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Free | Convert MP3 to OGG on Windows/Mac/Online

Sofia Albert updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > Video Converter Tips

OGG is an audio format that allows open audio encoding. Similar to MP3, both of them are open-source formats. The difference is that the compressed file of MP3 is larger than the OGG format. Therefore, you can convert MP3 to OGG. 

mp3 to ogg interface

To know how to make MP3 to OGG conversion, follow this post for different methods on Windows, Mac, and Online. 

Converting MP3 to OGG on Windows

Two tools are introduced in this part, and you can choose one of them as you like. 

Tool 1. EaseUS Video Converter

To convert MP3 to OGG, EaseUS Video Converter is a helpful Windows converting tool to deal with more than one media file. Because its batch converting function can help you save a lot of time. 

Also, not only converting MP3 files to OGG, but also you can convert to audio formats like WAV, WMA, M4A, etc. After conversion, you can easily play or view the file with ensured quality. Here are more functions that you can follow. 

Main Features:

  • Batch converting function to deal with a number of media files
  • Allow 1000+ formats for conversions
  • Merge different media files into one single file
  • GPU acceleration to enhance conversion quality
  • Extract your selected audio from a video file easily

You can click the button to download this tool!

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

How to convert MP3 file to OGG:

Step 1. Launch this software and choose the "Audio Converter" on the right side of the interface. Then, there will be a "Choose Files" button for you to import the audio file you want to convert.

audio conversion

Step 2. Click on the "Settings" button, and the "More Options" window will pop up. Then, select OGG as the output format. You can also adjust the audio quality and bitrate according to your needs.

select ogg format

Step 3. You can click on the "Convert" button to process a single audio file or click on the "Convert All" button to process a batch of audio files. Don't forget to choose a suitable save path for the output OGG audio.

convert audio to ogg

Step 4. Wait a few seconds. You will find the converted OGG audio in the "Finished" tab.

get ogg audio file

Tool 2. VLC media player

As an open-source and best free audio converter on Windows, the VLC media player allows MP3 to OGG conversion. Just import your .mp3 on it, and click several buttons. Then, save the converted OGG file on the desktop.

Meanwhile, it can make adjustments and effects for audio and video. Such as the compressor, you can try to set the release, attack, and ration. Also, for your video, it assists to make image adjustments, including the contrast, brightness, etc. 

Steps for you to save MP3 as OGG with VLC media player on Windows:

Step 1. Download this tool. Then, open it and select your target MP3 file.

import mp3 on vlc

Step 2. From the top toolbar, you click "Media" and select "Convert / Save".   

Step 3. After a new window appears, click "+Add" to import your MP3. You can see your imported file in the File Selection. 

Step 4. Meanwhile, click "Browse" to choose the location to save the file. Finally, hit "Convert / Save".

convert mp3 to ogg on vlc

Step 5. In the Profile, choose "Audio - Vorbis (OGG)" and "Start". Wait for a while, and you can save the .ogg on your PC.

Saving MP3 as OGG on Mac

Here you choose Audacity, which allows audio editing, recording, and converting functions. It's a free solution for converting MP3 to OGG and allows batch conversions. Besides the two formats, it deals with AIFF, WAV, FLAC, MP2, etc. 

Not only an audio converter, but Audacity is also the audio editor and recorder. Its functionality can enrich your audio a lot. 

audacity mp3 to ogg

Here is a list of steps on how to convert MP3 to OGG on macOS. 

Step 1. Download Audacity on Mac. Click "File" > "Export" to import the .mp3 in it. It allows a single file or batch. 

Step 2. To set the output format, you choose the Output Folder. Scroll down the menu and choose OGG. 

Step 3. Now, click "Export". In a new window, you can modify some information before clicking "OK". 

Making MP3 to OGG Conversion Online

To save time, the online converter is the best free solution. For MP3 to OGG conversion, you can see two choices in this part, including AnyConv and Zamzar. Two of them are efficient and accepted by the public. 

Option 1. AnyConv for saving .mp3 as .ogg

The first online MP3 to OGG converter is AnyConv. You can open this tool on your browser, and import an MP3 file. At the same time, it can be used on Windows and Mac. 

It's an MP3 converter that allows various conversions, including MP3 to AAC, AIFF, AMR, AVI, etc. Therefore, if having an MP3 file, you can get many formats with this tool for different usage. 

anycon mp3 to ogg

You can follow the steps below to make this conversion:

Step 1. Open the AnyCon on your browser. Hit "CHOOSE FILE" from the main interface. Or drag your file in it.

Step 2. Choose the output format in "to". Here is OGG. Then, select the "CONVERT" button.

Step 3. Click "Download" to save your OGG file on the computer. 

Option 2. Zamzar to convert MP3 to OGG

Another online tool is Zamzar, which allows popular audio formats. One of its functions is to save .mp3 as .ogg. You don't have to register an account when using it. It can provide you with the converted file for real-time operation. 

What's more, it allows tasks like M4A to MP3, WAV to MP3, MP3 to MP4, etc. Overall, it supports kinds of conversions.

zamzar mp3 to ogg

Follow the below guide to getting .ogg from .mp3:

Step 1. Open Zamzar on Windows or Mac. Drag or drop the .mp3 into the website. 

Step 2. In "Convert To", you choose the OGG format.  

Step 3. After that, choose "Convert Now". Then, save the OGG file on your PC or Mac. 


For Windows users, it's beneficial to choose tools like EaseUS Video Converter. With a simple interface, you can find the target button easily. Also, the batch converting feature can help you save a lot of time and effort. 

  Free Download
Windows 11/10/8/7
  Free Download
macOS 10.13 or later

FAQs About Converting MP3 to OGG

Check this part if you want to know more knowledge about MP3 to OGG conversion. 

1. How do I convert MP3 to OGG?

Try some online converters like Zamzar. Without installation, you can get the .ogg from the website. It's a real-time conversion to produce the converted file directly. 

2. Can VLC convert MP3 to OGG?

Yes, it can. The VLC media player is an open-source converter for audio. You can make this conversion on Windows and Mac. Here is a list of steps, using the VLC media player. 

1. Open the VLC media player. Choose "Media" > "Convert / Save".

2. Hit "+Add" to import the MP3. Then, choose OGG as the output format in the Profile.

3. Set the location by clicking "Browse". Then, choose "Convert / Save".

4. View the OGG in the saving location. 

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