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Juice WRLD Voice Changer: AI Singing Like Juice WRLD Sound

Larissa updated on Apr 23, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Juice WRLD was a leading figure in contemporary American rap culture. The famous American rapper is behind masterpieces like Lucid Dreams, All Girls Are the Same, and Hate Me, which have broken records of viewership on musical platforms like Spotify, iCloud, Sound Tunes, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Juice Wlrd has a unique voice that people appreciate and listens to on repeat. Knowing the degree to which the modern generation is hooked on his voice, people want to convert their subtitles and scripts to be converted into Juice WRLD's voice. It is useful for recreation, marketing, social media posting, and making YT videos.

3 Best Juice WRLD Voice Changers to Singing Like Juice WRLD Sound    

There are plenty of celebrity voice changers available online; however, most are sub-standard. The quality of a voice changer depends upon its conversion accuracy, speed, voice-control features, and compatibility. Based on these criteria, we have reviewed and picked the 3 Best Juice WRLD Voice Changers to Sing Like Juice WRLD Sound. Here are the specific statistics:

🔢 Tested software 8
⏳  Time duration 1 week
💻 Tested Devices A Lenovo laptop, a Macbook Air, a Huawei smartphone
🛒 Price $25 - $69

1) Voicemod (Windows & macOS)

Voicemod is among the most accomplished voice changers available today. Equipped with real-time AI-based voice changing, it can instantly transform a voice into the iconic juice WRLD style. The application offers text-to-speech conversions as well. Using sound lab, you can add textures, tones, and special effects to any voice.

With Voicemod, you can create your sonic identity on online platforms. The application is compatible with Discord, ZOOM, Google Meet, Roll20, Skype, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, OverwatchWhatsApp Desktop, TeamSpeak, Rust, Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends, Among Us, and all other significant applications. With it, you can easily generate an imitated voice, like a cartoon voice changer, a famous character's voice, etc. 


👍 Pros

  • Real-time voice changer
  • Ideal for building an online identity and creating content
  • Free to Use

👎 Cons

  • Not available on Mac devices
  • Not stable on poor network connections

🎯 Steps to change voice into Juice WRLD voice with Voicemod

Step 1. Download Voicemod on your PC and select the primary microphone as the voice input option.

Step 2. Choose the voice box menu option to look at the available filters.

Step 3. Turn on the voice changer option toggle at the bottom of your screen.

Step 4. Visit the library and choose "Juice WRLD sound" and its effects. You can also assign it to key binds.

Step 5. The app is ready for conversion. Use the "Hear Me" toggle to see a demo of your new voice.

Step 6. Use this voice on any social media or gaming application.

2) Uberduck (Android & macOS & Online)

Uberduck brings a comprehensive approach to voice changing. The tool can turn both text and speech into a Juice WRLD voice. The app specialises in musical arrangements. It is among the few apps which produce world-class AI-generated raps. In the studio option, you can access royalty-free voices for commercial use.

Uberduck can access 5000+ distinct voices with this tool. You can clone your voice as well. The tool provides Free, Creator, Clone, and Enterprise modes. These modes are free, $96/per year, $480/per year, and $300/per month respectively. 

uberduck voice changer

👍 Pros

  • Realistic Voice conversions
  • Option of Rap music and Studio
  • It can work on weak internet connections as well

👎 Cons

  • It can't be used offline
  • The free Version is limited

🎯 Steps to change input into Juice WRLD voice with Uberduck

Step 1. Visit the official uberduck.ai webpage.

Step 2. Log in with your PC or mobile phone.

Step 3. Enter the text you want to convert.

Step 4. Choose "Juice WRLD" as desired voice and select" Synthesize."

Step 5. The tool will convert it into a Juice WRLD voice.

Step 6. You can download it as an mp3.

3) Murf.ai (Online Web Browser)

Murf.ai is our third pick for converting any voice into Juice WRLD sound. The tool can provide studio-quality voice changes from the comfort of your home. In advanced options, you can remove unwanted sounds, filler words, or any unnecessary parts from the audio input.

Murf.ai also allows voice mixing, editing of recording videos, and new voice creations. The tool is available in Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Modes. The charges are $0, $19/per month, $26/per month, and $59/per month respectively.


👍 Pros

  • Supreme Quality voiceover.
  • Accurate and Precise quality with no loss of words
  • Able to edit recorded notes.

👎 Cons

  • The free Version is limited
  • In major conversions, speed gets compromised.

🎯 Steps to change input into Juice WRLD voice with Murf.ai

Step 1.  Upload your voice input into the studio.

Step 2.  Click the transcribe option.

Step 3.  Right-click the text block and switch to a new voice.

Step 4.  Choose "Juice WRLD Voice".

Step 5.  The information will be converted to a unique voice.


Juice WRLD is among the most respected voices of modern pop culture. The star has redefined modern rap with his distinct style and unique voice. With current AI tools, you can convert any text or speech into Juice WRLD's voice.

This blog highlights the three best Juice WRLD voice changers: Voicemod, Uberduck, and Murf.ai. The features, specifications, pricing, procedure, pros, and cons. Choose any tool and start creating engaging and impactful content.

FAQs on Juice WRLD Voice Changer

1. What is a voice changer for a rapper?

It is an AI-Based software that can turn your initial input into rap music. It can synthesize your text or dialogue into a professional rap song.

2. How to sing like JuiceJuice?

The easiest way is to seek help from modern voice changers. They use advanced AI modules to convert your text or speech into Juice WRLD's voice. The tools are compatible with gaming and social media applications.

3. How can I sing in a real voice?

For real voice singing, you can use modern AI-based software. They utilize studio options for voice mixing, editing, and customized song creation.

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