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Top 5 Helium Voice Changer in 2023

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 30, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

People can use different voice effects to change their voices and create funny content. One of the most popular is the helium voice effect, which makes one's voice sound more high-pitched than it is.

This voice filter is top-rated, and people want to imitate the style for their videos or pranks. However, this type of effect has been used in entertainment for funny gags over the years with noticeable success in getting laughs. An example of this is Chandler's "I Will Survive" rendition in helium voice during a Friends episode.

Not everyone can inhale helium gas at any time they want, nor is it safe to do so consistently. However, you can utilize a helium voice changer program to get the same effect digitally. Here, you will learn about some suitable options for it.

Best Helium Voice Changer [PC & App]

Many best online voice changers or apps are helpful for people to record and edit their original sound with artificial effects. The helium voice effect is one of the most popular choices, and here are the best platforms where users get the option.

Top 1. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of the top-most helium voice changer app options you should try out for premium-level helium-like voice-changing sound effects. It is straightforward to customize this effect through the Voice Maker feature.

You must switch off the humanizer effect and change the pitch level to 70%. Also, keep the Mix level at 100% for the best high-pitched sound effect, like helium voice. Then, you can talk while keeping this app active, and your voice will sound like this effect.




  • This helium feature is only available for Pro version users
  • Only best for Windows users

Top 2. Adobe Audition

If you want to utilize a high-grade real-time voice changer for your requirements, Adobe Audition suits it. The software is very popular and well-liked. This online tool can record your voice or insert your file into the site.

The algorithm will detect the voice inflections, and you can instantly change the pitch to create a helium-like sound effect.

Adobe Audition


  • Easily adjust the pitch of the sound
  • Record your voice directly with this effect
  • Access to additional Adobe features


  • No direct helium voice effect
  • Free features are limited

Top 3. Voice.ai

If you want to change the pitch of your voice to sound like the high-pitched effect inhaling helium creates, the Voice.ai software is a high-quality one to try. You will get many voice effect choices from the library here in the Voice.ai Hub and apply them whenever you need.

This voice modulator platform is compatible with many online communication-based programs like Skype, Discord, etc. So, you can easily change your voice on Discord and Skype.



  • Work on Skype, Zoom, etc.
  • Real-time funny helium voice effect is offered
  • Free to utilize during online interactions


  • It is only available to Windows users for now
  • The service quality could be improved       

Top 4. Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice

One of the best Helium voice changer apps available is the Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice, mainly available for iOS users. You can easily record videos and sound with the app with complete control of pausing and resuming the recording. Plus, you can apply different effects to these content types as well.

There are 30+ voice effects available here on this voice changer with effects, including the helium-like high-pitch effect. iOS and iPadOS users enjoy the Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice app in a few clicks.

Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice


  • Diverse sound, image, and video effects are available
  • Record a video while lip-syncing to a song
  • 30+ pitch-changing effects are available


  • Offer a limited set for recording
  • Only subscribed users can remove ads and watermarks

Top 5. Voicy Helium Voice Change

Apple users can also try the iPhone Voicy app to adjust their video content style. It is simple to record video and audio while using this app and then choose the helium-like sound effect from the choices.

Later, sending the final file through the app to connected social media platforms is possible. You can save the audio files within the music library here for future voice-changing uses.

Voicy Helium Voice Change


  • 15+ voice effects are available
  • Quickly share the meme recordings
  • Record voice and video together


  • It does not support real-time voice changing
  • The features offered are only basic

Helium Voice Changer FAQs

Regarding using a helium voice changer as software and its available features, there are specific questions that many people get. Here are some of the most common ones.

1. Can helium change your voice?

No, the helium gas does not entirely change the voice pitch when a person inhales it. It does not affect the vibration of the vocal cords; it only adjusts the harmonization of the throat with the sound it produces.

2. How can I make my voice sound like helium?

The best way to change the voice sound to mimic the helium effect is to use a voice changer tool with the relevant sound effect in the library, like Voicemod.

3. What does helium gas do to your voice?

After people inhale helium gas, the sound they make comes out high-pitched. This is due to how the gas affects the vocal sound waves each time the person speaks while helium is still in the system.

4. How long does helium change your voice?

Typically, after a person inhales the helium, the effects for some seconds until it is replaced entirely with nitrogen.


Overall, many usable voice changer apps are available that users can try to change their voice into a high-pitched helium effect. You should study the software types' features and their compatibility points, like the type of device support, ease of use, and other concerns.

Then, you can proceed with making your choice for a funny prank or meme creation with this effect. Of course, try out the different software choices directly before deciding.

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