Top 10 Yify Alternatives [2024 Unblocked]📺

Finding a reliable YIFY alternative to download the best-quality movies isn't easy. You must explore hundreds of websites to find the right one. For your assistance, we have done the work and listed the ten best picks in this blog.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Jun 19, 2024

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While exploring the collection of free movie streaming sites, you must have seen YIFY Torrents on the list. This website is a well-known name with a wide database of movies and TV shows.

However, strikes due to copyright and privacy terms are making it hard for users to access this website. That's the reason why users are now looking for the best free HD movies direct download no registration resource as a YIFY alternative.

You have come to the right spot if you are also looking for a reliable alternative to this source to get the latest releases. We will share a list of platforms from where you can download YIFY movies for free.

Did YIFY Get Shut Down?

Yes, YIFY has been shut down for various reasons in the past few years. There were many reasons for its service breakdown. The most common among all was the copyright strikes, which resulted from illegal and unethical data sharing without the author's permission.

Another common reason for torrent search engines' limitations is regional restriction. Many countries have banned such websites for various reasons.

It is undoubtedly up for browsing with its torrent files. But it isn't confirmed when it will be shut down again, making it hard for users to find series and movies. That's why people are always curious to learn about YIFY alternatives to fulfill their free movie streaming cravings.

10 Best YIFY Free Alternatives Unlocked

When you search for web series download websites, you will see a long list of free and paid platforms. It is not easy to explore the list and find the best one. We have researched and listed the best ones in this blog.

1.  123Movies

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
98 million No Optional Worldwide HD  Offline but has mirrors

You may have seen this website online as a free streaming site lover. It stands among the top websites for downloading free content with a user-friendly interface. The website is also considered the best Soap2day alternative because of its free usage. You can browse its movies for free, even without any registration.


The best thing about this YIFY alternative is the separation of movies and shows into various categories. Whether you are looking to filter the movies depending on the country or genre, you will find an option to do this in one click. The only drawback of this website is its availability in limited regions of the world.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Free usage without limitations
  • Include HD-quality movies and shows
  • Keep on adding the latest releases to its list
  • Allow you to subscribe to the newsletter to be updated with newly added content
  • Currently, it is offline, and only mirror websites are available

2.  FMovies

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
87 million Yes Optional Worldwide 480, 720, 1080 Offline but has mirrors

In second place on our list, we have ranked Fmovies, which includes a long list of movies. From the latest release to the old content, you will see almost every movie from different languages that you can enjoy in your free time.


Abide by this, the website has an extensive collection of various content types ranging from funny to action, thrill to suspense, and many others. You can also explore the collection of other content types like software and applications.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Smooth and instant browsing
  • Free to explore its collection to watch online or download
  • Simple interface for every user
  • Annoying pop-up advertising
  • It is offline now


Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
40 million Yes Optional Worldwide 360, 480, 720, 1080  Offline but has mirrors

Another great choice as a YIFY alternative is RARBG. It provides multiple links to users for downloading videos or movies from various sources. This website allows users to easily access a variety of movies from different genres.


From its community forum, you can ask questions and share your points about various subjects. You can also request the admin to add a specific movie or show if it is unavailable in it.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Offer torrent files as well as downloading from other websites
  • Include a variety of content in its collection
  • Combination of new and old torrent search engines
  • Simple interface with a quick search bar
  • Need login for community engagement
  • The official website is closed

4.  The Pirate Bay

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
5 million Yes Optional Worldwide 720, 1080 Online

If you are looking for resources that capture any video from any website and make it accessible for users, The Pirate Bay is your website. It is listed among high-quality torrents from which you can download any movie genre.


The website has a simple user interface that allows everyone to use it without difficulties. You can search for your required movies from its homepage using the search bar given there. This is the reason why it is listed among the best sites to download full HD movies. The only drawback to this platform is its redirection to other websites for downloading.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Offers movies in various formats
  • Fast browsing and downloading
  • Includes multiple files from various resources for a single movie
  • Allows you to download applications and games, too
  • Include some harmful/dangerous links

5.  LimeTorrents

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
700k No Optional Worldwide 360, 480, 720, 1080  Online 

Regarding movie torrents, you will find a limited list of platforms because of the advanced functions. LimteTorrents is one of those that you can browse to find YIFY movies and other latest released shows.


It also has specific sections for anime series, music files, games, and apps. So, you can say that it is a perfect source to find the best movies and have fun in your free time. The best thing about this platform is that it's free to work with some advertisements. You can turn on the advertisement blockers in your browser for a smooth experience.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Offers a variety of shows and movies
  • Easy to navigate and search from the database
  • Have multiple domains to let users access the services quickly in case of limitations
  • Require login for full access

6.  1337X

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
30 million No Optional Worldwide HD  Online

With a registration option, 1337X is a good Hurawatch alternative. From this website, you can download high-quality content, including television series, movies, games, and many other documentaries. You don't need to be technical to use this simple interface website.


This YIFY alternative allows users to easily explore the collection of movies and download their favorite ones. Moreover, it allows users to upload their content, like movies and shows, into the database to let others access it. Last but not least, its trending movie collection will help users find the best-performing content.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Separate libraries for content from various genres
  • Include rarely available content like documentaries and anime
  • Allows users to upload movies if they are unavailable in the database
  • Offers quick access to trending content
  • The full homepage is visible to registered users only
  • Existent websites are mirrors.

7.  EZTV

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
2 million Yes Optional Worldwide 480, 720, 1080, 2160  Online

Unlike other websites, EZTV doesn't ask you to remember the name of the series you want to watch. It allows you to extract the list of series and movies to watch the untamed content seamlessly. Simply, you can explore the list of movies and shows directly without searching for something.


You can also adjust the number of movies shown in the list and filter them according to the video format. Last but not least, it also has a separate section for movies and shows that are aired on that specific day on which you are browsing the website.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • No advertisements
  • Various categories to make extraction easier
  • Movies available in multiple formats
  • Quick downloading supported servers
  • Hard to find web series with multiple episodes
  • Have ads


Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
2 million Yes Optional Worldwide HD  Offline but has mirrors

Whether you are looking to download Indian web series or Hollywood movies, BITSEARCH can perform well for you. It is one of the best free movie streaming and downloading websites. You can explore its movie library to find the latest released movies as well as old-time movies.


Moreover, the website has an extensive list of anime series that you can watch online. It keeps on adding newly launched series, anime, and movies to its list to let you have a seamless experience. Last but not least, you can also download paid software and applications for free from this website.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Content from different genres
  • Provide short videos as well along with movies and shows
  • Advertisement banners
  • Registration is required for a seamless experience

9.  Torrentz

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
16 million No Optional Worldwide 480, 720, 1080 Offline but has mirrors

If you are looking for a reliable source to download your favorite movies without login or registration, you should try Torrentz. As the name shows, it is the combination of various torrent search engines, making it one of the biggest engines available on the internet.


Till now, more than 3 million torrents have been added to its collection, and many others are on the way. The best thing about this website is the availability of various content types in different formats, just like the original YIFY platform. This availability makes it suitable for our selection and ranks it in our list.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Availability of over 3 million files
  • No login required
  • Free to use without any limitations
  • No category-based selection
  • Show advertisement banners

10.  Torlock

Monthly Users🙋‍♂️  Ads📰  Login🔐 Area Served🌎 Video Quality📺 Current Status⏱️
2 million Yes Optional Worldwide

480, 720, 1080 

Offline but has mirrors

One of the best functions of this website is the separate availability of some newly launched shows. You can see some of the most demanding and searched shows in its header.


Moreover, its front page shows a complete list of movies and shows to let you quickly find your favorite show and download it to your device. Torlock also has an extensive list of other language shows that enable people from various regions to use it. The only drawback is the extensive advertisement banners that will be shown on the screen when you browse the website.

               🙊Pros                🙈Cons
  • Quick access to trending shows
  • Include shows from various torrent search engines
  • Allows you to download updated software for free
  • No login required
  • Too many advertisement banners
  • Little hard to explore the list because of the merged collection

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Download HD Movies to Local for Offline Viewing

Sometimes, you may see that downloading is disabled even from YIFY alternatives. In such a case, you need a tool that can help you download your required videos smoothly. It doesn't matter whether you want to download video from LinkedIn or any other platform; you may need such a tool.

After comprehensive research, we have found such a tool that can help you get better and expected results. Our research found that EaseUS Video Downloader is the best software. Using this, you can download videos from hundreds of platforms without limitations. Whether the platform allows you to download videos or not, you can easily accomplish the task using it.

This downloader has a simple interface that makes it easy to learn how to download movies on Hulu or other platforms. Moreover, you can set the format in which you want to download your videos.

The major advantage of this software is the format and quality protection. It will not damage the video quality you are downloading using this software. Due to these advanced features, it is highly recommended to use this software for smooth downloading.

Key Features

  • It supports multiple video formats to download your required videos.
  • This downloader works on a one-click processing concept.
  • You don't need to register with the software to use it.

Due to all these features, we suggest you download the EaseUS Video Downloader and use it for getting your favorite videos. You don't need to learn how to download videos from Twitter or any other platform while using it.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Downloader on your PC. Click "Download" to select the output format and press "Quality" for the resolution.


Step 2. Copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download and click "Paste Link" to proceed.


Step 3. After the downloading process finishes, you can check the downloaded video in the option "Finished."


Disclaimer: The information provided in this guide is for personal use. EaseUS is in no way collaborated or affiliated with the video-sharing site and will never approve any copyright infringement action. The end-user should be solely responsible for their behavior.

Final Words

In this blog, we have listed the best websites that you can use as a YIFY alternative. All these websites have been hand-picked after comprehensive research. We hope you have found a reliable pick from the list to search for your favorite movies and TV shows.

For smooth and quick downloading, we suggest you download EaseUS Video Downloader. It will help you download shows from any website mentioned above and from social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

FAQs About YIFY Alternatives

If you have any questions related to this topic, we suggest you explore this section of quick questions and their answers.

1. What is the new domain name for YIFY?

YIFY or YTS website has many domain names. The most recent domain name of this website was

2. Is the YIFY movie illegal?

Overall, YIFY can't be considered illegal but it has been shut down because of providing copyrighted data without permission from the owner. The main reason behind its suspension is the copyright strikes from the MPAA.

3. What is similar to YTS?

You can find hundreds of websites that work similarly to YTS. But the best pick from the list is 123Movies.

4. Are YTS movies good quality?

Yes, you can download YTS movies in higher resolutions like HD. It offers a variety of content in high-quality formats to improve your cinematic experience.

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