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How to Download Bollywood Movies in 2023

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How to Download Bollywood Movies in 2023

Sofia Albert updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

Bollywood is the second largest cinema industry in the world. It has a massive fan following, both locally and globally. The Indians go crazy to watch the latest release as soon as possible. Moreover, people from China, Gulf, the Middle East, Europe, and even America follow Indian cinema due to its increasing content quality.
People nowadays live quite busy lives. It's hard to squeeze time to go to a cinema and watch a movie. So, they usually prefer downloading and watching movies at home. Apart from this, watching a movie at the cinema is pretty expensive. These are the reasons for frequent Bollywood movie downloads by viewers in India and around the world.
If you’re a fan of Bollywood and looking to download Bollywood movies, you’re on the right page. This article will discover three methods to download Bollywood movies in 2022.

Part 1. Easy Ways to Download Bollywood Movies in 2022

Bollywood movie download was never this easier before. However, with the recent upsurge of third-party downloading tools and faster internet connectivity, it's quite easy now to download Bollywood movies in a couple of minutes in HD quality. Below are the two ways to do this quickly.

Method 1. Using YouTube if you subscribe to the YouTube Premium

It is one of the finest ways to download Bollywood movies. YouTube Premium offers an Ad-free experience, which is great for watching your favorite Bollywood movie without distraction. Here is how you can subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Steps to subscribe to YouTube Premium:

Step 1. If you're using an Android or IOS device, open the official YouTube App. However, in the case of PC/Mac, head into your favorite browser and open YouTube.

Step 2. Sign in to YouTube with your Google account.

Step 3. On Android/IOS, select your profile picture for further proceedings. On PC/Mac, you can visit YouTube Premium Page or find it under the "Offers from YouTube" option. 

Step 4. After selecting your profile picture on Android/IOS, tap on the "Get YouTube Premium" option.

Step 5. After that, you can browse and download your wanted Bollywood movie from YouTube. 

Subscribe to YouTube Premium

Method 2. Using EaseUS Video Downloader - Best Free Video Downloader for Windows and Mac

EaseUS Video Downloader is the best alternative to YouTube premium for Bollywood movie downloads. You can download any available Bollywood movie on YouTube in SD, HD, and FHD resolutions. It lets you download your favorite Bollywood movies in many formats like MP4 and WEBM. Moreover, you can also download in Audio (MP3) and Audio (WAVE) formats.
EaseUS Video Downloader comes with monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans. You can download it for free on your PC/Mac and use a trial version first. The trial version lets you download up to 5 videos. This amount is enough to understand the worth of this product. So, download EaseUS video Downloader today and follow the below steps to watch your favorite Bollywood movies.

Step 1. Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube movie you want to download into EaseUS Video Downloader. Click "Search" to move to next step. You can also directly search the movie inside the application, and then click "Search."

Download YouTube video - 1

Step 2. Then, your wanted movie will appear with a download button, click "Download" to proceed.

Download YouTube video - 2

Step 3. In the configuration window, you can choose the format, quality, output folder, and other parameters for the video. Then click "Download" to start the downloading process.

Download YouTube video - 3

Step 4. After the downloading finishes, you can view the downloaded items in the "Downloader" > "Finished." 

Download YouTube video - 4

Disclaimer: EaseUS does not advocate saving any copyrighted content from YouTube for illegal use. Before you download videos, you'd better check whether it's legal to download YouTube videos.

Part 2. Download Bollywood Movies Using uTorrent

If you're looking for a method to download Bollywood movies for free, then there is nothing better than the famous uTorrent. It is a Torrent software, available on all the renowned operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Android. Moreover, you can also use it through a web browser. 

uTorrent lets you send and receive files using the BitTorrent protocol. So, you can also use uTorrent to download movies for free. Here's how you can do that. 

Steps to download Bollywood movies with uTorrent:

Step 1. Download the uTorrent application on your Windows, Linux, or Android device. Unfortunately, uTorrent is not available on Mac and IOS.

Step 2. Launch the application after downloading and search for the Bollywood movie you want to download. uTorrent will redirect you to a Google search.

Step 3. Now, click on any of the showing torrent file links. It will download the torrent file and start downloading.

Step 4. On the other hand, you can also download a torrent file separately and paste it into uTorrent to download it.

Download Movies with Utorrent

Part 3. Download Bollywood Movies Using the iTunes Store

Apple is pretty strict when it comes to security. It does not let its users download movies and other content from torrents. You can choose YouTube Premium and other paid applications like EaseUS Video Downloader or the official iTunes Store to download Bollywood movies. iTunes is packed with plenty of Bollywood movies from different genres. You can either buy or rent any available movie from iTunes Store. Here’s the procedure for doing that. 

Steps to download Bollywood movies from iTunes

Step 1. First, you must have an Apple ID to log in to iTunes. If you have an Apple ID, it's all good. Otherwise, get an Apple ID before further proceedings.

Step 2. Open the iTunes Store app on your Mac or IOS device.

Step 3. Search for the Bollywood movie with its name in the search bar.

Step 4. In case of availability, it will appear on the screen. Click on the movie.

Step 5. Now, you will see two options. You can either BUY or Rent the movie in HD or SD format.

Download movies from iTunes Store

In Conclusion

These were the three methods of downloading Bollywood movies. Methods 1 and 3 are paid. Method 3 is limited to Apple devices. On the other hand, Method 1 is available on both Windows and Mac devices. 

Apart from methods 1 and 3, you can use uTorrent to download Bollywood movies for free. However, it is not as secure as the other two methods. It is even illegal in most countries. So, use this method at your own risk.

Overall, method 1 is the most suitable in every aspect. YouTube Premium costs $11.99, and EaseUS Video Downloader costs $12.99/month. But, EaseUS Video Downloader also comes with a yearly and lifetime plan. You can get it for $23.99 yearly or on a $39.99 one-time lifetime purchase. These three plans give a clear edge to EaseUS Video Downloader over YouTube Premium. So, don't miss out on these deals, and get the EaseUS Video Downloader to enjoy your favorite Bollywood movies at home. 

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