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How to Convert YouTube to MP3 Longer than 2 Hours

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How to Convert YouTube to MP3 Longer than 2 Hours

Sofia Albert updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

There are many ways available for downloading YouTube to MP3, but very few of them support downloading long videos, especially those movies or TV shows longer than 1 or 2 hours. But even that, people still do not give up their attempts at finding feasible ways to save long YouTube videos. If you're one of those groups, you will hopefully find some feasible download solutions in this guide. Plus, if you're curious about whether the behavior of converting YouTube to MP3 is illegal, the final part will give you the answer. 

Part 1. The Quickest Way to Convert YouTube to MP3 Longer than 2 Hours

As you may know, YouTube doesn't offer any download or conversion options to its users. Therefore, you'll need some converters to help. If you're looking for such converters, just try this YouTube video downloader - EaseUS Video Downloader. Here are some reasons we put EaseUS Video Downloader at our top recommendation list.

    1. It can perform batch downloads, making it convenient to download a lot of videos. 
    2. It supports directly download YouTube videos in MP3 format, which saves the conversion process.
    3. Its fast processing speed makes it fast to convert a long video.

In addition to that, EaseUS Video Downloader also gained widespread popularity for other features, such as:

  • 1000+ Platforms Compatibility - It supports almost all video and audio streaming sites. 
  • Multi-format Compatibility - You can download YouTube to MP3, MP4, or WAV.
  • HD Videos - You can save HD videos from major streaming video sites like YouTube, Twitter, and more.
  • High Customizability - It provides you with some customized setting options. 
  • Built-in Search Bar - Within this program, you can search for any video you want and click download to save it.
  • Subtitle Support - You can download the YouTube videos along with their subtitles.

If you want to know whether it works as it claims, download it and give it a try!

Step 1. Open EaseUS Video Downloader, and then copy the URL of the YouTube video to this program and click "Search."

Download video to mp3 - 1

Step 2. Check the video and click "Download" to continue.

Download video to MP3 - 2

Step 3. Select your desired output format (MP4 or MP3) and quality based on your needs. Once it's done, click "Download" to start the downloading process.

Download video to mp3 - 3

Step 4. Wait for the downloading to finish. When it has done, click "Open" to check the downloaded file.

Download video to mp3 - 4

Disclaimer: This guide is compiled for personal fair use ONLY. EaseUS is in no way collaborated or affiliated with YouTube and never advocates any copyright infringement action, please confirm the copyright before use.

Tips: If you want to download all videos from a YouTube channel or playlist, using EaseUS Video Downloader can help you much more time. 

Part 2. Free but Slow Way to Convert Long YouTube to MP3

Another commonly known conversion method is by using an online conversion service. These services are mostly free and less hardware-dependent. You don't even need to install any program. All you need is to copy and paste the URL of that video and then click download. 

But this method might take longer time than using a dedicated desktop program. I've ever used an online downloading service to download a 4-minute video, which takes about 3 minutes. That means if you want to download a video longer than 2 hours, it might take more than 1 hour to get the job done at this rate. 

If you don't mind the slow download speed, you can try some online downloading services like, 320YTMp3, Y2Mate, and more. And here, we will show you the steps to convert long YouTube videos with 320YTMp3.

Step 1. Look for the video you wish to download in YouTube, copy its URL.

Step 2. Open 320YTMp3, paste the YouTube URL into the search box and press "Search" to proceed.

Step 3. Select "MP3" as your target format and click "Download" to save the MP3 file. 

Convert long YouTube video to mp3

Part 3. Is YouTube to MP3 Illegal?

Technically, it is not illegal to convert a YouTube video to MP3, but it is illegal to convert a copyrighted music video. According to US copyright law, it is illegal to download a personal copy. Once you're tracked to use such documents for commercial activities, you will receive punishment from Google. Therefore, make sure the video you download is non-copyrighted.

The Final Words

Those are all tips about converting YouTube to MP3 for longer than 2 hours. As introduced above, using a dedicated desktop program like EaseUS Video Downloader is better than online downloading services when it comes to downloading long videos because it is faster and safer and offers more advanced features. Moreover, many bloggers have tested and proven to be effective, So you can rest assured to use them. 

But if you need to download one or two long videos now and then, online downloading services are more advisable. 

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