Ice Spice Deepfake: What Is It and How to Make👩🏽‍🦰

If you want to know what is Ice Spice deepfake, and how to use it, this is the place. Learn what is a deepfake, and how to make Ice Spice deepfakes with effective tools and methods.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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With the rise of Ice Spice, people have been using deepfake technology to make fake video songs of her that look precisely real. The Ice Spice deepfakes have garnered massive popularity among audiences on various social media platforms.

In this post, we will explore deepfakes, how to use these celebrity text-to-speech websites to change voice, and how you can make the deepfake of Ice Spice.

What Is Ice Spice Deepfake

Deepfakes indicate the AI-generated media of a person or character that convincingly resembles the original ones with someone else's face or voice. The technology behind this is deep learning, where we use AI models to fake the voice or face of another person.

With this, you can transform yourself into a Hollywood rapper, Bollywood star, or even Donald Trump text-to-speech. Using Deepfakes, we can make various Deepfakes for entertainment. But unfortunately, some even take advantage of this and misuse it far behind for entertainment.

Ice Spice Deepfake: The Origin of the Viral Trend

The Ice Spice Deepfake trend started when Isis Naija Gaston (popularly known as Ice Spice) rose to fame following the hits of her songs and collaborations with songs like  "Munch (Feelin' U)" and  "In Ha Mood." Soon, these became popular on Tiktok with the #Munch challenge, where some content and meme creators combined the snippets of the Munch and Boy's A Liar songs.

Ice Spice

After this, there was no turning back; with the rise of AI tools like, creativity took to a whole new level with people making mashups, speeches, and animated scenes, and many people started making deepfake text to speech with emotions and face expressions.

How to Make Ice Spice Deepfake

Today, there's AI everywhere; with the right tools to change the voice and face, we can easily make a deepfake of anyone and turn them into a rapper, actor, or even a meme face. The combination of AI tools and creativity can change the face and voice of anyone in seconds.

But, whatever you are using, it is important to be considerate of others and not misuse the technology.

Step 1: Gather Your AI tools

Choosing effective AI voice and face tools is the first thing you should do to get a near-perfect voice and face.

EaseUS VoiceOver is a completely free AI voiceover generator to add voice-over to your deepfake videos. You can input the text sections to the AI tool to add a voice-over. The software boasts over 460+ voices in 149 languages. Get your deepfake voice for free.

With the ability to modify the voice parameters like pitch, speed, and tone, you can have absolute control over the emotions of the voice. Additionally, you can generate text files for speech in various formats and export them.

Now, once the Voice changer is sorted, select the AI-powered deepfake software to modify the face. Since there are tons of tools available, choose a reputable one to avoid any mistakes.

Step 2: Select the Base Video

After gathering the AI tools, you have to gather the elements of your base video. This acts like a canvas of your Ice Spice. It can be videos and clippings of the celebrity or artist or even Obama text-to-speech you want to deepfake.

Step 3. Arrange the Ice Spice Ingredients

Now, you must choose what Ice Spice ingredients to add to your base video. These can include various clips, music videos, POV videos, or any scene from a movie. Try experimenting with different things to make the deep fake look more convincing.

Step 4. Apply the AI Affects

Now is the time to load all your videos and clips to the software with AI. Upload them, and wait for the AI magic to unleash to change the facial features and expressions of your chosen celebrity.

Step 5: Mix, Blend, and Customize the Output

You can slowly see the AI magic turning the face features and expressions by analyzing the base video and clips. These Ice Spice ingredients are blended into one to make the deepfake look as authentic as possible. Try to finetune the video to get the desired output. Adjust, try a few times, and alter the effects to enhance the final video.

Step 6: Add Final Touches and Verify

You can add final touches to go with the #Munch trends. Try adding the various Ice Spice songs to make the Ice Spice deepfake more catchy. Once done, verify thoroughly to align the video with your intended message. Also, be mindful of the content you are making and ensure there is nothing harmful or unethical.

Step 7: Share the Video

It is always recommended to label the video as deepfake so as not to mislead the audience. Export the final outcome to your social media handles, or you can exclusively make text-to-speech for YouTube.

While it seems to follow some instructions on paper, much creativity goes into making one deepfake. Appreciate the art, and give credit to the original creator if you are sharing other's videos.

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Final Words

With AI riding the current technology waves, deepfakes will be more common in the coming days. Learn to use the right tools to make a creative and entertaining Ice Spice deepfake.

A professional tool can help you make your deep fakes look more realistic, and EaseUS VoiceOver lets you embed the voice exactly as your selected celebrity with precision. Get the tool now, and add Ice Spice voiceover to your video. 


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the Deepfakes. I hope you find these queries helpful. 

1. Who is the Chinese actress in deepfake?

Yang Mi is a popular Chinese actress who has been the victim of deepfake. Someone made a deepfake similar to her old character in the period drama movie. A lot of criticism erupted, saying the deep fake act was better than the original one.

2. Why do they call her Ice Spice?

Isis Naija Gaston came up with the name Ice Spice herself when she was 14. She named her finsta (secondary Instagram account) Ice Spice, as she loves spicy food, and ice rhymes with spice.

3. What is an example of a deepfake?

One of the simple and positive deepfake video examples is people talking in foreign languages, imbibing the language words using AI.

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