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How to Download YouTube Audio to PC in Seconds

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How to Download YouTube Audio to PC in Seconds

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

Just like downloading YouTube videos, downloading audio from YouTube to a PC is also in great need since many of you want to extract audio from a YouTube audio or download songs from YouTube Music for offline enjoyment.

But how? Although YouTube provides YouTube Premium for you to download videos or music from YouTube, it only supports mobile devices and can't rip audio from YouTube videos directly.

Thus, the solution for you is to use third-party YouTube audio downloaders. When it comes to YouTube audio downloaders, they include online tools, extensions, and desktop apps. As you may have noticed, the first two types are prone to be blocked by browsers, e.g. Chrome. Given that, I'd like to show you how to download YouTube audio to a PC first and then provide one more way on how to download audio from YouTube using a browser.

How to Download YouTube Audio to PC Safely

Whether you are looking to convert YouTube video to audio or download music from YouTube, the video downloader for PC (& Mac) - EaseUS Video Downloader will satisfy your needs perfectly. As a versatile video & audio downloader, it performs well to download online video and audio files from over 1000+ sites. Most importantly, it has advanced support for sites like YouTube. That means you can:

Since this YouTube video/audio downloader is compatible with both Windows and macOS, you can save the video or audio files you download to your PC or Mac freely. Besides, you can choose the video or audio format and quality according to your preference. Whether you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 in 320kbps or download 4K YouTube videos, it will be a simple task to complete.

To download YouTube audio to a PC:

Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video to EaseUS Video Downloader and click "Search."

Download video to mp3 - 1

Step 2. Check the video and click "Download" to continue.

Download video to MP3 - 2

Step 3. Choose "MP3" in the Audio section and select a quality. Afterward, click "Download" to start converting YouTube video to MP3.

Download video to mp3 - 3

Step 4. Wait for the downloading to finish. When it has done, click "Open" to check the MP3 file.

Download video to mp3 - 4

Disclaimer: Please make sure that your download behavior is legal in your country! EaseUS does not advocate downloading any copyrighted video/audio from YouTube for sale, distribution, or other commercial purposes.

It's undoubtedly that the steps above are also applicable to downloading YouTube audio to a Mac.

How to Download Audio from YouTube to PC Online

If you want to get an online YouTube audio downloader extension for Chrome, you will probably fail. But if you switch to another browser, e.g, Firefox, you will find there are online YouTube audio downloaders or browser extensions still working.

But it's worth mentioning that although there are online YouTube audio downloaders that enable you to download audio from YouTube successfully, it's highly likely that you will be redirected after you click the "Download" button. Thus, to free you from such worries, using browser extensions is advisable.

To download audio from YouTube to a PC online:

Step 1. Add the YouTube downloader to your Firefox.

Step 2. Go to YouTube and play the video you'd like to download audio from. Then you will see a prompt with a "Download As" button pops up.

Step 3. Click the button and choose the option you prefer, for example, MP3.

Step 4. Select a folder to save the downloaded video and then click "Save."

Step 5. Wait for the downloading process to complete and go to the selected folder to check the YouTube audio.

How to download YouTube audio to PC via a browser extension

The Bottom Line

Online YouTube audio downloaders are convenient indeed. Yet there are potential issues that can't be ignored. In addition to unexpected redirections mentioned above, you will probably find that the website that works before fails now. Thus, considering stability and reliability, using a desktop-based tool is recommended. If you are not satisfied with EaseUS Video Downloader, you can search on the Internet to find the one you like.

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