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4 Best Free TikTok Video Downloaders [2023 Update] - EaseUS

  • Download video & audio by playlist/channel/URL
  • Convert videos to MP3/WAV directly
  • Download live streams from popular sites
  • Download video thumbnails in high quality
  • Support 8K/4K/HD videos

4 Best Free TikTok Video Downloaders [2023 Update] - EaseUS

Sofia Albert updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing app that hosts a wide variety of content. While surfing on TikTok, you're bound to find some interesting content and want to save it for later view. But not all videos are available for download. Thus, you'll need some TikTok video downloaders to help. This way, you can watch any videos at any time without buffering. 

In our previous guide, we have introduced some fast YouTube video downloaders. Some of these downloaders may also apply to download TikTok, but not all support it. Hence, this guide will introduce the best TikTok video downloader. 

Disclaimer: We do not encourage downloading copyrighted content from TikTok. 

List of Best TikTok Video Downloaders

Below is a list of the best TikTok video downloaders. You can choose different video downloaders depending on your specific needs or device model. 

1. Best TikTok Video Downloader with Watermark

If you want to download TikTok videos with a watermark, you can't miss EaseUS Video Downloader, a video downloader that enables you to download any video from 1000+ sites using a URL. It has a high download speed - downloading an hour, and a half video only takes 20 minutes. Besides, you can download videos in 8K, 4K, 1080P, HD, and 720P.

Here are the main features of EaseUS Video Downloader:

  • Download YouTube videos, playlists, and channels
  • Download videos in 8K/4K/2K/1080P/720P
  • Download live streams from YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok with ease
  • Download thumbnail of a video with high quality
  • Convert videos to MP3 or WAV format with ease
  • Save multiple videos at once 

Cons: The only shortcoming of this program is that it is currently only compatible with Windows and macOS and doesn't support other platforms.

If you want to give it a try, here are the steps.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Downloader on your computer. Copy the URL of your wanted TikTok video and paste it in the search bar of this program, click "Search" to proceed. 

Download videos from Facebook - Step 1

Step 2. Check the TikTok video. Then click "Download" to save it on your computer.

Download video to MP3 - 2

Step 3. Wait for the download to complete. After that, you can find the downloaded TikTok videos in the Finished library and click on the "Open" button to locate them on your PC.

Download videos from Facebook - Step 4

Disclaimer: The information provided in this guide is only for personal fair use. EaseUS never advocates any copyright infringement action.

2. Video Downloader for TikTok (Chrome Extension)

If you don't want to install the third-party program, then you can try some TikTok video downloader extensions like Video Downloader for TikTok. Such extensions are easy and free to use. However, they're less stable than desktop-based video downloaders. Here are the main features of the Video Downloader for TikTok. 

  • Easy to use
  • Free of charge
  • Download TikTok videos & photos via a URL

Video Downloader for Tiktok

Cons: It may redirect you to a random page and ask you to paste the video URL manually. Sometimes, the URL will be auto-generated by this site, which might not be the one you paste. 

3. SaveTok (TikTok Video Downloader App for iOS and Android)

There are many apps you can use to download TikTok videos on your iPhone or Android, but few of them are compatible with both iOS and Android. If you're looking for a TikTok video downloader that works for both iOS and Android, SaveTok is exactly the one you need. With it downloaded on your device, you can easily download any TikTok videos. To know more about SaveTok, you can check the following list of its features. 

  • Download any video from TikTok
  • Bookmark TikTok profiles
  • Create TikTok playlists
  • View trending TikTok sound charts
  • Play TikTok in slow motion


Cons: Problems might occur when you click "Save" on the app. When that happens, you'll receive an alter saying "Error." To fix this, you have to contact the owner/designer of this app.

4. SnapTik (Online TikTok Downloader Without Watermark)

If you want to download TikTok videos without a watermark, you can use some online downloading services like SnapTik to get the job done. Using such a service, you don't have to install any software. You only need to copy and paste a TikTok video link to the download box. Here are some key features of it. 

  • Save TikTok videos without a watermark
  • Download a TikTok vide using a URL

SaveTok video downloader

Cons: It has some annoying ads.

FAQ about TikTok videos

Here are some frequently asked questions asked by TikTok users. Check the following list to know more details about TikTok videos.

1. Can I download the TikTok video from a private account?

It depends on who owns the private account. If it's your account, then you can control the video's privacy by setting your video to be seen or downloaded by your friends or specific users. Also, you can edit or download the videos. If it's not your account, you can record the video using Apple's or Android's built-in screen recording feature.  

2. How to choose the best TikTok video downloader app?

There is no universal standard to define the best TikTok video downloader because it's a matter of choice based on personal needs. If you're a PC or Mac user, your best option might be some desktop-based video downloader apps like EaseUS Video Downloader. While if you pursue convenience, online video downloading services are more advisable than other options. Which TikTok video downloader app to choose depends on your specific needs. 

3. Is it safe to use the TikTok video downloader?

In general, desktop-based video downloader apps and video downloaders for iOS or Android are safer than online video downloaders. This is mainly because online services have viruses or ads, which might damage your system. 

In Conclusion

Installing a TikTok downloader on your computer or mobile phone has many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that you can free save any video you like from TikTok for offline watching. Some video downloaders like EaseUS Video Downloader also enable you to download videos from other sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. So don't hesitate to have EaseUS Video Downloader installed. 


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