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How to Convert & Download Twitch Clips to MP3 in 2 Simple Ways

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How to Convert & Download Twitch Clips to MP3 in 2 Simple Ways

Sofia Albert updated on Feb 14, 2023 | Home > Video & Audio Downloading

"Does anyone knows how to convert videos to mp3? I like Athere's Real Talk, and I want to listen to it on my mp3 player, but I can't find a way to do it. I know there is an official podcast, but that's too short (sometimes it's just 15-17 minutes). If someone knows a way, please let me know it."

- A question from Reddit

If you also want to download Twitch clips in MP3 as the user mentioned above wants, today's guide will show you two different techniques to get the job done. Before adopting either method, you'd better learn about the feature of each technique carefully. Thus, you can choose the right way you need. 

Method 1. Download Twitch Clips to MP3 with a Fast Video Downloader

If you want a reliable and effective conversion way, EaseUS Video Downloader would be a nice option. EaseUS Video Downloader is a fast video downloader that enables you to convert and download YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch content in MP4 or MP3 format. You can also download someone else's Twitch VOD if you want. 

For audio files, you can select MP3 or WAV format as the output format and opt for your desired video quality. You can choose the options each time you download or set your options as default by clicking the Settings icon. Thus, you don't have to customize your choice each time you download. 

To Download Twitch clip to MP3:

Step 1. Double click EaseUS Video Downloader icon to open the application. Copy a video URL and paste it into the bar at the start page. Click " Search" to proceed.

Download video to mp3 - 1

Step 2. It will open a built-in video play page with a download option below. Click "Download" to save the video.

Download video to MP3 - 2

Step 3. Choose "MP3" as the format for the downloaded video. Then choose a quality and click "Download" in this window.

Download video to mp3 - 3

Step 3. Wait for the downloading to complete. The time it takes depends on the size of the downloaded video. 

Download video to mp3 - 4

Disclaimer: Please make sure that your download behavior is legal in your country! EaseUS does not advocate downloading any video/audio for sale, distribution, or other commercial purposes.

In addition to the above feature, EaseUS Video Downloader also has these capabilities: 

  • Download YouTube videos, playlists, channels, and live videos with one click. 
  • Download sounds from audio-sharing sites like SoundCloud, YouTube Music, MySpace, etc.
  • Download thumbnail from any video-sharing site with the best quality.
  • Download TikTok videos as GIFs.

Among these features, there's always one that can help you grab your favorite content. So don't hesitate to give it a try!


Method 2. Download Twitch Clip to MP3 with Online Converters

Another convenient way to download Twitch Clip is to use online converters like VideoDown, TubeMate, ACEthinker, etc. Most of them are compatible with MP4 and MP3 formats and don't require you to install a third-party program.

But the negative aspect is that you may face various annoying ads and pop-up notifications. What makes matters worse is that the page might disappear or be blocked due to some copyright problems. Hence, you're very likely to encounter a situation where a site that works today may not work tomorrow. If you want a safe and 100% workable solution, just consider EaseUS Video Downloader. 

With the analysis of online converters in mind, let's check out how to download Twitch clips to MP3 with online converters. 

1. Ninja

The first tool we'd like to recommend is Ninja, a site that allows you to download Twitch clips in MP4/MP3 format or download the thumbnail of your video in JPG format. The download speed is relatively fast compared to other competitors - usually, a 30sec video will convert in about 5-10 seconds.

But it doesn't allow you to choose the audio quality to your preference, so you can only download an audio file as MP3 in 256kbps. Moreover, sometimes you will fail to convert videos to MP3 due to some problems. If that happens, you can use other tools instead. 

Download Twitch clip to MP3 with Ninja

2. Acethinker

Acethinker is a free site that allows you to download videos from social media platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc. It is compatible with most popular web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and more. The best part of this online converter is its clean interface without ads. 

Download Twitch clips to mp3 with acethinker

The Bottom Line

We hope you've successfully downloaded your wanted Twitch clips to MP3 with any tools introduced above. Of these methods, using EaseUS Video Downloader is the quickest way to grab your desired Twitch clips. Moreover, it is safe and ads-free without bringing any viruses or malware. 

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