How to Do Text to Speech on Chromebook [2024 Latest Ways]

Learn how to master text-to-speech on Chromebook like a pro from this article. It chose the three most straightforward ways to read webpages aloud on Chromebook; built-in screen readers and Chrome extensions are included.

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Updated on May 22, 2024

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Key Takeaways

🎉To do text-to-speech on Chromebook, you can use ChromeVox: Select the time at the bottom right of your Chromebook, or press Alt + Shift + s, then select Setting > Accessibility. Under Text-to-Speech, turn on ChromeVox. After these settings, it will read your pages aloud.

🎉To do text-to-speech on Chromebook with Select-to-speak: Press Alt + Shift + s, then select Settings > Accessibility; Under Text-to-Speech, turn on "Select-to-speak." After that, highlight the text to read and press the search key + s.

🎉To do text-to-speech on Chromebook quickly, add the Read Aloud extension to your Chrome, then click the play button to let it start reading.

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that converts any text into spoken audio using natural and realistic AI voices. When used for websites, it is helpful for people who have difficulty reading or want to listen to text while multitasking or relaxing. If you have a Chromebook, you might wonder how to use TTS on your device. This article will show you how to do text-to-speech on a Chromebook. Let's keep reading.

Way 1. With ChromeVox

All Chromebooks come with a built-in screen reader called ChromeVox. It can read any text on the screen aloud and provide spoken feedback and sound cues for navigation and interaction. To have pages read aloud to you, please turn it on first.

Step 1. Select the time at the bottom right, or press Alt + Shift + s.

Step 2. Select "Settings" and then "Accessibility."

go to chromebook accessibility

Step 3. Under "Text-to-Speech," turn on ChromeVox.

go to text to speech

After these settings, this screen reader will read your pages aloud.

Way 2. With Select-to-speak

If you don't want to read anything on your pages, then there is another way to only read a specific text on a page to you. That is Select-to-speak. This accessibility feature allows you to hear part of a page, including exact words, read aloud with a natural and realistic voice.

Turn on Select-to-speak

Step 1. Select the time in the bottom right corner or press Alt + Shift + s.

Step 2. Select "Settings" and then "Accessibility.”

Step 3. Under "Text-to-Speech," turn on "Select-to-speak."

enable select-to-speak

After enabling the feature, there are three ways to use it.

Option 1. Long-hold the Launcher or Search key and drag the pointer over a specific paragraph.

Option 2. Highlight the text to read, and press the Search key + s.

press search key s

Option 3. Select "Select-to-Speak" near the time at the bottom right, and drag the pointer over an area of the text.

select select-to-speech

1. Tap a line of text or drag your finger across the screen if you're using a touchscreen.
2. Tap the Search key or "Ctrl," or press the "Stop" button to stop a listening session.

Below is a video tutorial that shows you how to use Select-to-Speak on a Chromebook.

  • 1:14 Accessibility
  • 1:21 Personalize Your Text to Speech
  • 2:02 Change the Rate and Pitch
  • 2:15 Voice Settings
Chromebook text to speech YouTube

Way 3. With Read Aloud Extension

Some people find the Read Alout extension works better than the built-in text-to-speech tools, so we also listed this option. This extension works well with different formats like blog posts, PDFs, Amazon Kindle, Google Docs, etc. You can even access narrators from other devices like Amazon Polly, Microsoft, and IBM Watson.

Step 1. Add the Read Aloud extension to your Chrome.

Step 2. Read text.

To have an entire page read aloud, click the play button in the Read Aloud menu.

click play button

To read specific text with a page, highlight the text and tap with two fingers on your touchpad. Then, from the menu that appears, click "Read Aloud Selected Text."

read aloud selected text

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Bonus: Best Text to Speech Online Tool

EaseUS VoiceOver, an AI voiceover generator, is a text-to-speech website that converts any text to natural-sounding speech in over 140 languages and more than 450 voices. You can use it for educational, professional, and recreational purposes.

Wanna make your voice listening more lifelike? It also allows you to text to speech with emotions, joy, fear, sadness, disappointment, and more, which can naturally be added to your voice. You may adjust emphasis, pause, pitch, and speed to make it more lifelike. What screen reader and chrome extension can not finished can be finished by EaseUS VoiceOver.

To Conclude

This article shows the most popular and effective way to do text-to-speech on Chromebooks. Whether you use its built-in screen readers or the Chrome extension, you can do it with ease. If you are looking for more ways to do text-to-speech, then EaseUS VoiceOver is your first choice. Visit and use it right now!

FAQs on Text to Speech on Chromebook

Here is a sneak peek into the frequently asked questions on this topic. Hope this helps.

1. How do I get Google Chrome to read my text aloud?

You can also use Read Aloud to read your text on Google Chrome. Just go to the website you wish to read and click on the Read Aloud icon.

2. How do I change my voice on Chrome?

Changing your voice on Chrome is a breeze! Navigate to your Chromebook settings, select "Accessibility," and under the "Manage accessibility features" section, choose "Text-to-speech." From there, you can customize your preferred voice.

3. Is there a free Text-to-speech app for Chromebook?

Absolutely, apps like Read Aloud and NaturalReader are free to use on Chromebooks.

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