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Top 5 Best Santa Voice Changer for Making Fun in Christmas

Jane Zhou updated on May 02, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Santa Claus is one of the most iconic names in Western lore. This friendly white-bearded old man comes around once a year. But he doesn't come empty-handed. He comes bearing gifts for those who have been good this year.

But there are other qualities to this character than just giving away gifts. It's the iconic voice and the catchphrases like "Ho! Ho! Ho!" There's no wonder that people need a Santa voice changer during the holiday season. Now it's not that time of the year yet, but it's not too late to find a real-time voice changer that helps modify your voice to Santa. We will explore such software that will help you change your voice, so let's begin.

How to Choose A Great Santa Voice Changer?

As you can see, there are a great many celebrity voice changers that help you change your voice to Santa, but which one is the best? To help you select your ideal Santa voice-changer software quickly, we list some items you should focus on while choosing the right Santa voice changing software

?Ease of use

An excellent voice changer should be friendly and easy-to-use for every level of user. So, focus on its UI and workflow.
?Functionality To create a unique Santa voice, you might need to adjust the pitch, volume, or other parameters according.
?Supported software We always mask our voice into Santa or others in streaming, communication, or gaming. So it is essential to check if common platforms/software are supported.

1. Voicemod

?Compatibility: Windows/MacOS 

Voicemod is an incredible voice changer. This tool is known to provide various realistic voice filters. And each one of them can be modified according to the user's needs. Moreover, users can also add or create new voice filters in it from scratch.

So, do these qualities make it a good Santa voice changer? It does have a Santa Clause voice filter that lets you mask your voice, and it also can be used as an Alien voice changer to make you sound like an Alien. And it'll work with any software as this software masks your entire microphone input.



  • Provide 100+ voice filters
  • Let you add background sound effects freely
  • The customizability of voice filters and effects
  • Support a wide range of platforms, including Discord, Zoom, etc.


  • The free version only has 7 voice filters
  • Key binding customizability isn't easy

2. Clownfish Voice Changer

?Compatibility: Windows

Clownfish Voice Changer is a famous Windows 10 voice changer that may not need an introduction. This simple yet effective voice changer has been the go-to choice for Skype users sing the beginning. Now it has become the main choice for many gamers and Discord users as well.

So is this tool the right one for the festive time of the year? Of course, it can be as it allows you to mask your voice with 12 realistic voice filters. The tool also allows you to customize each voice. That means you can change your voice to Santa with some tweaking.

Clownfish Voice Changer


  • Offer over 12 customizable voice filters
  • Hear filters before applying them
  • Add or use background music flexibly


  • Limited voice filters
  • Basic customization

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3. Santa Voice Changer

?Compatibility: Android

Santa Voice Changer is another great option for users. But this tool is the right option for Android users as it's only available on the Google platform. And the tool only focuses on Santa Voice, as you would have guessed by its name.

It doesn't have many features that you might hope for. And it only allows you to play the Santa voice with another sound effect. You can try from 6-7 background noises. Moreover, you can record a voice or convert an existing audio clip with this tool.

Santa Voice Changer


  • Record or convert existing audio
  • Support adding background effects
  • Share directly from the app


  • No customization options

4. Christmas Voice Changer

?Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later

Christmas Voice Changer is one of the best festive voice changers for the festive time of the year. It has a lot of Christmas voices. So naturally, it has one of the best Santa Claus voice filters. But this tool is also a recorder.

So, you will have to record your voice using the Santa voice filter. You can also try other voice filters that are present in this tool. And as you would expect, it also offers a variety of Christmas background voices that you can use in a recording.

Christmas Voice Changer


  • Support recording voice and applying voice filters
  • Customization of each voice filter
  • 20+ voice filters are available


  • Buggy application

5. FakeYou

?Compatibility: Web-enabled platforms

FakeYou is an online text-to-speech tool. The tool has an AI-based engine. So you can expect it to mimic any voice that you might hope for. There are around 2400 voice filters in this online voice changer. And there are a few Santa Claus variations.

It also has a great many other options that you can use to make festive season speeches. But it's the variety of Santa Claus voice filters that should excite you the most about this tool. But it won't record or live-morph the voice since it's a text-to-speech tool.



  • Offer over 2,400 voice filters
  • Realistic text-to-speech conversion
  • No need to download or register


  • No recording has been supported yet
  • Can't convert existing audio

The Bottom Line

A good-quality Santa voice changer should have a few key features. The five tools we have talked about have all the features that you need. They all offer something outstanding, which might make it a bit difficult to pick a favorite.

That's why it's recommended that you pick the one that ensembles your need. Some of them offer Santa voice filter directly. While other tools will let you modify it or make one from scratch. So, pick the one that you like the most.

Santa Voice Changer FAQs

These are some of the frequently asked questions about Santa voice changer as well as their answers:

1. What app can make you sound like Santa?

There are a few tools that can help you sound like Santa. We have provided five such tools in this list. But using Voicemod should be your priority. It has a lot of customizability and offers unique voice filters. Or you can create one from scratch.

2. Can I change Alexa's voice to Santa?

Alexa does have a feature that can make it sound like Santa during the holiday season. This feature isn't available for the other 11 months. Let's say you try to turn Alexa into Santa in June. Then you won't be able to until it's December.

3. Does Santa have a deep voice?

Santa has a deep but friendly voice. His pitch is quite soothing and direct. A lot of people would call Santa's voice akin to a jolly old man. That's why his iconic "Ho! Ho! Ho!" laugh is often portrayed in pop culture.

4. How old is Santa Siri?

A lot of people think the person that was before he became Santa was born in 280 A.D. This would make him around 1740+ years old by now.

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