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4 Best Yoda Voice Changer Helps You Talk Like Yoda

Jane Zhou updated on Apr 21, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Yoda is among the most iconic Star Wars characters who appeared on the scene in the 2nd and 3rd original films. He is a powerful Jedi master who has trained with more than 800 years of experience. Yoda is a character who goes on to open the doors of immortality in the film. The most striking thing about Yoda is his voice. Yoda uses his speeches to inspire his pupils to fight and take responsibility for their life. The character utilizes a deep, low-key nasal sound that resonates with the masses. The audience is starstruck and in awe of his prowess whenever he starts speaking.

Do you want to have Yoda's voice? How good will it be to communicate with your friends, and colleagues in Yoda's voice? Well, modern AI-based Yoda voice changers can make you talk like Yoda. We collected and tested a lot of popular Anime voice changers on the market in the following aspects:

🔢Software tested 9, including desktop software and applications
⏱️Time Duration 2 days
🖥️Device model HP Elite Dragonfly G3
🥇Test scenes Zoom call, Discord live stream, and Valorant gameplay
👀What we tested Latency, stability, customization, sound quality, compatibility, supported apps
😎Features we focused Supported apps, real-time, and latency

According to our test result, we choose the top 4 voice changers for Yoda to share with you here. And they are:

1. Uberduck.ai

Uberduck is among the most well-rounded apps for converting text or speech into Yoda's voice. The app provides complete control over voice quality. You can change the tone, tempo, and texture of the voice in the studio option. The app provides royalty-free access to more than 5000+ distinct voices, including other Star Wars characters. Plus, you also can use it as a gaming voice changer to mask your voice in any gameplay with ease.


  • Accuracy of Conversion
  • Optional musical arrangements
  • Stable over a weak internet connection


  • Not available offline
  • The free Version is limited

Follow this method to talk like Yoda with Uberduck.ai:

  • Go to the Uberduck official website, log in,/Sign up with your Mobile or Laptop
  • Enter the text/speech you want to convert
  • Choose "Yoda" as the final voice and click "synthesize."
  • Your output in Yoda Voice is ready.


2. FakeYou

FakeYou is among the most advanced tools for converting text inputs into Yoda's voice. The tool utilizes deep fake modules to create the most realistic expressions. All you need is to choose "Yoda Voice" from an online library of more than 2,400 voices. The tool also has an active online community to discuss new techniques of voice changing.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • High-quality output with no loss of words


  • The desktop version isn't available.
  • The free Version limits the overall options.

You can speak like Yoda by following this method:

  • Visit the official FakeYou website.
  • Write "Yoda" in the search bar.
  • Enter the Text.
  • Select the red "Speak" Button.
  • Scroll down to section TTS results to play or download the Yoda voice results. 


3. Speak Like Yoda (Android)

Speak Like Yoda is an Android application with more than 10k+ downloads. Since Yoda's deliverance of verbs and sentences differs from the normal style, the app provides verbal and oral conversion of your input into Yoda's style. The app is free for all. You only need to visit the Google Play Store and click Install.


  • Attention to details
  • No premium version


  • Not available offline
  • The desktop/iOS version isn't available

This is how the app works:

  • Open the "Speak Like Yoda" application on your phone.
  • Enter Your Text in the box.
  • Click on "Yodify it."
  • Wait for a few moments, and the output will be ready.

Speak like Yoda

4. Celebrity Voice Changer (iOS)

The app has been developed to convert inputs into celebrity voices. The tool utilizes deep learning modules to deliver error-free results. Besides, it can also convert live speeches into the Yoda voice, which many tools struggle to do. If needed, it also can work as a Donald Trump voice changer to make you sound like Trump!


  • The interface is user-friendly, with no excessive options.
  • Provides instant conversions
  • Wide range of celebrities available


  • It doesn't have a desktop version
  • Can only operate with internet

Follow this method to talk like Yoda with a celebrity voice changer:

  • Open the celebrity voice changer on your Apple smartphone.
  • Choose "Yoda" as your celebrity voice.
  • Make your microphone and speaker are on.
  • Now start speaking the input words.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and your output will be ready.
  • Download and save it for yourself or share it with others.

Celebrity Voice Changer

The Bottom Line 

Every Star Wars fan wishes to speak like Yoda at least once in his lifetime. With Modern AI-Based voice changers, you turn your speech or text into a captivating Yoda voice. You can use them for fun and making content. This blog highlights the top 4 best Yoda voice changers to make you talk like the iconic Jedi.

The features, interface screenshots, and pros and cons of all tools have been listed. Select any tool per your requirement and start impressing everyone with your Yoda Voice.

Yoda Voice Changer FAQs

1. Who is Yoda?

Yoda is a central character in the iconic Star Wars. He is the sanest Jedi with experience of more than 800 years. Yoda teaches others to fight and stand up for the truth and shows the way to the door of immortality.

2. What is Yoda's style of speaking?

Yoda has a deep, captivating speaking style with a slightly nasal sound. The style is different from usual as he uses object-subject-verb arrangements. However, it inspires the audience to get up and struggle for the goal.

3. Can You Do A Yoda Voice?

The easiest way to do Yoda voice is to use AI-based voice changers. They can turn any text or speech input to Yoda's voice with 100% accuracy.

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