Top 13 Karaoke Songs for Men in 2024

Looking for a song that fits your vocal range? Then, read this article. We listed the top 13 karaoke songs for males, covering various genres and eras.



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Karaoke nights are a direct way to connect with friends, show off your vocal talents, and have fun. For those who can't sing well but still want to enjoy their night out, we've rounded up 13 karaoke songs for men that are guaranteed to be enjoyable. Choose one that suits your vocal range.

I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys

  • Genre: Pop
  • Key: F-sharp minor

i want it that way

Many customers have called it one of the greatest and catchiest pop tunes of the 90s. This fun song brings on a bout of nostalgia for any 1990s kid. The song received a positive reception upon its release, with many critics commending its catchiness. If someone sings this song in a karaoke box, you can't help but sing along with the 'Don't wanna hear you say' line. This song has high energy and is very danceable, with a time signature of 4 beats per bar.

Hurt – Johnny Cash

  • Genre: Rock, Pop
  • Key: A minor


Johnny Cash literally made this song his own. The instrumentation is solid and gives power to its lyrics and Cash's voice. Some left this comment: Yes, this folky American this track exudes is quintessentially his, yet it feels so modern and relatable at all levels.

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

  • Genre: Pop
  • Key: B Major

sweet caroline neil diamond

This song became popular in college and professional sporting events in the U.S. and as the theme song of the Red Sox Nation. It is so popular that some notable artists from many genres, including Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings, and Frank Sinatra, have covered it. It is a great song to use within a group to sing along with.

Hey Jude - The Beatles

  • Genre: Pop rock
  • Key: F Major

hey jude

This song is so iconic that some users hope it was on the White Album. It is an incredibly iconic and powerful track. When all the people join in and start singing the outro at the end, it is just such a powerful moment. Sing this Karaoke song, and even people who do not really care that much for the Beatles will genuinely like it.

So Sick - Ne-Yo

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Key: F♯/G♭Major

so sick

So Sick is a beautifully written song about feeling desperately vulnerable. It sounds sad and resigned. Although it is a breakup song, its melody, using descending lines and tender harp orchestration to simulate the surge of a heartbeat, makes you happy and want to fall in love again.

Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens

  • Genre: Folk
  • Key: E Minor

mystery of love

Composed especially for the firm Call Me by Your Name, Mystery of Loves is a song that presents you with so much beauty and serenity in only four minutes. Whenever it plays, I see the picturesque Italy and the short love of two teenagers in summer. The whole song is not too complex, not in the slightest, but ethereal, heartbreaking, and aching. The Daily Californian's Anagha Komaragiri described it as "light and airy."

Vincent - Don McLean

  • Genre: Folk
  • Key: G Major


In 1970, troubadour Don McLean composed the musical tribute "Vincent" in honor of Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. Record World called the song "artful," saying that " the Vincent Van Gogh story is told with melody and poetry." This song describes Van Gogh's paintings and his emotional state. Covered by other artists, it still resonates with audiences for its poignant tribute to Van Gogh.

Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

  • Genre: Pop, rock
  • Key: D Major

cant help falling in love

Can't Help Falling in Love is not only one of his finest recordings but also the last song that Presley sang in front of a live audience before his 1977 death. Although the instrumental is spare, it is bodied, and the ukelele gives this song a Hawaiian feel. Being one of the single most popular wedding dances, this song is also one of the most covered songs in 20th-century music.

There for you - Troye Sivan

  • Genre: Electropop
  • Key: F♯/G♭ Minor

there for you

"There For You," a collaboration between Troye and Martin Garrix, has become a popular track, blending electronic dance music with emotional pop. In this song, Sican contributes his distinctive vocals and lyrical sensitivity. The song has a catchy melody, a driving beat, and emotive vocals. I like the song's ethereal vibe and overall melancholic vibe.

Bones - Image dragons

  • Genre: Rock
  • Key: F Minor


Bones, released in 2022, continues Imagine Dragons' signature blend of rock, pop, and electronic elements. It explores themes of resilience, mortality, and the human spirit. It features a dynamic and energetic sound with driving rhythms, powerful vocals, and a mix of rock and electronic influences. A man with a deep voice could choose this song.

See Also:

Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

  • Genre: Pop
  • Key: C♯/D♭ Minor

shape of you

You can not ignore this song's popularity. It has become one of Sheeran's most successful and recognizable hits. This song features a dancehall-inspired beat, incorporating elements of pop, dance, and tropical house. As a party song, Shape of You is a crowd-pleaser that suits men who are ready to engage with the audience, have fun, and bring a lively atmosphere to their karaoke performance.

Old Town Road - Lil Nas X

  • Genre: Country rap
  • Key: F♯/G♭ Major

old town road

Released on December 3, 2018, this song gained popularity on TikTok and even received Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Music Video. Its melody is straightforward without requiring extensive vocal acrobatics, making it accessible to many. Since it's a fun and energetic song, sing it with confidence and a playful attitude.

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Stand by Me - Ben E. King

  • Genre: Rock, Funk
  • Key: A Major

stand by me

Stand by Me is relatively simple, with a moderate vocal range accessible to most singers. Its rhythm is steady and easy to follow. An audience commented that this song has a special place in his heart for it was the song her parents danced to at their weddings. In short, this song boasts universal appeal and a timeless message, ensuring it will be well-received by any audience.

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To Sum up

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FAQs on Karaoke Songs for Men

After exploring some fantastic song choices for men to sing at karaoke, you might have questions about selecting the perfect track. Below, we address some frequently asked questions.

1. What's a good karaoke song for a man to sing?

Songs like Old Town Road, Hey Jude, and Sweet Caroline are good karaoke songs for men.

2. What's the easiest karaoke song?

Some easy karaoke songs include Billie Jean, Baby Got Back, Since U Been Gone, etc.

3. What is the most fun karaoke song?

Some fun karaoke songs include Summer Nights, Love Shack, Flowers, and Call Me Maybe.

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