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How to Convert YouTube MP4 to MP3 Easily

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

When the background music from a YouTube video attracts your attention, you may want to get the audio file for your own use. To extract audio from a YouTube video, it's inevitable that you will need a YouTube MP4 to MP3 converter. With such a tool, you will be able to capture MP3 from a YouTube link and save it to your computer. Afterward, you can use the audio in a project or transfer it from the computer to your mobile device so that you can enjoy it more freely.

The Tool You Need: YouTube MP4 to MP3 Converter -  EaseUS Video Downloader

The video downloader for PC - EaseUS Video Downloader will help you download MP3 from YouTube in three ways:

  • If you want to get MP3 from an online video, you can download the YouTube to MP3 directly. That means you can extract audio from the video without downloading the video at all.
  • If you have downloaded the YouTube video to MP4 and saved it on your computer, then you can use convert MP4 to MP3 using the file conversion feature.
  • While if you want to download an online audio file, copy the audio link to the video downloader for you can then you can get it for offline listening.

When you convert YouTube MP4 to MP3, you can choose an audio quality from 320kbps, 256kbps, and 128kbps. It's no doubt that this video downloader also supports video download from YouTube. Most importantly, it supports 1,000+ sites from which you can download video and audio files you like.

How to Convert YouTube MP4 to MP3 Easily

After you download and install EaseUS Video Downloader on your PC, follow the simple steps below to convert YouTube to MP3 within seconds:

Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video to EaseUS Video Downloader and click "Search."

Download video to mp3 - 1

Step 2. Check the video and click "Download" to continue.

Download video to MP3 - 2

Step 3. Choose "MP3" in the Audio section and select a quality. Afterward, click "Download" to start converting YouTube video to MP3.

Download video to mp3 - 3

Step 4. Wait for the downloading to finish. When it has done, click "Open" to check the MP3 file.

Download video to mp3 - 4

Disclaimer: Please make sure that your download behavior is legal in your country! EaseUS does not advocate downloading any copyrighted video/audio from YouTube for sale, distribution, or other commercial purposes.

These steps show you how to convert an online YouTube video to MP3. If you need to convert a local YouTube video to MP3, use the "Video to MP3" feature instead. If you need to get video or audio from other sites, the steps vary. You can check the guide on how to download videos from Facebook to a computer for more details.

Other Types of YouTube MP4 to MP3 Converters

Desktop-based programs are reliable solutions to convert YouTube MP4 to MP3. But if you take convenience as your preference, they are not the best way out. Given that, here I'd like to show you the other two types of YouTube MP4 to MP3 converters that will help you get your needs met without software installation.

Online MP4 to MP3 Converters

Online tools have a growing popularity in recent years and they cover various fields. YouTube to MP3 converters is no exception. There are numerous online tools that allow you to convert YouTube to MP3 via a website. Although they have flaws like bothering ads and redirections, they are quite convenient to use indeed.

YouTube MP4 to MP3 Extensions

After you add an extension to your browser, it's even easier to convert YouTube videos to MP4 with it than using an online converter. It enables you to convert YouTube MP4 to MP3 directly without leaving the YouTube site. The disadvantage of such a tool is that it generally supports one site. Unlike the EaseUS Video Downloader introduced above that supports numerous sites, a browser extension generally works for much fewer sites.

If you prefer such tools, just search from the Internet, and then you will find a bunch of them.

The Bottom Line

With the MP3 file you get, you can turn it into your iPhone ringtone, use it as the background music of your video, or do anything you like (not for business use). If you want to transfer MP3 to your iPhone, follow the guide to learn how to do it.

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