Celebrity Deepfake: What Is It and How to Use Safely🔦

Celebrity deepfakes are becoming popular, and a lot of harmful content is circulating on social media along with good. Learn what a deepfake is, how it works, and its ill effects. Also, find excellent AI tools to make a Celerity deepfake as authentic as possible.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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Key Takeaways

▶️Deepfake alters or manipulates the viewer as someone else by changing a person's face using deep learning or AI.

▶️The misuse of deepfake can result in identity threats, illicit doings, and defamatory situations. So, use the technology responsibly. Nobody is safe from it, be it celebrities or normal people, especially when someone intends to do harm to others or take credit for others.

▶️While there are plenty of deepfake apps to clone celebrity voices, EaseUS VoiceOver is excellent and straightforward for generating fun content using AI.

AI Deepfakes have been in use for a decade, but now we are seeing a boom in its use with AI. The technology allows the creators to seamlessly overlay a celebrity or person's image onto another with authenticity. While this seems impressive, the ill effects of its misuse are plenty.  In this post, we introduce what is a celebrity deepfake, how to use it safely, celebrity text-to-speech, and deepfake software.

What Is Celebrity Deepfake

Deepfakes are a result of a technology called deep learning, which is a part of the larger language model (LLM) called machine learning. The LLMs are artificial intelligence algorithms trained to identify patterns in large data sets, recognize them, and use them on the new set to produce outputs similar to the original one.

But, if you give a set of audio clips of a celebrity to an AI model, the algorithms process it to identify the speech patterns, tone, and unique aspects of the voice. Now, you can use it to generate a  voice similar to the original without involving the celebrity.

AI and deepfaking technology have advanced to a level that amazes and raises concerns simultaneously. One of the celebrity deepfake examples initially was Morgan Freeman's convincing deepfake published by the Dutch deepfake YouTube channel Diep Nep.

This is not Morgan Freeman - A Deepfake Singularity
Another similar incident happened with the Spider-man: No Way Home trailer, where the popular deepfake created Shamook and replaced Tom Holland's face with his favorite spidey Tobey Maguire.
Spider-man: No Way Home but it's Tobey Maguire [Deepfake]

You can find plenty of such Bizzare AI-generated deepfakes content crossovers of films and actors for various popular movies, with the most trending thing being the Ice Spice Deepfake. The problem with this technology is that it can be used in harmful ways. There have been discussions of deepfake and AI at the SAG AFTRA. But is there a way to use it safely and spot AI videos on the Internet?

Regarding using technology safely, one should never do anything to hurt others or take credit for other's work. The deep fakes should only be used for entertainment purposes and responsibly. If you spot a celebrity advertising something, it's better to check with their social media handles and the brand's YouTube channel.

Just like how GPT tools came into existence to eradicate copied ChatGPT content, firms like Google, Microsoft, and Meta are developing tools to spot deepfake scams. The government ordered deepfake text-to-speech websites to watermark the content as AI for safety measures.

Top 3 Celebrity Deepfake Voice Generators

If you are looking for celebrity deepfake voice generators to make fun and meme content, here are the top 3 AI voice changers.


  • All-in-one celebrity voice generator and customization: EaseUS VoiceOver.
  • To generate realistic celebrity deepfake voices: FakeYou.
  • To produce celebrity voices with accents: PlayHT.
  • To create high-quality face swaps: Zao.
  • To face swap videos onto trending social media content: Reface

1. EaseUS VoiceOver

🎯Effectiveness: A free VoiceOver app to generate deepfake voices for popular celebs in 149 languages and 468 voices.

EaseUS VoiceOver is a celebrity AI voice generator free with TTS ability. There are over 460+ voices, including celebrities, with the support of 149 languages and accents. You can also finetune the voice by varying speed, pitch, tone, and pauses to sound more natural.

EaseUS VoiceOver

Once you achieve the desired result, download the files in various audio formats and get the subtitle files in srt, txt, or docx formats. The AI voiceover generator is entirely free and allows you to do everything without even signing up.

Key Features of EaseUS VoiceOver:

  • EaseUS VoiceOver contains over 468 voices to select from.
  • High-quality realistic voices for free.
  • Multi-language support with versatile accents.
  • Allows you to download subtitle files in various formats.

Steps to use EaseUS VoiceOver:

Step 1. Open the EaseUS VoiceOver website.

Step 2. Select the celebrity voice and enter the text you want to speak.

Step 3. Click on generate, and adjust the voice parameters until you get the desired voice. Download the audio file once the requirements are met.

2. FakeYou

🎯Effectiveness: An online deepfake voice website to perfectly replicate any celebrity voice.

FakeYou is a popular voice changer to generate celebrity voices. You will get over 3,900+ voices to choose from, including celebrities, Marvel, DC, and comic characters. The software also supports languages like Spanish, English, Japanese, Italian, etc. Additionally, you can customize the speed, tone, and pitch of the voice.


The voices are very realistic and are of top quality. The free version of the FakeYou Text to Speech has limitations on the length, and the pro version can be expensive for some. Once you generate a voice, you can download the output audio file in various formats.

Key Features of FakeYou:

  • The AI voices are realistic and of high quality.
  • Over 3,900 voices to choose from.
  • It lets you create your custom voices with Voice Designer.
  • Offers the ability to edit and customize voices.

Steps to use FakeYou celebrity voice changer:

Step 1. Navigate to the FakeYou website.

Step 2. Click on the Text to Speech option and select the Voice.

Step 3. Enter the Text in the Text box, click Speak to preview, and download the audio.

3. PlayHT

🎯Effectiveness: Driven by seamless AI, You can change your voice as any celebrity by training the AI in different languages and accents.

PlayHT is another solid celebrity voice generator to produce natural voices. With excellent AI tech, the software can render the ultra-realistic voices of various celebrities. The voices feel natural and allow you to generate in any language and accent. 


PlayHT offers 900+ voices in over 142+ languages and accents with customization options. The only drawback of this tool is it contains very few celebrity voices to choose from. You will get a set of 15 free voices with no download option. 

Key Features of PlayHT:

  • The voice library includes various actors, actresses, and functional characters.
  • A wide range of language support with 142+ languages and accents.
  • High-quality and natural voices.
  • Download high-quality celebrity voices.

Steps to use PlayHT to generate celebrity voices:

Step 1. Find the audio clip of the celebrity you want to sound like.

Step 2. Upload the clip on PlayHT for Voice cloning.

Step 3. Once the voice is generated, you can now clone the voice with Text-to-speech (TTS).

Top 2 Celebrity Deepfake Image/Video Generators

Let us drive into two popular deepfake apps for celebrity videos/images. These are much more complex apps; they work on the data sets to match the face, voice, and lip-syncing. 

1. Zao

🎯Effectiveness: Powerful face swap app with celebrity templates to create deepfake videos.

Zao is a proficient face-swapping application for mobile to make deepfakes. Zao went viral in 2019 for its excellent face-swapping quality. With computer vision programs, the apps scan and replicate the faces of celebrities and overlay them onto the target file. Along with the faces, you can choose celebrity templates from the library to make memes, fictional characters, etc.


While the application is impressive and easy to use, it is only available for iOS and mainland China. Furthermore, you will have few customization options and language barriers.

Key Features of Zao:

  • Simple user interface.
  • High-quality face swaps to maintain head stability and face quality.
  • A wide range of celebrity to generate from.
  • Seamless mobile performance and inbuilt templates for memes and content.

Steps to use Zao to generate celebrity deep fakes:

Step 1. Upload your image or video of a celebrity and train the AI to learn your facial movements.

Step 2. Select the template or video with which you want to swap the faces and throw your face in.

Step 3. After completing the deepfake, you can download or share the video on social media.

2. Reface

🎯Effectiveness: An excellent medium to create trending deepfake videos with built-in templates.

Reface is another super face morphing tool to create deepfake videos. It is available on Android and iOS. The app has a user-friendly interface, producing top-notch face morphing with swift rendering. You have to select a target face, and Reface will seamlessly align it with your desired face.


Like Zao, Reface also offers face templates, GIFs, and memes for the users to clone. There aren't many tools to customize or edit the morph, but a supportive community helps you get out of issues, if any. Remember that there have been concerns with the privacy and security of this app, so be cautious.

Key Features of Reface:

  • Works for Android and iOS.
  • Excellent face swapping and swift rendering.
  • Active community to support and help the users.
  • Offers celebrity face templates, GIFs, and memes to clone.

Steps to use Reface to swap faces:

Step 1. Download the Reface app on your mobile.

Step 2. Upload the video or image onto the app.

Step 3. Select the famous video clip or image to morph it, and download the output.

Don't hesitate to spread the word if it helps!



Final Words

If you are using celebrity deepfake for entertainment purposes, you have to be responsible and respectful to the people whom you are deepfaking. Also, label the videos as AI-generated versions before publishing them online.

The article gives you all the information and 5 AI tools to generate celebrity deepfake voices, images, and videos to create fun content. The best one must be EaseUS VoiceOver, as it is free and allows you to download without sign-up.

FAQs About Celebrity Deepfake

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about celebrity deepfakes. If you have similar queries, I hope this will help you.

1. Are there free deepfakes?

Yes, there are a few free deepfake software which allow you to alter faces on images and videos. FaeSwap is a popular free deepfake app to swap faces with celebrities or people.

2. Is deepfake software legal?

Yes, there is no mandate stating that deepfake is illegal. The legality of using the deepfake technology to morph faces depends on the intent and usage. If you are using somebody's face without consent for pornography, defamatory purposes, or to cause emotional stress, this can subject the creator to legal complications.

3. Is deepfakes safe?

No, not entirely. There's always a particular section of people who intend harm to others. In a way, deep fakes are identity threats and can become increasingly convincing with time. If not used properly, one can be a victim in various situations.

4. Can deepfake be detected?

Yes, with keen observation of how a person behaves and their body movements, one can perceive whether the video or voice is authentic. But this is not wholly true. In a study of 529 participants, only 73% were able to detect the deepfakes. As AI improves, this can be a severe threat.

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