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Top Best 5 YouTube to WAV Converters for Windows and Mac in 2023

  • Download video & audio by playlist/channel/URL
  • Convert videos to MP3/WAV directly
  • Download live streams from popular sites
  • Download video thumbnails in high quality
  • Support 8K/4K/HD videos

Top Best 5 YouTube to WAV Converters for Windows and Mac in 2023

Sofia Albert updated on Feb 22, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

YouTube is a large video-sharing website from where you can find any desired videos, ranging from how-to tutorials, top lists, comedy videos, interviews, educational videos, and so on. There's always one that can grab your eyes and makes you want to convert them to MP4, MP3, or WAV.

But unfortunately, YouTube doesn't allow you to do this unless subscribe to YouTube Premium. Guess that is not what you want, so here we will reveal some best YouTube to WAV or MP3 converters for Windows and Mac. If you're interested in downloading YouTube videos to MP4, just check our previous guide. 

Now, let's focus on these YouTube to WAV converters one by one. 

Top 1. EaseUS Video Downloader

The first (and the most recommended) YouTube to WAV converter is EaseUS Video Downloader. With this program, you're available to download a lot of videos from video hosting sites, such YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. When it comes to downloading YouTube videos, it offers more options, such as:

  • Saves YouTube videos in MP3/MP4/WAV format
  • Downloads YouTube music without a problem
  • Gets YouTube playlist or channel in no time
  • Download up to 8K video quality videos
  • Saves subtitles with different languages

In addition to that, EaseUS Video Downloader also provides more customization options. For instance, you can preset your wanted export format or path, video/audio quality, and whether or not to include subtitles before downloading. Once you've preset it, all of these settings will be applied to further downloads. 

To download YouTube to WAV:


Top 2. LOADER.TO [Online]

LOADER.TO is a free online YouTube to WAV converter that has an intuitive interface. It's capable of converting any video you want from Youtube to WAV and downloading it on your Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone. The whole process is very easy and straightforward. You can complete the whole process on a web browser without downloading any app on your device. This is helpful in saving the hard-drive space of your computer. 

But on the downside, it may take a lot of your time to save a long video or a lot of videos if your internet connection is poor because the process relies heavily on an internet connection. video downloader

Top 3. Ontiva

Ontiva is a professional online video converter that gives you more options for downloads. There are many formats to choose from, ranging from audio formats like MP3, WEBM, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, to video formats like MP4 to GIF. Everything you want from a converter can be found on Ontiva. What makes this online converter distinguish is that you can trim the video or audio before downloading. Moreover, it also offers more download options. For instance, you can download videos to Dropbox or directly save them on your computer. 

Ontiva YouTube downloader

Top 4. YouTube to Wav Converter Free Online

YouTube to Wav Converter Free Online is another online video downloader that enables users to convert YouTube videos to WAV. In addition to YouTube, other popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more are also supported. It has a simple and clear interface. The best part of this downloader is that it provides users with some frequently asked questions, which, to some extent, play a role in customer service. And this is helpful in helping you solve problems.

YouTube to WAV online converter

Top 5. YouTube Converter

YouTube Converter is also a free online YouTube converter that can help you convert YouTube videos to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and MP4 format. On the upside, it offers a simple guide to tell you how to use it. But on the downside, it has annoying ads. And if you wish to download long videos, this converter is not recommended because it has a slow conversion speed. I've spent 5 minutes downloading a 4-minute music video. But if you don't mind, just go for it. 

YouTube Converter online

The Final Words

Which YouTube video converter do you like best? You can choose one downloader and try to download your desired YouTube videos to WAV. Perhaps it's a little bit difficult to choose a suitable one from the listed five downloaders because each of them has its pros and cons. Therefore, we will sum it up for you.

If you want a great and speed-wise YouTube to WAV downloader, you should try EaseUS Video Downloader. It is easy to use and fast to download, so you can save a lot of time. Aside from converting a YouTube video to WAV, you can convert any video to MP3. 

While if you pursue convenience, you can consider using online converters. But such converters have some downsides like slow speed, viruses, and more. If you don't mind, just go for one of our listed recommendations. 

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