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MKV vs.MP4, Which Is the Best Choice

Vanessa Chiang updated on Aug 17, 2021 to Video Converter Tips

There are tons of video formats available, and while most of them need a suitable video player, we will talk about two popular formats—MKV and MP4. They both are containers that can house any format of audio, video, SRT, and other files. In this post, you will learn which one is a better choice between MKV and MP4. That said, they do differ with each other in terms of features and have an advantage in their ways.

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MKV vs. MP4, Which Is More Practical?

MKV formats are known to be played by VLC player and offers more flexibility to include more number of items keeping high quality. Even though the MP4 format is also a container, it offers higher compression, which makes it suitable for almost any device.

When it comes to choosing the formats, it depends on where you want to use the video. If you are planning to deliver on smaller devices where quality can be compromised a little, but it should work without the need for an extra player, MP4 is a good choice. For larger devices and streaming MKV makes a better choice because of high quality and support for live streaming.

MKV overview

Matroska Video files or MKV was first developed in 2002 as an open-source container so anyone can use it. It was built, so it remains future proof and supports the highest possible quality of both video and audio formats. MKV also offers features that are better than MP4, but it has its segment of device and user base.

Advantages of MKV

  • Pack multiple video files into MKV, and you can play them in their window using VLC Player
  • It supports Chapters, menu, and metadata. Fast seeking
  • Fast seeking and online streaming compatibility
  • Dynamic Subtitle support
  • Can playback corrupted files
  • Error recovery is high as it allows playback of corrupted files

MP4 overview

MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 is also a digital multimedia container that stores video, audio, images, subtitles, and more. It can also be streamed on the internet. It was released in 2003, which allowed a high degree of compression without loss in the quality. This makes it affordable to be used on mobile and smaller devices.

Advantages of MP4

  • Supported on multiple platforms, which means you don't need an additional player.
  • The high degree of compression without any loss in video quality
  • It can also include other formats such as 3D graphics, PDF, navigation options, and so on.

Differences Between MKV and MP4 Formats

While both the formats are containers, they differ from each at few places. However, before I go ahead, and share here is one thing to understand. Everything depends on the quality of the audio and video files in the MKV and MP4 containers. If you place low-quality video in MKV, and high in MP4, then they don't have a difference. Similarly, both can include any kind of codec.




Needs players like VLC

Works on all major platforms


Difficult to Stream

Supports both HLS and MPEG-DASH

DRM Support


Lager and requires more space


Not supported

Required for DRM




Released for public use on



There is no clear winner when it comes to choosing between any of these formats. It will depend on when they are used. When streaming, it is better to use MP4 as the size is small, and supported by HLS, and MPEG-DASH. However, MPV does a lot better when you need multiple tracks, subtitles, and support for DVD. It also means that MKV supports more codecs allowing more vendors

Best Format Converter - EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a powerful video editor that supports a wide variety of formats both when it comes to input and output format. You can export into MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, and GIF. You can also configure the output quality, choose supported encoders such as H.264, HEVC, and MPEG4.

Apart from this, EaseUS Video Editor has no limit on file size. When you choose to convert, it can handle plenty of formats and common use resolution, which is a big plus. The video editor also offers strong editing functions. Here is the list:

  • Split, Cut, Trim, Delete
  • Detach and replace audio from the video
  • Create Subtitles from video
  • 300+ Effects include Text, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Elements, and Music
  • Non-linear timeline makes sure you can add multiple videos in an overlapping fashion.
  • Features like blur, crop, speed up, and slow down adds up to create even better video

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While MKV is one of the most versatile formats when it comes to features, but it is not widely supported. If you get an MKV file on your Windows, then you need to convert it into MP4. EaseUS Video Editor supports multiple video formats and hence will be able to convert any file format into MP4, not just MKV.

FAQs About MKV vs. MP4

Here have some questions about MKV and MP4 file formats, if you want to know more, you can keep on reading.

1. Which video quality is the best MKV or mp4?

Since both are containers, it depends on the quality of the video that is included inside it. If the quality packed inside MPV is better compared to MP4, then MKV will be treated as a better format.

2. Is mp4 better than MKV?

When it comes to streaming video files on the internet, offer a smaller video file size with a little compromise on quality, then MKV is better. However, if you want to use it on a DVD, then MKV is a better choice.

3. Why can't I play MKV files on my PC?

If you cannot play MKV file on your PC, then it means it is not supported by the Photos app and the Windows Media Player. You can use EaseUS Video Editor to convert MKV to MP4

4. Can Windows 10 play MKV files?

Windows 10 cannot play MKV file on its own. Instead, you can use EaseUS Video Editor to convert the MKV file to MP4. It offers configuration, which makes sure you can retain the best quality even as MP4.

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