No Sound on Facebook Videos: 9 Fixes

Stuck in silent mode on Facebook? Fear not! Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve the no sound on your videos on Facebook swiftly and effortlessly.



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You may encounter a situation where there is no sound when playing videos on Facebook, thus disrupting the enjoyment and understanding of the content. Though you want to fix it, you might feel overwhelmed by the technical steps to troubleshoot and resolve audio problems independently. Don't worry. The following guide will present you with the latest and most detailed steps and explain why there is no sound in your Facebook videos.

Why Facebook Videos Have No Sound

There are generally three reasons: issues with the audio track itself, setting issues, and audio driver issues. Although the audio track is easy to fix, the other two issues must be checked carefully. Follow the steps.

Fix No Sound on Facebook Videos

The following fixes are listed based on the three reasons. Follow the steps to solve this issue.

Fix1: Check the Audio Track

Facebook has a robust system for detecting and managing copyrighted content, so if it finds potential copyright infringement on the music, it may automatically mute it. Sadly, should you face this circumstance, your problem will persist until you contact the original author to obtain the full video source file.

Fix 2: Unmute the Facebook Video

The second main factor is checking whether the sound is unmuted on the Facebook app, browser, and device. If you notice an "x" beside the volume symbol in the video, click on the icon to increase the video volume, and then adjust the volume to verify if it is functioning properly.

unmute facebook videos

Fix 3: Check the Browser Sound Setting

Some browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, allow you to mute sounds from videos, and then you may enable the "Don't allow sites to play sound" accidentally. This may result in all the videos you play with this browser having no sound, including Facebook videos. To rule out if this is the cause of the video's lack of sound, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to your Chrome settings.

google chrome settings

Step 2. Navigate to "Privacy and security" > "Site settings."

google chrome site settings

Step 3. Slide down to find "Content" > "Additional content settings" > "Sound."

chrome additional content settings

Step 4. By default, "Sites can play sound" is enabled. If yours is not, tick it to unmute video sounds on your browser.

chrome enable sites can play sound

Share it in case you can't find it later.


Fix 4: Deactivate All Extension

If the Chrome audio option is not silenced, we couldn't say there is no problem for your browser since some plugins will also result in this issue. So, this time, we need to deactivate all the extensions. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Chrome extension > "Manage Extensions."

chrome manage extensions

Step 2. Disable all the extensions by clicking the button.

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Fix 5: Change Other Browsers

A more direct way to check whether the issue of no sound on Facebook videos is caused by your browser is to play the video on other browsers. If the problem continues, proceed to the subsequent step.

Fix 6: Check the Device Sound Setting

The last way to check whether it is caused by sound setting is to check to make sure you didn't mute the sound on your device. You may turn off the sound by accident since the silent option is on the left of all iPhones and certain iPads. In this situation, shift the lever so that the button's background color is not orange. If you are using a PC, follow these steps to check:

The screenshots come from Windows 11, and this method is also applied to Windows 10.

Step 1. In the lower right corner of your desktop, right-click the volume icon and select "Open volume mixer."

open volume mixer

Step 2. In the Volume Mixer window, hold and drag the volume slider to turn up the volume.

drag volume slider

Step 3. Play your video and see if the sound is audible.

Fix 7: Run the Audio Troubleshooter on Windows

You can still use the Audio Troubleshooter on Windows to fix the Facebook no-sound issue. It will check for volume settings, a sound drive or card, speakers, or headphones.

To run the troubleshooter:

Select "Start" >"Settings" > "System" > "Sound" > "Troubleshoot common sound problems" and select "Output devices" or "Input devices."

audio troubleshooter

Fix 8: Restart Your Device

Sometimes, a simple restart can often fix unknown issues. So, switch off Facebook and restart your device. After the restart, open Facebook again and play a video to see if the sound issue is resolved.

Fix 9: Update Adobe Flash Player

The last way is to update Adobe Flash Player. In simple sentences, Adobe Flash Player is a software used to view multimedia content on the web, such as videos, animations, and games. An outdated Adobe Flash Player might also cause no sound in Facebook videos, especially if those videos rely on Flash for playback.

Step 1. Go to to download the Adobe Flash Player.

Step 2. Proceed to run the setup file for the player and complete the installation.

Step 3. Once the installation is finished, restart your browser and test video playback to confirm if the problem has been rectified.

The Bottom Line

This article shows you nine ways to fix Facebook's no-sound issues. Please check each fix until you solve this problem. Hopefully, you've solved the problem and can now enjoy your videos. If you are looking for adjust video volume online, try EaseUS Volume Changer!

FAQs on No Sound on Facebook Videos

You may have other questions or need more detailed guidance even with these fixes. Here are some FAQs regarding no sound on Facebook videos to assist you further.

1. How do I turn on sound on Facebook?

To turn on sound on Facebook:

Step 1. Scroll down and tap "Setting & Privacy," then tap "Settings."

Step 2. Scroll down to "Preferences" and tap "Media."

Step 3. Below "Autoplay", tap on next to "Videos Start With Sound" to turn the automatic sound on or off.

2. Why is Facebook's video muted?

That may be because your video has violated a new Facebook policy for videos that contain music.

3. How do I unmute Facebook videos?

To unmute Facebook videos, look for the volume icon in the lower right corner of the video player. Then, click on the icon to unmute the video.

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