How to Download Video from Dropbox [Still Useful in 2024]

Learn how to download videos from Dropbox to your PC, iPhone, and Android. Stay ahead of your competition with techniques that are still useful in 2024.

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Updated on Mar 08, 2024

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Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service in the world. Launched in 2008, the service has more than 700 million registered users worldwide. It offers file hosting, file synchronization, personal cloud, and team software. The software is being used in educational institutes, online interviews, business meetings, professional workshops, seminars, and all tech-related activities.

When it comes to video storage, Dropbox can save the entire playlist from YouTube, live streams, movies, tutorials, and all other videos. Dropbox video storage offers efficient data storage and access, team collaborations, and synchronization with other tools like Zoom, and Slack for editing and sharing.

At times, the users or organizations want to download the Dropbox videos on a PC or smartphone. It can be for creating a backup, offline usage, or local sharing. In this article, we shall teach you how to easily download data from Dropbox on all tech devices. Stay tuned.

Save Dropbox Video on PC

For bulk data storage, saving data on a PC is the best option. You can back up your premium Dropbox storage data like live-streaming videos on YouTube, educational courses, and business meetings, etc. on a hard drive. The online data is subjected to malicious or malware attacks, with PC backup, you don't have to worry about losing your critical information and working.

Follow these simple steps to save any Dropbox video on your PC:

Step 1. Visit the official Dropbox website.

Step 2. Enter the username and password to log in.

log in by username and password

Step 3. Select the video for download. For this, check the left-side box provided with every video.

select the video

Step 4. Select the Download icon. The video will start downloading on your PC.

The speed of downloading depends upon your internet speed. Once completed, you can access and play the video on your PC.

Download Video from Dropbox to iPhone

Currently, there are 1.46 billion active iPhone users in the world, which accounts for 21.67% of the world's total smartphone concentration. If you are an iPhone user, you can download a Dropbox video on your smartphone.

The iPhone prides itself on its data security and processing speed. By downloading Dropbox video on an iPhone, you get a secure backup with 24/7 offline access to the video.

Follow this procedure to download video from Dropbox to iPhone

Step 1. Open the Dropbox app on your phone.

Step 2. Find the video you want to download.

Step 3. Click on the three dots on the right and select the "Share" option.

select the share option

Step 4. In the Share menu, choose the "Export File" option.

Step 5. Click on the "Save Video." The downloading will start.

save video option 

Step 6. Allow the savings to compete. The video is available for any offline action now.

You can also watch this video for a practical demonstration of these steps:

0:18 How to Download Videos on Desktop
1:32 How to Download Videos on Phone


Save Video from Dropbox to Android

Android is the most used mobile OS. The Android population is around 3.6 billion, accounting for 70% of the world's total smartphone market. Dropbox has an Android app to cater to these users.

This is how you can save videos from Dropbox to Android.

Step 1. Open the Dropbox Android app.

Step 2. Enter the username and password for login.

Dropbox app log in

Step 3. Select the video you want to download.

Step 4. Tap the three-dotted vertical line to open the menu. Then, choose the "Extract" and the "Save to Device" option to start the downloading.

save to device option

Step 5. Once completed, your video will be saved in phone memory.

Bonus: Quick Download Any Video with EaseUS Video Downloader

Dropbox app can take longer than expected time while download bulk data. The time gets painstakingly long while downloading 4K/HD videos. Dropbox can compress your video but fails to maintain the quality. To avoid this, we recommend Ease US Video Downloader, the best software for quick video downloading.

easeus video downloader

EaseUS Video Downloader can download your entire Dropbox playlist, saved YouTube videos, live streams, gaming, and content from other streaming platforms. It can also download video from Google Drive without permission. It is compatible with Windows and Mac desktops. There is no quality loss during the download. All downloads are hassle-free, without any ads or watermarks. In short, it is an all-in-one downloading solution for all your downloading problems.

These features make EaseUS Video Downloader stand tall among its peers:

  • It offers a 3x times higher download speed.
  • It can download a video in all resolutions. You can choose to download 3D movies in 4K, HD, 480p, 360p, and 240p as required.
  • It facilitates batch download. You can download multiple files or folders at once.
  • It offers a built-in mp3 converter to convert any video into an mp3 file.

These versatile key features and ease of usage make it a must-have for all tech geeks. Download EaseUS Video Downloader right now and enjoy unlimited video downloads from all major streaming platforms.

To Conclude

Dropbox is the leading cloud storage platform in the world. Individuals and organizations use it for safe storage, editing, and sharing of audio, photos, videos, and document files. Sometimes, people want to store the Dropbox data on offline devices for backup and local sharing.

This blog highlights how to download videos from Dropbox on a PC, iPhone, and Android. For quick and uninterrupted downloads from Dropbox, we recommend Ease US Video Downloader. Get your EaseUS Video Downloader right now to download videos from 1000+ streaming platforms.

FAQs on How to Download Video from Dropbox

These are the most frequently asked about downloading videos from Dropbox.

1. Why can't I save videos from Dropbox?

There can be many reasons for this issue. The video downloading from Dropbox can stop due to your internet connection file format, and pending update of Dropbox.

2. How do I copy a video from Dropbox to my computer?

You can copy any video from Dropbox to your PC with the following method:

Step 1. Visit the Dropbox desktop app.

Step 2. Open the Dropbox folder in your File Explorer.

Step 3. Right-click the video and select the "copy" option.

Step 4. Go to the folder where you want to copy the data.

Step 5. Press the right-click and select the "Paste" option. The video will get copied.

3. How do I save a video from Dropbox to a USB?

Follow these steps to save a video from Dropbox to USB

Step 1. Open the Dropbox folder in your File Explorer.

Step 2. Right-click the video and select the "Copy" option.

Step 3. Now go to your removable disk storage.

Step 4. Choose a folder. Press Right-click and select the "Paste" option.

Step 5. The video will be saved on USB.

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