Blackpink Video Song Download on Win/Mac/Mobiles

Blackpink is the world's biggest girl group for now. In this post, EaseUS will show you the ways to Blackpink video song download on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android. If you are a blink, do not miss our post!

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Updated on Jun 14, 2023

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The Korean girl group Blackpink, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, is currently the most successful international girl group. Since the 4 Girls debut in 2016, Blackpink has broken countless records despite not releasing many albums and songs. Their "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" MV has surpassed 2 billion views on YouTube, and both "Kill This Love" and "How You Like That" set records for the most viewed music videos within 24 hours of their release.


Blackpink has the most subscribed music channel on YouTube, where all of their music, lifestyle vlogs, and show highlights are posted. However, YouTube does not allow regular users to download the videos.

If you are a Blink and would like to download Blackpink videos for offline viewing on your phone or computer, don't miss this article. EaseUS will show you the ways to Blackpink video song download on Windows/Mac PC, iOS, and Android.

Blackpink Video Song Download on Windows/Mac PC

To download the Blackpink video or songs on a PC, you may encounter strict site restrictions. Whether you want to download Blackpink videos or songs from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you need the help of a third-party tool like EaseUS Video Downloader

easeus video downloader

EaseUS Video Downloader is a free-to-use video downloader that will help you get any online video with audio from over 1000 social media sites. 

In addition to helping you download YouTube videos to computer, you can even download a streaming video in real-time while the 4 girls are live and export the video files in MP4 or other formats in HD.


💡Key Features

Now let's check out how to download Blackpink music videos on YouTube first.

Download Blackpink Music Videos

There are currently over 500 videos posted on Blackpink's YouTube channel, and you can use the EaseUS to download all videos from a YouTube channel, or just download your favorite Blackpink music videos in bulk.

Whether it's the highly toxic "Pink Venom", the sweet and cute "Ice Cream", the energetic "Boombayah", or even the solo mv of four girls, you can download them all to Windows PC or Mac together. By the way, don't worry about any language issues. EaseUS can download YouTube subtitles at the same time.

Follow the tutorial below, and get all the Blackpink videos blinks!

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Downloader on your PC. Copy and past the URL of the YouTube channel to the input bar on the Home page. The link should look like: or

Download Dailymotion playlist - 1

Step 2. A page will open in the built-in browser. Click the download button in the middle bottom to download all videos in the channel.

Download Dailymotion playlist  - 2

Step 3. In the downloading page, you will see a list of video in the downloading task. Wait for the downloading to complete, then you can check all the downloaded videos on your PC.

Download Dailymotion playlist - 3

Disclaimer: This guide is compiled for personal fair use ONLY. EaseUS is in no way collaborated or affiliated with YouTube and never advocates any copyright infringement action. The end-user should be solely responsible for their behavior.

Download Blackpink Songs

Besides downloading Blackpink videos, if you want to enjoy the audio of "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du", "Shut Down", or "How You Like That" alone without buying any music software membership, EaseUS Video Downloader has enough power to extract audio from YouTube videos

Also, as mentioned above, you can use the built-in video-to-MP3 converter to generate all kinds of audio files you need.

Now, let's follow the steps to download Blackpink songs with great ease!

Step 1. After downloading EaseUS Video Downloader on a Windows or Mac PC, find the Blackpink songs you want to download and get the Video song URL from YouTube. Copy and paste the MV URL into the box and search for it.

paste the mv url into the box

Step 2. Then the Music video page will show up, and you can see the blue Download button. Click it to continue.

click the download button

Step 3. Navigate to Audio(MP3), select the audio quality, and choose the Download button to start downloading Blackpink songs in MP3 or other formats.

download blackpink songs

Step 4. When the downloading process is done, you can open the audio file on your PC and enjoy Blackpink's music now.

open the mp3 you downloaded

That's all steps of the Blackpink video song download. EaseUS Video Downloader is the best assistant for you to get all videos or songs you like. If you want to download part of the YouTube video, do not miss the post below!

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How to Download Blackpink Video Song on iOS

Due to the unique nature of iOS, downloading Blackpink video songs on iPhone and iPad can be difficult. Apple strictly regulates the programs available in its App Store, and currently, there is no completely trustworthy and good third-party software that can help iOS users download videos from YouTube or other social platforms. 

If you jailbreak your iPhone, there will be good software options, but if you'd like to keep your system intact, then seeking the help of online tools and downloading videos from Safari would be the best way to go.

There are lots of online downloading tools you can select, here, we will use the free online video downloader as an example.

Step 1. Run the YouTube app on your iPhone/Pad, and find the Blackpink video song you want to download.

Step 2. Click the Share icon and copy the MV URL.

copy the youtube video link

Step 3. Now navigate to Safari>

Step 4. Paste the video URL you just copied into the downloader box.

Step 5. Choose the video resolution and start the downloading process now.

download videos on ios

How to Download Blackpink Video Song on Android

Unlike iOS, Android does not support users to download a valid video downloader from Google Play, but you can get a third-party downloader by installing an APK file from an external source. 

Among the many options, we recommend you use the 4K Video Downloader for Android, a mobile application that lets you download Blackpink video songs on an Android device and watch them offline anytime. It supports top video platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc., and provides high-quality, high-resolution video and audio downloads.

Here is the full guide to downloading Blackpink music videos or songs on Android.

Step 1. Install the 4K Video Downloader for Android on your device.

install 4k video downloader for android

Step 2. Run the YouTube app on your Android phone, and find the Blackpink video song you want to download.

Step 3. Click the Share icon and copy the MV URL.

Step 4. Open the video downloader and set the preferences first.

Step 5. Hit the Paste Link button and the downloading process will start soon.

Now you can enjoy your favorite Blackpink music video or exciting songs like Shut Down or Kill This Love, at any time and anywhere.


Since their debut, Blackpink's music has been getting a lot of attention from the world. As a Blink, if you want to download Blackpink mv or songs for yourself to enjoy anytime, it's not difficult. Whether you are using a Windows/Mac PC, iPhone/iPad, or any Android device, you can find the way to Blackpink Video Song Download in this post.

If you are a K-pop fan and have a habit of collecting videos of your favorite idol on your computer, do not miss EaseUS Video Downloader, free software that will help you download excellent quality videos or audio from any website.


1. What is the most viewed video in Blackpink?

The most viewed video in Blackpink is "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" MV. For now, this video song has surpassed 2 billion views on YouTube.

2. How do I download MV videos?

You can download MV videos with some useful third-party downloaders, such as EaseUS Video Downloader. EaseUS Video Downloader is available for Windows and macOS and supports downloading online videos from over 1000 sites, including YouTube, which publishes music videos. 

You just need to copy the URL of the music video and use the downloader's built-in browser to navigate to the playback page of the MV, and download the corresponding video or audio in the quality and format of your choice! 

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