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Voice Changer Audacity [Review & Alternatives]

Melissa Lee updated on Apr 20, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Voice Changer Audacity is one of the most famous voice-changing and editing tools available today. This tool has been one of the go-to tools for users who wish to change their voice sounds and add voice effects to their audio clips.

So, is this tool as good as it appears? Or is there more to it than appearances suggest? This article will review this tool and how you can use Voice Changer Audacity. We'll also look into it and find out whether it's an editing tool or a proper voice changer. So, let's get started.

⚒️Voice changer tested Audacity and its alternatives
💻Tested for Windows and Mac users
🎭Product version tested Free version
🎙️Audio tested Real-time and recorded voices

Voice Changer Audacity Review

Audacity by The Audacity team is a free audio-editing tool that has been around for 23 years (May 2000). Since then, it has been one of the leading audio editors among PC and Mac users. However, it's also become a favorite among Linux users.

The one thing that stands out about this tool is the wavelength editor, which allows you to edit audio by looking at audiovisuals. This allows you to keep the speed and temp in check while ensuring this open-source voice changer can provide effects and other key settings for you to use.


This includes:

  • Adding various effects to your audio
  • Ability to add special effects and other VFX
  • Modifying existing media clips, including voice recordings
  • Adding sound effects to any audio file
  • Altering the project rate - lower or higher


  • A total audio-editing solution
  • Very easy interface
  • Free and open source
  • Very intuitive and professional
  • Ability to add or generate effects
  • Edits projects in various wavelengths
  • Exports/Imports and converts in many formats


  • Complicated for a new user
  • No voice morphing abilities
  • Can't use it to change voice in real-time

Voice Changer Audacity Alternatives

Now, just because Audacity doesn't help you change your voice doesn't mean you cannot change your voice at all. To help you with that, we have picked out five of the best alternative voice changers for Audacity. Here they are:

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of the leading audio tools among gamers and streamers. This tool has become the premier option among the online and influencer community because of its ability to morph voice and change it through various voice filters in real-time.

This is also an open-source audio tool, which is one of the best voice changers today. This voice changer for Discord has over 100 voice filters, allowing you to change any audio device's sound in real-time. Therefore, you can use the microphone as the input device and morph your voice while you're on a call or recording.



  • Around 100+ voice effects
  • Applicable in real-time
  • Voice morphing and customization
  • Key binding and mapping made easy


  • Limited free version
  • Filters are unlocked by paying

2. MorphVox

MorphVox is another incredible option for those looking for Audacity alternatives. This is a real-time celebrity voice changer, which allows you to use it alongside any tool. Much like Voicemod, you can integrate it with any game or calling tool like Discord to change your voice live.

This alternative tool has many incredible voice effects, which allow you to change your voice with a few clicks. Besides that, if you wish, you can key bind any of the voice effects to use it on the go. This makes it an ideal tool for stream deck or macro key users.



  • Supports Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac
  • Easily customizable voice and background effects
  • Extensive usage for free


  • MorphVox Pro is very costly
  • Variable Mac and Windows versions

3. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is another tool with various filters to help you change the way your voice sounds in calls or games. This is a viable alternative to Audacity, as it also allows you to change your voice in real-time while using other software or games.

It has a few incredible voice effects, which you can use on the go. Besides that, you can customize each voice effect according to your liking, which allows you to change it up as much as you like. And this tool also acts as an audio editor through its voice editor feature.

AV Voice Changer


  • Offers easy customization
  • Swift as it doesn't take resources
  • Compatibility with games and software
  • Can be used as a TikTok voice changer


  • Expensive paid version
  • Setting up can be complicated

4. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

NCH Voxal Voice Changer is similar in appearance to Audacity but quite a different tool in terms of performance and ability. It may not have the ability to edit audio in detail like Audacity, but this anonymous voice changer does allow you to morph your voice into many characters and celebrities.

Therefore, if you wish to use a voice changer and your microphone as the input device, this is one of the best options. It may not have the latest features like Voicemod or MorphVox, but it does have the ability to change your voice with natural-sounding filters in real-time.

NCH Voxal Voice Changer


  • High-quality voice recording
  • Natural and realistic voice effects
  • A vast library of character/celebrity voices


  • An outdated interface
  • Quite expensive

5. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is one of the simplest female-to-male voice changers that you can find today. Clownfish offers a limited set of voice effects, and that makes this tool ideal for you - especially if you like to keep things minimalistic. As it only has around 14 effects.

However, you can customize those effects or create your own with the custom pitch option. Therefore, if you are looking for a make-shift or simple solution each time you get in a call, then Clownfish voice changer can be another alternative to Audacity for you.

Clownfish Voice Changer


  • Very light in nature
  • Easy on your CPU/RAM
  • Compatible with various software
  • Simple customization


  • Very limited in terms of voice effects
  • Not ideal for long-term usage

Voice Changer Audacity FAQs

This section will answer if you have any more questions for us.

1. Can you use Audacity as a voice changer?

The software may not be intended for voice changing, but it has an incredible array of effects and customizability that can help you change your voice. However, it's not a live voice changer, as it's an audio editing tool. Therefore, you can only change your voice in already recorded audio files.

2. How do I manipulate a voice in Audacity?

You can try to add effects from the effects section in the top bar. After you load your audio clip in the tool, you can go through other tools, such as a normalizer, compressor, noise profile, equalizer, or spectrogram, to change or manipulate your voice.


We talked about Audacity and what makes it unique, but we also explored some of the best alternatives to Audacity. And while Audacity is an amazing audio editor, it's not the best voice changer you can find today.

As mentioned in this article, you can do many things with your voice in this tool. However, the inability to change or morph your voice life makes it only a good editor, not a real-time voice changer. Therefore, you can use Voicemod as an alternative, as that's one of the best voice changers available today.

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