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6 WEBM to MP4 Converter App | Convert WEBM to MP4 for Free

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

A quick method to convert WebM to MP4:

convert webm to mp4

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Video Converter. 

Step 2. Open this WebM to MP4 converter, and click "Video Converter" > "Choose Files" to import files.

Step 3. Select the MP4 as the output format, then hit "Convert". Full steps >>>

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WebM is a relatively new file format that can play both audio and video but is highly compressed. It offers better quality as it uses VP8 to compress, and publishing platforms mostly use it to improve user experience. 

However, there still are some limitations of WebM files. The biggest one is that it is not supported on all operating systems, so you may fail to play it on your computer or mobile devices. If you want to play it successfully on your devices, you can convert WebM to MP4, as MP4 is commonly used and supported by almost all video players. Given that, a WebM to MP4 converter is the need of the hour.

This post will share with you the 6 best WebM to MP4 converter app and how to convert WebM to MP4 on Windows 10, Mac, mobile phone, and even online easily.

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How to Convert WebM to MP4 on Windows 10 Free

EaseUS Video Converter is an easy yet powerful media converter to help you change video or audio file formats in a snap without losing any quality, and almost any video and audio format is supported here. So it is not difficult to complete this task with this program while speaking of WebM to MP4 conversion. All you need to do is to import your target WebM file, choose the output format, and start your conversion immediately. Then you will get an MP4 video file in minutes.

Also, if needed, this video converter enables you to change video resolution, frame rate, encoding, etc., for your converted file.  

EaseUS Video Converter

  • Support converting HD, 2K, 4K, and even 8K videos
  • Provide up to 30X faster conversion speed
  • Convert MKV to MP4, MOV, MKV, etc.
  • Merge converted files into a single one for sharing
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Windows 11/10/8/7
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macOS 10.13 or later

After installing this WebM to MP4 converter, you can check the following tutorial to start your conversion:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Converter on your PC, and choose the "Video Converter." Click on the "Choose Files" button to import the video you want to convert. It also allows you to drag and drop the video to import it.

import video

Step 2. Click on the "Settings" option to select the target format. You can choose MP4 as the output format and adjust the resolution and bitrate properly.

select mp4

Step 3. Customize the folder to save the MP4 video after conversion. Two buttons are available to converter the file. The "Convert" button can help you convert one video, while the "Convert All" button can process a batch of videos. 

convert video to mp4

Step 4. In the "Finished" tab, you can find the converted MP4 video. If you want to preview it, click on the "Open" button to activate the built-in media player.

save video as mp4

How to Convert WebM to MP4 on Mac with VLC

Like Windows, macOS does not support WebM files, and you cannot open them on your Mac computer. It is a format to speed up video for the web, but since you want to save it as an MP4 file, there is an alternate way to convert it.

The VLC Media player is a well-known versatile player who can also play WebM files on Mac and Windows, but everyone will install it. Instead, we can use the VLC player to convert it. The steps are comfortable and don't take much time.

Step by step to convert WebM to MP4 on Mac:

Step 1. Firstly, download the WebM file on your Mac. Secondly, install the VLC player if you have not done so.

Step 2. Click on the File menu, and then select the Convert/Stream option. It will open the converter, which offers three sections—media selector, output profile, and destination.

Choose conversion feature in VLC

Step 3. Drag and drop the WebM file, make sure to choose the MP4 profile, and then set the location to save the file. Click on the go button to convert the file.

Select MP4 as the output format

The file is saved in M4V format, which is Apple's format and comes from MP4. Rename the file from M4V to MP4, and it will still play fine on any platform. Use QuickTime Player or any other player without a problem to play MP4 files.

How to Convert WebM File to MP4 on iPhone/Android

iPhone users can use the "The Video Convertor" app from iTunes to convert WebM to MP4. The app uses its online service, where the file is uploaded and then downloaded in an MP4 format. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the WebM file is on your iPhone.

How to convert WebM to MP4 on iPhone:

Step 1. Open the WebM to MP4 converter app and select the WebM file into the file selector. Then choose MP4 as the output format. 

how to convert webm to mp4 on iPhone

Step 2. Tap on the convert button, and the file will be uploaded to the server and converted. It usually takes a few seconds for the conversion. However, it will also depend on file size and network speed.

Step 3. Once the conversion is complete, you will have the option to open in any video player or share it over other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and so on.

For Android users, Format Factory is an excellent WebM to MP4 converter app to convert any video format to any other Android Smartphone. It can convert files at speed and allows you to perform partial editing. You can also perform basic editing before converting the files.

Detailed steps on how to convert WebM to MP4 on Android:

Step 1. Download the WebM file on the phone and then open the app. Tap on the plus icon and add the file from the phone's internal storage.

Step 2. Then tap on the convert icon to open the conversion settings. Make sure to select MP4 as the format and then the resolution.

Step 3. Then tap on convert to start the process. The software will convert the video and save it on the phone storage. You can access them from under the "My Files section".

convert webm to mp4 android

How to Change WebM to MP4 Online for Free

If you do not want to use a WebM to MP4 converter app or software, then the only option is to use a free online WebM to MP4 converter.

1. Online Converter

The online tools upload the files on their servers and use the codec to convert them to MP4 format. Here is using the Online Converter to get this done. The processing takes time, as it will have to upload the file to its server. The conversion speed will also depend on file size and internet speed.

How to convert WebM to MP4 online for free:

Step 1. Open the online tool, and then upload or add the URL of the file.

convert webm to mp4 online

Step 2. Setup or resolution, video setting, and audio setting.

Step 3. Click on the convert button, and it will instantly start converting the file. Once the conversion is complete, you can download the file or upload it to any cloud storage.

2. Cloudconvert

Another WebM to MP4 converter app is Cloudconvert. It is also an online tool to make MP4 from WebM files. In addition to the basic conversion features, it enables you to use the options supported to control video resolution, quality, and file size.

How to change WebM to MP4 online:

Step 1. Move to the Cloudconvert main page and click "Select File" to upload your video.

How to convert WEBM to MP4 online

Step 2. Choose the output format, then click on the "Convert" option.

Step 3. Once the WebM to MP4 conversion is done, click the download button to save it on your computer.


Now that we have seen all kinds of tools like software, apps, and online WebM to MP4 converter, we know that all of them work. Now here is the thing. If you are looking for software that works for almost everything regarding videos, then EaseUS Video Converter should be the best choice. It can convert video files between multiple formats and allows you to convert media files to optimized presets for almost all devices.

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FAQs About Converting WebM to MP4

1. How do I convert WebM to MP4?

Converting WebM to MP4 is extremely easy only if you have a powerful WebM to MP4 converter. You can try EaseUS Video Converter to do the task.

2. How do I open a WebM file on a Mac?

If you want to play WebM files on Mac, you can do it through VLC Media Player, which supports WebM files.

3. Is WebM better than MP4?

Actually, both WebM and MP4 have their own advantages.

As for size, WebM is better than MP4. WebM's audio and video are highly compressed, and it tends to be a bit smaller than MP4 files.

When it comes to the number of devices and programs that support WebM and MP4, MP4 is much better than WebM as it is commonly used on plenty of smartphones, whereas Android only supports webM.

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