Top 10 Boy Voice Changer: Make Your Sound Like a Boy

Do you want to talk in the most perfect and exuberant boy voice? Try our top 10 best boy voice changers to make you sound like a boy.

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Updated on May 24, 2024

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There are many situations where you want to speak in the cool, confident boy voice with no jitters. Playing online games, creating YouTube videos, building an online identity, or doing fun activities with friends and family would be best. With a perfect voice, you can grab attention on the web and make a fan club.

The easiest way to do it is to use a voice changer app. They use modern AI technology to add subtle male voice effects to your voice in real time. For you, we have shortlisted the top 10 boy voice changers available in 2023.

📶 How many we tested 14 voice changers
💻 Devices we used A Windows PC, Mac
⏰ Time Duration 7 days
▶️ Voices we change YouTube, Discord, Valorant, and Facebook videos
What we value Compatibility, performance, price, voice audio quality, number of voice filters, ratings
👍 Most recommendable EaseUS VoiceWave

Let's know what they are about.

No.1. EaseUS VoiceWave

When it comes to voice changing, EaseUS VoiceWave, a perfect voice changer, is among the most versatile and accurate tools we have. It offers supreme quality with control over voice modulations. The most famous sounds include male, female, ghost, minions, robot, etc.

It can be integrated with more than 200+ significant games and 50+ social media apps as an all-in-one solution. The sound customization option lets you get particular sounds for gaming characters or Facebook videos. With effective vocal presentation, this all-in-one voice changer can scale your content to new heights.

EaseUS VoiceWave

💰 Price: Free of Cost

💻 Compatibility: Windows 10-11 (64-bit)

🎯 Key Features

  • A built-in audio mixer to blend various sounds and adjust their length, frequencies, tones, and pitch.
  • Soundboard to get special sound packs and background sounds.
  • It is a Windows 10 voice changer.
  • Noise Reducer to get perfect sound with no distortions or disruptions.

✅ Pros

  • User-friendly interface for quick work
  • Equally suitable for professionals and newbies alike
  • No need for premium subscriptions

⛔ Cons

  • Not available on Android and Mac Operating systems

No.2. Voicemod

Voicemod combines voice-changing voice and advanced editing options, providing complete control from start to finish. You can change your voice in real-time and offline with ease. It can also collaborate with all live-streaming video and gaming apps.

Voicemod has a comprehensive vocal store offering male-to-female, female-to-male, alien, robot, and a wide range of anime & celeb voices.


💰 Price: The premium version charges $12 for a quarter, $18 for a year, and $45 for a lifetime service.

💻 Compatibility: Windows 10-11

🎯 Key Features

  • An advanced "Sound lab" to create new sounds
  • It can be an anime voice changer.
  • Can accept speaker, audio files, and text input
  • Option to create AI-generated rap songs

✅ Pros

  • Range of voice editing options
  • Studio-quality output
  • A perfect kid voice changer.
  • Creative web design and interface

⛔ Cons

  • Need a basic understanding of editing and mixing for usage

No.3. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal voice changer is a lightweight voice changer with effective sound manipulations. The limited vocal store offers online textbooks for boy, robot, female, and male voice changes. With Voxal, you can alter the pitch, sound quality, resonance, and amplitude of the output sound as per requirement.

It is compatible with streaming apps like Fortnite, PUBG, Skype, etc. Moreover, offline usage offers modification and editing of audio clips.

NCH Voxal Voice Changer

💰 Price: $39.95 for a lifetime home license and $3.88 for monthly usage

💻 Compatibility: Windows and Mac operating systems

🎯 Key Features

  • Sound customization for adding unique character sounds
  • It can change your voice on Discord.
  • Hot Keys to select alternate sounds
  • Background Cancellation option is also available

✅ Pros

  • Quality sound output
  • Easy to use
  • Low CPU Storage

⛔ Cons

  • Lack of editing options

No.4. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish is an entirely free male voice changer online. As a voice converter, it can collaborate with all major apps for live streaming. You can also edit the voice recordings as per requirement.

The music store offers 13+ distinct voice sounds. The famous sounds include male, female, baby, alien, helium, and clone sounds. There is also an option for creating a custom pitch.

Clownfish Voice Changer

💰 Price: Free to use.

💻 Compatibility: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11

🎯 Key Features

  • Virtual Studio Technology plug-in support.
  • Sound player to manage existing sounds
  • You can use it as a female-to-male voice changer.
  • Music player to control imported songs and audio clips

✅ Pros

  • System level installation
  • Ideal for newbies
  • No premium account required

⛔ Cons

  • It doesn't accept all sound files

No.5. VoiceMeeter

Voicemeeter is fundamentally an audio mixer capable of seamlessly merging and editing various sounds. With Voicemeeter, you can get the perfect male voice with no hiccups. In addition, the tool can remove all background noise, distortions, or jitters of incoming votes to produce high-quality output. Besides, it is a good voice changer for stream.

It comes in 3 versions named Standard, Banana, and Potato variants. The standard version provides single input and output. The Banana can handle 2 inputs and outputs, while the most-advanced potato version can cope with five inputs and outputs.


💰 Price: Free to use

💻 Compatibility: Windows

🎯 Key Features

  • Low, average, and High-frequency Changes are available
  • Unique interface with large buttons and sliding options
  • You can add a voiceover to videos.
  • Four panels to connect with multiple media devices

✅ Pros

  • Can integrate all types of sound files
  • Fade-in and out options for perfect mixing
  • Free to use

⛔ Cons

  • Requires basic music understanding for usage

No.6. is a small voice changer built for friendly and easy voice conversions. The vocal store has 52 voice options, including male and female options. The tool also offers a custom voice option to spark the creative interest of users.

💰 Price: Free to use

💻 Compatibility: All online browsers

🎯 Key Features

  • 52 Distinct Sound Effects
  • It is a scary voice changer.
  • Ability to change the pitch of the sounds
  • To add live, audio, and text inputs

✅ Pros

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Quick conversions with accurate results
  • Low CPU storage

⛔ Cons

  • No sound editing
  • Not suitable for professional work

No.7 Voice Changer Plus

Voice changer plus is ideal for churning out quick voiceovers with little to no editing options. It is a straightforward and workable application for all Mac devices.

It offers 55+ voice filters. In addition, the output can be saved and shared with friends and family. Options like sound trimming are also available.

Voice Changer Plus

💰 Price: The app is free

💻 Compatibility: Mac Operating System

🎯 Key Features

  • Option to add multiple voices on a single input
  • Full voiceover support
  • You can use it as an anonymous voice changer.
  • Multi-lingual support (up to 12 languages)

✅ Pros

  • Simple and creative interface
  • Quick results with high-quality sound output
  • Ideal for newbies

⛔ Cons

  • No editing

No.8. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice changer is a professional audio changer with no bugs. The tool can morph, cut, record, copy, and edit any song as per requirement. In addition, AV provides live conversion and a unique "waveform" editing feature to edit recorded audio.

AV Voice changer is available in Basic, Gold, and Diamond versions. The prices and offered feature increase from primary to diamond. You can pick any version based on your requirement and budget.

AV Voice Changer

💰 Price: $99.95 for a diamond license

💻 Compatibility: Windows Operating system

🎯 Key Features

  • "Voice Morpher" for adding frequency, tones, sound beautification, and other voice adjustments
  • "Voice Analyzer" to analyze your voice's pitch, harmony, brightness, and score.
  • It can change your voice on Snapchat.
  • An add-on library with built-in storage and the option to add imported or newly creative voices.

✅ Pros

  • High-quality Boy Sound
  • Parody Mixer to create parody voices
  • User-friendly interface

⛔ Cons

  • A free version is very limited

No.9. MorphVOX Pro

Developed by ScreamingBee, the MorphVOX Pro uses cutting-edge superior voice learning technology to produce supreme quality sound outputs. The AI ensures the output includes all necessary details, expressions, and voice modulations to convey the correct output.

The celebrity voice changer offers free voices, sound packs, and background sounds for any audio input. The famous voices are man to woman, woman to man, Ordinary guy to Galactic Overlord, man to woman in heavy traffic, and the demon. All sounds are optimized for online games like Fortnite & CounterStrike, etc.

MorphVOX Pro

💰 Price: $ 39.99 for a lifetime

💻 Compatibility: Windows and Mac Operating Systems

🎯 Key Features

  • Live Vocal visualization to manage color, spectrum, and frequency
  • Stereo microphone support for better sound quality
  • It can be a Halloween voice changer.
  • Voice Parsing detection is available

✅ Pros

  • Creative interface with ease of workflow
  • Voice comparison feature
  • Noise reduction

⛔ Cons

  • It doesn't support all imported audio files

No.10. Murf is a premium voice changer providing quality with ease of usage. The tool can accept both text and audio inputs. When it comes to text, it can understand more than 20+ languages. After the input, you can choose any voice from the vocal store, including the boy's voice.

Murf comes in Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise version. The Pro-version is most popular among the masses courtesy of its offered range of features.


💰 Price: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise versions are $19, $26, and $99 monthly.

💻 Compatibility: All web browsers

🎯 Key Features

  • 120+ Voices available
  • Built-in templates for businesses and professional marketers
  • Option to invite team members for collaboration

✅ Pros

  • Professional quality sound
  • Well-defined privacy and data integration policy
  • Can accept all media files

⛔ Cons

  • No sound editing and customization

Here is a summary of the above discussion in the following table.

Voice changer Voice filters Custom voice Real-time Voice Change
EaseUS VoiceWave 18+ Available Available
Voicemod 80+ Available Available
NCH Voxal Voice Changer 35+ Available Available
Clownfish 14+ Available Available
VoiceMeeter Not Defined Available N/A 52+ Available N/A
Voice Changer Plus 55+ N/A N/A
AV Voice Changer 60+ Available Available
MorphVOX Pro From sound pack Available Available
Murf 120+ N/A N/A

To Wrap Things Up

Speaking in the perfect and realistic boy voice with no jitters and hiccups is a dream for most people. With modern voice changers, you can change any input text or audio clip into the perfect boy voice. You can use this voice for online games, voiceovers, social media postings, and fun activities with friends.

This blog highlights the top 10 boy voice changers to make you talk like a boy. So select any device a start building your online identity today! If you want a practical and easy-to-use one, we recommend you use EaseUS VoiceWave. It would be your best choice in terms of practicality, convenience, flexibility, and functionality. Just download and try it.

FAQs on Boy Voice Changer

These are some relevant questions about the boy voice changer.

1. How Can I Change My Voice to Boy?

You can change your voice to a boy with the help of any quality voice changer. You can use EaseUS VoiceWave or any other tool as required.

2. Is There a Free Male Voice Changer?

Yes, plenty of male voice changers are entirely free to use. In addition, the tools like clownfish voice changer don't require any paid account or premium subscription to change your input into male voice.

3. Can You Use Voicemod to Sound Like a Guy?

Voicemod has an exclusive option for converting any life or recorded audio into a male voice. So you can use this voice filter to sound like a guy.

EaseUS VoiceWave

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