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Best 4 Alien Voice Changers and Popular Alien Voices in 2023

Melissa Lee updated on Apr 18, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Voice changers have become popular as more people want to change their voices. There are several options for content creators and gamers who wish to add flair to their videos or immerse themselves in an exotic world. What is it? Alien voice changers!

Alien voice changers use software or hardware to make your voice seem foreign. They can change your pitch and tone and add effects like echoes and distortion to give you a genuine alien voice. An alien voice changer can improve your content, whether you are a content provider, gamer, or just having fun.

⬇️Voice changer types Free download and online tools
📳Running systems tested Windows/macOS/Android/iOS
🎤Alien sound tested Prometheus, cartoon, sci-fi, ocean...
🏅Most recommended Voicemod voice changer

Most Popular Alien Voices

Before we proceed with the Alien voice changers tool, it's essential to know how many Alien voices are out there. There are lots of Alien variations available for your usage. Therefore, check out the most famous alien voices and pick them up as your preference.

1. Prometheus Alien Voice

A voice that sounds alien sounds like the alien thing from the movie Prometheus. It has a distinct sound personality, just like the movie's plot.

2. Sci-fi Alien Voice

This popular alien voice has a high pitch and a subtle echo, creating a mysterious and sci-fi atmosphere.

3. Ocean Alien Voice

This kind of Alien voice is paired with deep ocean sounds. Science fiction often uses it to make creatures sound like they live underwater.

4. Cartoon Alien Voice

This type of alien voice is used in cartoon productions and is characterized by a cute and playful tone rather than a frightening or mysterious one.

5. Deep Alien Voice

The deep pitch of this alien voice makes it ideal for creating dark and eerie atmospheres in horror scenarios.

6. Granular Alien Voice

The granular quality of this alien voice is frequently used to create rough and harsh alien environments. It also gives the voice a gritty texture that makes it perfect for science fiction productions to enhance the authenticity of an alien world.

7. Distortion Alien Voice

This particular alien voice is distorted, sounding chaotic and aggressive. In science fiction productions, it's frequently used to convey a sense of urgency or danger or for tense or dramatic scenes.

8. Predator Alien Voice

The Predator alien voice from 1987 is distinct and menacing. It's commonly used in science fiction to heighten suspense and fright.

9. Scream Alien Voice

Screams and distortion make this alien voice scary and unpredictable. It adds drama and emotion to scenes. This voice can turn everyday conversation into horrific screams that will fascinate your listeners.

10. Echo Alien Voice

This alien voice has an echo effect that creates a lonely, frightening mood. It deepens the voice's otherworldliness and draws the audience into the story.

Top 4 Alien Voice Changer

Here, we have found the best alien voice changer tools to create an accurate and exciting alien sound.

1. Voicemod

💻Compatibility: Windows 10/11 and Mac

Voicemod is a real-time all-in-one voice changer. You can customize the voice as per your preference. The Auto-tune adjustable feature imitates celebrities or singers. The tool includes various sound effects to improve your gaming and chatting experience. Users can also use the Soundboard option to add new custom sound effects.



  • Be used with Paltalk, Skype, Viber, and Hangout
  • Voice effects can be added during a live chat
  • Can sound effects to the library


  • Network server performance can cause problems
  • The free version lacks functionality

2. Celebrity Voice Changer

📱Compatibility: Android/iOS

Celebrity voice changer is a voice changer app that uses deep learning to convert your voice to an alien or celebrity. By speaking into the mic, this software changes your voice quickly. It also gives you the best voice, unlike most applications that use cheap effects. Say something in English to the mike, and different celebrities will say it to you in their voices.

Celebrity Voice Changer


  • Ability to request new voices
  • Offers video output with watermark branding
  • Can share video in its original form


  • Sometimes take 20 minutes to use voice again
  • It only allows 5 tries per hour

3. Voxal

💻Compatibility: Windows

Voxal Voice Changer is easy to use and customized anonymous voice changer tool. The free edition has many features and voice presets for boys, girls, robots, aliens, and more. The tool records new files or changes current ones. Gamers and streamers can use this tool to remain anonymous while putting a unique voice touch.



  • Real-time voice changing
  • Wide range of voice effects and ability to create custom effects
  • Ability to change background noise


  • Need a PC restart after installation for full functionality
  • Only Voxal files are supported

4. Voice Changer.io

📡Compatibility: Web-based

Voice Changer online tool adds voice effects and transforms your voice. You can sound like an alien or any other character. You can record your voice directly through a microphone or upload pre-recorded audio from your hard disk.

Moreover, you can also use it as a voice changer for YouTube. The tool also generates speech from text and chooses from three voices with different setups.

Voice Changer.io


  • Record real-time voice or upload pre-recorded audio
  • Users can use Text-to-speech conversion
  • Provides various alien and robot voice effects


  • Restricted to online use only
  • Voice-changing effects may not be as good as dedicated software

Alien Voice Changer FAQs

Want to change your voice during the call or in the gaming? We have a complete guide for you to follow along with a few questions which you may have in your mind.

1. How to make a voice sound alien?

A voice changer tool with an "alien" voice preset or custom voice effects can make a voice sound alien. You can also change the voice's pitch, tone, and tempo to create an alien sound.

2. Is there a voice changer that sounds like a real person?

Voicemod makes voices that sound natural. Most voice changers try to make funny or exaggerated effects. Voicemod sounds like a real person because it uses advanced AI technology to mimic human speech's intonations, rhythms, and inflections.


Many tools can turn your voice into an alien voice. There are countless possibilities, from frightening high-pitched noises to deep, guttural growls. With the above list of great alien voice changer tools and famous alien voices, you can quickly choose the best tool to meet your needs and preferences.

So why not have fun and try different alien sounds for your next video game, podcast, or online chat? Unleash your imagination and bring your inner alien to life with the correct tools. Prepare to enter a world of sound and create awesome stuff!

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