Why Does Google Drive Take So Long to Download on PC

If you are trying to download something from the Drive and wondering why Google Drive takes so long to download, you should know the reasons. Learn the reasons for Google Drive's slow download and how we can improve and fix the slow download speed.

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Updated on Jun 19, 2024

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Google Drive has been a saving grace for many to store important files for free on the cloud. Sometimes, it becomes very tedious and irritating to see the software running slow and taking forever to upload or download the files. The reasons vary sometimes, but some argue it's due to the constant programming changes, and some say it's due to syncing large files simultaneously. Let us try to learn why Google Drive takes so long to download and upload and how we can solve the issue or at least improve the speed.

Let us get into the details of why slow upload and download speeds on Google Drive, and also some simple fixes to improve the speed or fix the problem.

Fix Google Drive Takes so Long to Download and Upload

If you are constantly facing issues with Google Drive failing to download large files, here are a few things to try. Even if the issue is not fixed completely, we can at least improve the download and upload speed.

Fix 1. Check for Google Drive Download Settings

Google Drive has a feature to limit the download and upload rate of your files. If it is turned on, the download rate will be reduced, resulting in the delayed download of the files. Let us see how we can check these bandwidth settings and change them.

Step 1. Open the "Google Drive" on your PC, and click on the gear icon to open the "Settings".

Step 2. Navigate to "Google Drive Preferences". Find the "Bandwidth settings" and uncheck the "Download rate" and "Upload rate" options.

change google drive download settings

Step 3. Click "Done" to save the changes. Now, check if the Google Drive download speed is improved or not.

Fix 2. Clear the Browser Cache

If there's excessive browser cache on your PC, it may affect the download and upload speed. Also, the browser cache results in many errors, and it is better to clear it frequently. Let us see how to clear the browser cache on Chrome.

Step 1. Open "Google Chrome," tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and select "Settings."

Step 2. Navigate to "Privacy & Security" and click the "Clear Browsing Data".

clear browser data

Step 3. Check the cache data you want to remove, and click "Clear data".

Fix 3. Check Network Connection

Google Drive connects to the internet to perform the actions. So, you have to make sure the network connection is strong and working fine to download or upload files to the Drive. If it's not working fine, the delay in the download and upload pretty much sums up.

check the network connection

Firstly, you can do a speed test of your network connection to see if it's working alright. If possible, reconnect the modem or router to refresh the connection.

Fix 4. Turn on "Hardware Acceleration"

Hardware Acceleration helps you use the hardware components efficiently to churn out better performance. Many apps have a built-in feature to turn it on to utilize the hardware. Google Chrome and all other browsers offer similar things to achieve optimal performance. So, if the Drive is running slow, we can try enabling the Hardware Acceleration to improve it.

Step 1. Open "Google Chrome" and go to the "Settings".

Step 2. Select "System" from the left pane and enable "Use hardware acceleration when available."

turn on hardware acceleration

Fix 5. Compress the File as a Zip

Irrespective of the internet you are using, sometimes, it takes an eternity for large files to upload or download. The process becomes tedious after a point, and the best solution to tackle this is to reduce the file size before uploading it onto the cloud.

Converting the large files to ZIP or RAR format can save space and help you with faster uploads and downloads. Also, you can divide the file into various folders and small files to upload them separately.

Why Is Google Drive So Slow to Download

Google Drive has been a reliable cloud storage for many users worldwide. You can see many companies using it to store and manage the data, too. But, the slow download and upload speed of Google Drive can be irritating. So, these are some common reasons experts are assuming for Google Drive's slow download:

  • Uploading Large Files: If the file size is too large, it takes time to upload. Additionally, Drive consumes more time to sync it to your account.
  • Bad Network Connection: The upload or download speed is largely affected by the network connection. If it is bad or slow, you cannot progress with uploading or downloading.
  • Incompatible Filename: If your filename contains special characters, the Drive may not allow you to upload it. 
  • Low Storage: If there is no space to store the data, the uploading stops midway. But you can still see the uploading of the file prompt.
  • Firewall Issues: In some rare cases, your firewall may interfere with the Drive and cause it to upload or download the files slowly.

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Bottom Line

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