The 35 Best Country Karaoke Songs | 2024 Listicle

Discover the best country karaoke songs to sing along to! Here are the best songs and the steps to use them as karaoke tracks.

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Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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I was doing some Karaoke earlier tonight. I was sitting there thinking. What's the best country music song to sing Karaoke to?

Many people are searching for the best country songs on Reddit. That's why we've created a list of 35 best country karaoke songs of all time. Country music holds a special place in the hearts of music lovers. Its heartfelt lyrics and melodies capture the attraction. From classic 70's ballads to 90's anthems, country songs have a timeless appeal. Karaoke tracks allow you to sing like your favorite music stars.

Whether a seasoned performer or a first-time singer, you might want country music to sing along. This article mentions the top 35 best country karaoke songs to enhance your karaoke experience. The details of each song will help you find the best music for your needs. Moreover, we'll guide you on how to make a karaoke track for free from your favorite songs.

About Country Song

Country music is deeply rooted in American culture. It combines melody and emotion to enhance the listener's experience. It evolved from folk and gospel influences. The music shows the struggles and experiences of everyday life. Country music resonates with listeners on a personal level, having a diverse and dynamic genre. Creating karaoke tracks from country music allows you to attract more attention from the listeners. These songs are mostly preferred due to their relatable nature.

The 35 Country Karaoke Songs

Country music has captured the hearts of listeners around the world. Here are some iconic country songs:

1. Take Me Home (Country Roads)

  • Singer: John Denver
  • Singing Style: Moderate and uplifting, with a sense of gentle momentum
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and strings

John Denver's warm vocals offer occasional harmony. The song has a nostalgic feel, creating a sense of longing and belonging.

2. Love Story

  • Singer: Taylor Swift
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady, with a building intensity in the chorus
  • Instruments: piano, guitar, drums, strings

Taylor Swift delivers clear and expressive vocals. It conveys romantic emotions. The hopeful song tells a story about a young love.

3. Man! I Feel Like A Woman

  • Singer: Shania Twain
  • Style: Upbeat and fast
  • Instrumentation: Prominent electric guitar, drums, bass, synthesizers

Shania Twain delivers confident vocals with a Canadian accent. The overall feel of the song is celebratory and expresses female liberation.

4. Friends In Low Places

  • Singer: Garth Brooks
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and fast-paced
  • Instrumentation: guitar, drums, fiddle, piano, bass

Garth Brooks delivers energetic vocals with a distinctive Southern drawl. The uplifting song celebrates friendship.

5. Live Like you were dying

  • Singer: Tim McGraw
  • Singing Style: Moderate, with a building intensity in the chorus
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, piano, drums, and light use of strings

Tim McGraw's warm and expressive voice delivers the emotional message with sincerity and power. The uplifting yet melancholic song evokes both reflection and hope

6. I Love this Bar

  • Singer: Toby Keith
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and moderately fast, creating a fun atmosphere
  • Instrumentation: Prominent acoustic guitar, drums, bass, occasional piano fills

Toby Keith delivers the lyrics in a friendly tone, using a slight rasp. The song's overall feel is celebratory, with a sense of belonging.

7. Before He Cheats

  • Singer: Carrie Underwood
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and fast, creating a sense of urgency
  • Instrumentation: Prominent electric guitars, drums, and a strong bassline, with occasional piano and synthesizers

Carrie Underwood delivers the lyrics with powerful vocals, switching between smooth and belting sections. The overall feel of the song is empowering and rebellious.

8. The Devil Went Down To Georgia

  • Singer: Charlie Daniels Band
  • Style: Fast-paced and energetic
  • Instrumentation: Prominent electric guitar with a driving rock sound, backed by drums, bass, piano, and fiddle

Charlie Daniels delivers powerful and energetic vocals. The song is energetic, showcasing a battle between a fiddle player and the devil.

9. Islands In The Stream

  • Singer: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady, creating a relaxed atmosphere
  • Instrumentation: Prominent keyboard chords, subtle acoustic guitar, and drums with a light cymbal tap

This duet between Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton features smooth and complementary vocal deliveries. It offers a Romantic and sentimental feel, evoking a sense of love and commitment

10. Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

  • Singer: Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich
  • Singing Style: Moderately fast and upbeat
  • Instrumentation: Prominent electric guitar riffs, a heavy drum beat, and occasional synthesizer accents

Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich sing verses in a rhythmic rap style. The song offers an energetic feel with a humorous tone.

11. Redneck Woman

  • Singer: Gretchen Wilson
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady
  • Instrumentation: Electric guitar, drums, bass, synthesizers

Gretchen Wilson sang the song in a confident voice. The overall feel of the song celebrates culture and female independence.

12. I Hope You Dance

  • Singer: Lee Ann Womack
  • Singing Style: Moderate and slow
  • Instruments: Piano, guitar, strings

Lee Ann Womack delivers emotional vocals. The overall feel of the song is hopeful.

13. The Gambler

  • Singer: Kenny Rogers
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady
  • Instruments: Piano, acoustic guitar, strings, and occasional harmonica

Kenny Rogers delivers smooth and warm vocals. The song also adopts a conversational tone. It emphasizes the importance of learning life's lessons.

14. Wagon Wheel

  • Singer: Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and fast
  • Instrumentation: Guitar, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin

Group vocals create a call-and-response feel. The song is cheerful and perfect for sing-alongs.

15. Rhinestone Cowboy

  • Singer: Glen Campbell
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady with a smooth and catchy rhythm
  • Instrumentation: Prominent electric piano backed by drums, bass, and strings

Glen Campbell delivers smooth and expressive vocals. The hopeful song tells the story of a man chasing his dreams in the music industry.

16. Sweet Caroline

  • Singer: Neil Diamond
  • Singing Style: Moderate and upbeat
  • Instrumentation: Piano, drums, bass, strings

Neil Diamond's iconic vocals are powerful and expressive. A distinct emotional delivery and the Uplifting feel make the song relatable to feelings of togetherness.

17. Stand By Your Man

  • Singer: Tammy Wynett
  • Singing Style: Slow and sentimental
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, piano, and strings

Tammy Wynette conveys emotions via heartfelt and vulnerable vocals. The song is Emotional and expresses support for a partner through life's challenges.

18. Ring of Fire

  • Singer: Johnny Cash
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and driving
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, bass, and distinctive "boom-chick" percussion

Johnny Cash delivers deep and powerful vocals. With a passionate feel, the song tells the story of unrequited love and emotional turmoil

19. Always on My Mind

  • Singer: Willie Nelson
  • Singing Style: Slow and melancholic, with a poignant and emotional feel
  • Instruments: Piano, acoustic guitar, strings

Willie Nelson delivers smooth and expressive vocals. The overall feel of the song is Heartbreaking and expresses the enduring presence of love.

20. She's in Love with the Boy

  • Singer: Trisha Yearwood
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady, with a gentle feel
  • Instruments: Strings, Acoustic guitar, piano, and subtle percussion

Trisha Yearwood delivers warm and expressive vocals, conveying affection. The Sweet and heartfelt song tells the story of a young woman's innocent love.

21. Strawberry Wine

  • Singer: Deana Carter
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and moderate, with a bittersweet feel
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, piano, drums, strings

Deana shows expressive vocals with a touch of sadness. The song shows childhood memories and reflections of growing up.

22. That Don't Impress Me Much

  • Singer: Shania Twain
  • Style: Upbeat and energetic, with a confident feel
  • Instrumentation: Prominent electric guitar, drums, bass, synthesizers

Shania Twain delivers strong vocals with a Canadian accent. The overall feel of the song is Sassy and mocks stereotypical ways of impressing someone.

23. Suds in the Bucket

  • Singer: Sara Evans
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and confident
  • Instruments: Drums, keyboards, Electric guitar, bass

Sara Evans delivers energetic vocals. The song follows a woman who takes control of her life. She moves on from a relationship.

24. Chattahoochee

  • Singer: Alan Jackson
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, subtle drums

Alan Jackson delivers smooth and warm vocals with a distinctive feel. The Nostalgic song is reminiscent of summer days and simpler times.

25. Heads Carolina, Tails California

  • Singer: Jo Dee Messina
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and moderate, with a catchy feel
  • Instrumentation: Drums, keyboards, Electric guitar, bass

Jo Dee Messina sings energetic vocals with a touch of sassiness. The song tells the story of taking a chance and following heart

26. Somebody's Problem

  • Singer: Morgan Wallen
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady
  • Instruments: guitar, bass, synthesizers, drums

Morgan delivers deep vocals with a Southern touch. The overall feel of the song is self-assured. It revolves around a man who doesn't care about other's opinions.

27. Forever After All

  • Singer: Luke Combs
  • Singing Style: Slow and sentimental, with a heartfelt feel
  • Instruments: piano, guitar, strings, drums

Luke Combs delivers expressive vocals. It conveys deep love and commitment. The romantic song expresses the promise of everlasting love.

28. Something in the Orange

  • Singer: Zach Bryan
  • Singing Style: Moderate and melancholic, with a raw and emotional feel
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, harmonica, and occasional piano

Zach Bryan delivers raw and emotional vocals, conveying vulnerability. The reflective song explores themes of loss and longing.

29. Mama's Broken Heart

  • Singer: Miranda Lambert
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady, with a poignant and emotional feel
  • Instruments: strings, Guitar, piano, and drums

Miranda delivers emotional vocals. The heartbreaking song explores a child's emotions and witnessing their parents' separation.

30. Chicken Fried

  • Singer: Zac Brown Band
  • Singing Style: Moderate and upbeat
  • Instrumentation: Electric guitar, drums, bass, piano, banjo

Zac Brown delivers smooth and inviting vocals, incorporating group harmonies. The uplifting song celebrates simple pleasures and Southern culture.

31. I Will Always Love You

  • Singer: Dolly Parton
  • Singing Style: Slow and sentimental, with a powerful and emotional build
  • Instrumentation: Piano, strings, subtle drums

Dolly Parton delivers powerful and emotional vocals. The song showcases her signature vocal range. It expresses unwavering love and devotion.

32. Goodbye Earl

  • Singer: The Chicks
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and moderate, with a sassy and empowering feel
  • Instrumentation: Electric guitar, drums, bass, banjo, and fiddle

The Chicks deliver strong vocals with a touch of humor. The song follows a woman having an abusive husband. She takes her revenge.

33. Need You Now

  • Singer: Lady A
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady, with a melancholic feel
  • Instruments: piano, strings, guitar, drums

Lady A delivers smooth and harmonizing vocals. The regretful song explores the emotional consequences of letting go of a loved one

34. Drunk On A Plane

  • Singer: Dierks Bentley
  • Singing Style: Upbeat and moderate
  • Instrumentation: drums, guitar, synthesizers, bass

Dierks Bentley delivers clear vocals. The song has an upbeat and carefree feel. It tells the story of a man experiencing a wild night on a plane.

35. My Church

  • Singer: Maren Morris
  • Singing Style: Moderate and steady, with an uplifting feel
  • Instrumentation: Organ, piano, drums, bass, and strings

Maren Morris delivers soulful and powerful vocals to convey a sense of inspiration. The overall feel of the song is spiritual. It is about finding inspiration in everyday experiences.

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To Conclude

Country music holds a timeless charm that moves to generations. This article mentioned the 35 best country karaoke songs that never fade away. From the heartfelt ballads to the infectious energy, each song on this list offers the soul of country music. Whether you're singing along with friends or hosting a karaoke event, these songs can bring joy to any gathering.

You can easily convert your favorite song into a karaoke track. EaseUS Vocal Remover is a powerful tool for creating karaoke versions of songs. Its multiple features make it the perfect tool for transforming your favorite songs into karaoke tracks.

FAQs on Best Country Karaoke Songs

You might be confused while looking for the perfect country song to sing for karaoke. Here are some insights into the process.

1. What is the easiest country song to sing in karaoke?

One of the easiest country songs to sing on karaoke is "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. Its simple melody and repetitive chorus make it a pleasing song that gets everyone to sing along.

2. What country is best for karaoke?

Crazy by Patsy Cline is the best country song for karaoke. The simple melody doesn't require vocal pyrotechnics, so this is a good choice for less showy singers. And the slow and steady tempo allows the singer to back-phrase.

3. What's the best karaoke song of all time?

Like a Prayer by Maddona is a good song for creating karaoke. This classic country anthem is known for its catchy chorus. It is a favorite sing-along song for karaoke nights around the world.

If you found this information helpful, please share this page with your friends to help them discover the best country karaoke songs!


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