in bulk. 

tap on the add to playlists button

Step 3. Move to the Tracks tab and click the "X icon" on the right side to remove them. 

tap on the x option

On iOS🍎

Step 1. Go to "SoundCloud's playlist page" and click the three horizontal dots under the playlist cover. Choose Edit playlist.  

Step 2. Hit the red circle at the left next to the track to remove it from the app and desktop site playlist.

On Android📳

Step 1. Go to the "SoundCloud's playlist" page and click the "three horizontal dots" to the right of the track name.

Step 2. Click "Remove from Playlist" at the bottom of the menu to remove the track from the playlist on the app and desktop site. 

tap on remove from playlist option

6️⃣How to listen to deleted SoundCloud songs

Once deleted, it becomes impossible for you or even SoundCoud to restore a track from your account, as the action is permanent and cannot be reversed. Deleting a track removes it entirely from the account, and you can no longer edit or replace it and cannot have it restrained. However, when a track is deleted, its accumulated stats still remain on your Insights page but will be shown with the title of Deleted or Disabled track. So, while you cannot listen, you can view and reference the track's historical data. 

But you can find your deleted SoundCloud songs and listen to them in three ways:

  • Explore other music platforms and streaming services 
  • Engage with the SoundCloud community
  • Contact the artist or uploader directly 

7️⃣How to listen to SoundCloud offline

Downloading audio tracks from a mobile device is impossible. However, SoundCloud Go or Go+ subscription users can save their chosen content for offline listening on a mobile device.

Step 1. Sign in using your account credentials to SoundCloud and click the "…More option" under the waveform. 

tap on the more option

Step 2. Click "Download file" to save a copy of the original file format. 

Note: If you don't see a download file button, the artist/uploader does not intend it to be downloaded. 

8️⃣How to download the SoundCloud playlist

Downloads can only be enabled for individual tracks and cannot be applied to playlists. However, if the artist adds a buy button to the playlist, their fans can download or purchase all the tracks within the playlist at once from another site or audio downloaders.

9️⃣How to loop songs on SoundCloud

On PC🖱️

Step 1. Go to the player on your screen's bottom and tap the arrow icon, turning it orange to activate the loop. The song will play on a loop until you uncheck the icon.

click the arrow icon

Step 2. Or press the Shift + L keys to turn the repeat button on. 

On iOS/Android🎼

click on the next up button

The Android and iOS application has both repeat track and playlist with the Next Up feature.

🔟How to make an album and upload it on SoundCloud

When you create and upload an album to SoundCloud, ensure to remove background noise from audio for a seamless listening experience. 

Step 1. Sign up/log in to SoundCloud and create a playlist by adding songs from a particular artist or uploading your own music to it. 

login into soundcloud

Step 2. Go to the "Uploads Page" by clicking the "Upload button" on the top navigation bar on your PC to upload your track.

tap on the upload button

Step 3. Click "Choose file" to upload or drag the file and drop it into the main screen. 

make a playlist

Step 4. Once selected, your audio file will instantly start uploading, and SoundCloud will transcode it automatically. 

name your album

Step 5. While the track is uploading, add any additional information like image, title track and URL, tags, description, privacy settings, and sharing. Or add and edit information through different tabs like Metadata to Buy link and title, Record label and Release date, license and Permissions to set Downloads, embed codes, app playback, and Quiet Mode.

On iOS/Android📲

Step 1. Tap the upward-facing arrow on the upper right-hand screen and tap Browse to get the most recent files or other locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, local files, iCloud, etc. 

click on the upload icon

Step 2. Click the file to start the upload process. Ensure your meta information is correct, "add artwork/new title/description/genre(s)", and select the Privacy toggle to keep it public or private.

Step 3. Tap save at the top-right. Once the upload is finished, it turns orange. Move to your profile to see the newly uploaded track. 

Once the Android users click the Save button, it will close the Edit view and open the home screen, where they can see a blue spinner showing the upload progress. It stops once the upload finishes. 

Extract Vocals from SoundCloud URL Online Free

SoundCloud offers a library of music from all genres, and as a video creator, you can pick a song and separate vocals from background noise to add them to your videos and enhance their engagement. 

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a powerful tool to remove vocals and extract BGM, karaoke, acapella, or instrument tracks for free. Its AI algorithms automatically recognize vocals in the audio and separate them from music in seconds. 

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover


  • Supports multiple audio file formats
  • Offers AI automated audio with ultimate audio quality 
  • Provides a free built-in player 
  • Upto 350MB can be uploaded for a single file with a duration not exceeding 1hour
  • Coming soon: Extract and split vocals and music from YouTube or SoundCloud URL.

EaseUs can also remove vocals from YouTube link soon. You must visit the website to get an overview of the complete software. 

Final Words

SoundCloud offers comprehensive tools and resources for artists to help them connect with their fans and grow their audience. We have discussed how to use SoundCloud as a listener and artist for an enriching musical experience.

You can also use EaseUS Online Vocal Remover to choose a song and use its music in your creations. Visit the website to learn more about the incredible software. 

FAQs About How to Use SoundCloud

Hopefully, you know how to use SoundCloud now. But if you have more questions, our supportive FAQs can help you resolve them.

Q1. Can I use SoundCloud music on YouTube?

No. You cannot use SoundCloud music on YouTube without the owner's or creator's consent. Ensure having an appropriate licensing for usage first. 

Q2. Is SoundCloud free to use music?

SoundCloud is an open platform for creators and listeners. As long as one has the rights, they can upload tracks and listen to music for free.

Q3. Is SoundCloud better than Spotify?

While Spotify bags the first spot for music quality and technical audio quality, SoundCloud offers easy control to find independent and lesser-known artists as it has few restrictions. With SoundCloud, users can discover more obscure and exciting music that cannot be found on other popular streaming services.

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