Top 6 Pathfinder Voice Changer [Never Miss List]

Are you looking for a Pathfinder voice changer to enhance your gaming experience? Learn about the top 6 Pathfinder voice changers in this comprehensive guide.

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Updated on Apr 18, 2024

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  1. How Do We Choose Pathfinder Voice Changers
  2. Best 6 Pathfinder Voice Changer List
  3. Mimic Pathfinder with the Top 1 Voice Changer (Step-by-step guide)
  4. Pathfinder Voice Changer FAQs

When it comes to online gaming and content creation, it's undeniable that distinctiveness and self-expression play a pivotal role in setting oneself apart. A prime illustration of this principle can be found in the enduring appeal of Pathfinder, a beloved character from Apex Legends. It is renowned for its unique robotic voice, which has become a favorite of players and made them look for an Apex Legends voice changer.

It's no wonder that many are eager to emulate this iconic character, and the Pathfinder voice changer is the tool they seek. For those who don't know, Pathfinder is an optimistic and charming robot known for his humor and, most notably, his unique mechanical voice. Here, we will introduce you to the top 6 options that will help you sound like Pathfinder.

How Do We Choose Pathfinder Voice Changers

There are several key factors to consider when finding the perfect Pathfinder and Revenant voice changer for your Apex Legends gaming content. Here, we'll explore the crucial selection criteria that users might value when choosing the best voice changers:

  • Voice Quality and Accuracy: The primary objective of using a Pathfinder voice changer is to replicate his distinct robotic tone accurately. Look for voice changers that can mimic Pathfinder's voice with high fidelity and precision.
  • Customization Options: A versatile voice changer should offer a range of customization options. Users may want to adjust pitch, modulation, and effects to fine-tune their robotic voice and add a personal touch.
  • Real-Time Modulation: Real-time voice modulation is essential for live streaming and gaming. Make sure the voice changer allows you to instantly switch between your natural voice and Pathfinder's voice while in the middle of a game or stream.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the voice changer is compatible with your platforms and software. It should seamlessly integrate with Apex Legends, streaming software, and communication tools like Discord or TeamSpeak.
  • Cost and Value: Different Pathfinder voice changers come with varying price tags. Consider your budget and what features you value most when deciding on the right balance between cost and value.

The table below is about the corresponding performance of each voice-changing software in our test. 

Voice Changer Voice Quality Real-Time Voice Changing Voice Effects
EaseUS VoiceWave High 100+
Voicemod High 90+
Unictool MagicVox Medium 400+
TopMediai AI Voice Generator Medium 3200+
MorphVox Voice Changer High 13+
MagicMic Voice Changer Medium 200+

Best 6 Pathfinder Voice Changer List

When it comes to choosing the perfect Pathfinder voice changer for your Apex Legends gaming content, we've curated a list of the top 6 options. Each voice changer has unique features, pros, and cons, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. Summarized below are the top 6 Pathfinder voice changer software:

1. Best Choice👍EaseUS VoiceWave

EaseUS VoiceWave is an intuitive and versatile Pathfinder voice changer that offers real-time voice modulation for a smooth gaming and streaming experience. This tool provides a user-friendly interface and exceptional customization options, making it a top choice for replicating Pathfinder's voice. It's a robust voice-altering tool that's completely free, catering to those who relish the art of voice modulation in both online and offline settings.

With this live voice changer, you can transform your voice to your heart's desire, all while elevating the level of engagement in gaming and live streaming experiences. It safeguards your privacy and enhances sound clarity. Using it, you can fully engage in your role and experience conversations with friends like never before. Furthermore, it diminishes background noise in both online and offline audio environments.

easeus voicewave



  • In the free version, you only get one advanced voice effect per day.

🧑‍💻Users' Review: "EaseUS VoiceWave is a real-time voice changer that acts on any input from the microphone attached to your computer and changes your voice in real-time to a variety of entertaining characters. It can pitch it up and down, add effects like reverb and echo, and change the timbre of the voice to alter it beyond recognition while still staying mostly intelligible." - Make Tech Easier

2. Voicemod

Elevate your Apex Legends experience by adding an exciting twist to your gameplay with Voicemod's dynamic voice effects. Boasting an ever-expanding collection of over 80 unique voice filters and continuously growing, Voicemod equips you with the ability to experiment with fresh vocal personas for any situation. Its intuitive keybindings make it a breeze to switch between your favorite filters.



  • Allows to upload MP3 or WAV files to the Sound Machine.
  • Extensive library of voice effects.


  • Incompatible with Mac.

🧑‍💻Users' Review: "To sum it up, Voicemod is a safe-to-use program and should always be downloaded from the official channels. This will help avoid the issues faced by users who downloaded a cracked or pirated version. The pro version available on the official website is also completely safe to purchase and use." - WooTechy

3. Unictool MagicVox

Unictool MagicVox stands out as a top-tier real-time voice changer. This Pathfinder voice changer caters to a wide range of users, from content creators and podcasters to professionals running campaigns and, most notably, gamers. Its intuitive interface welcomes beginners while offering an array of advanced functionalities to satisfy professionals. It boasts compatibility with an extensive library of over 500 distinct voices and sound effects.



  • Offer a built-in soundboard that allows you to play sound bites
  • Optimize your workflow by preconfiguring keyboard shortcuts


  • The user interface may seem cluttered and can be overwhelming for new users

🧑‍💻Users' Review: "MagicVox offers a rich collection of voice memes, perfect for content creators and entertainment enthusiasts." - Cult of Mac

4. TopMediAi AI Voice Generator

TopMediAi is an AI voice generator that boasts an extensive repertoire of over 3,200 AI voices spanning more than 70 languages. This Pathfinder voice changer offers a range of functionalities, including text-to-speech conversion, AI voice cloning, voiceover production, and dubbing. One of its standout features is the ability to craft unique voiceovers by harnessing the power of custom AI voice clones.



  • Empower users to convert text into speech effortlessly.
  • Offer a range of output formats, including MP3 and WAV.


  • It may not be as focused on replicating Pathfinder's voice.

🧑‍💻Editor's Review: "I discovered this text-to-speech tool as an efficient online platform for creating personalized speeches. My work has been made simple, and TopMediAI has shown me the quality an online tool can generate. Would definitely try such options that can be a good alternative to heavy offline tools."

5. MorphVox Voice Changer

MorphVox stands out as a reliable PC voice changer that considers your unique vocal characteristics by profiling your voice before applying its filters. This approach delivers a superior level of quality and authenticity. It tailors the transformation to your existing speaking patterns rather than employing a one-size-fits-all approach for all users. You can customize each of these voices to your liking.



  • Includes a new ultra-quiet background noise cancellation.
  • Tailored for online gaming sounds.


  • The user interface is outdated and primitive.

🧑‍💻Users' Review: "MorphVOX is a real-time voice changer software developed by Screaming Bee. It provides a superior voice-changing experience with voice-learning technology and a background cancellation function. Except for the voice-changing function that offers you plenty of voice effect options, you can also make good use of the soundboard function and the background sounds." - FineShare

6. MagicMic Voice Changer

iMyFone MagicMic is a voice transformation tool that allows you to modify your voice in real time. What sets MagicMic apart is its ability to integrate a sound emulator smoothly into games and various other applications, enhancing your overall experience. Whether you're looking to record your voice or alter audio files, iMyFone MagicMic has you covered. With a convenient one-click voice customization feature, you can effortlessly create a unique voice.



  • Boasts a vast selection of 600+ voice effects.
  • You can use over 225 AI voice filters.


  • For users with no tech skills, it has a steep learning curve.

🧑‍💻Users' Review: "The tool is easy to use, and the full version is affordable. MagicMic doesn't offer anything special, but it is a solid real-time voice changer tool." - KasaReviews

Mimic Pathfinder with the Top 1 Voice Changer

EaseUS VoiceWave takes the top spot on our list of Pathfinder voice changers for several compelling reasons. It outshines the other voice changers due to its exceptional features and user-friendly design. This voice changer for Windows 10 excels in replicating the distinctive robotic tone of Pathfinder from Apex Legends with impressive accuracy. It offers real-time voice modulation, allowing you to instantly switch between your natural voice and Pathfinder's voice during gaming or streaming sessions.

This game voice changer provides extensive customization options, allowing you to fine-tune your robotic voice and add a personal touch to your Pathfinder sound. You can use the following steps to set the Pathfinder sound effect with EaseUS VoiceWave:

Step 1. Install and Launch EaseUS VoiceWave.

Begin by installing and launching EaseUS VoiceWave on your computer. Once open, it will ask you to set up your sound settings. After that, move to the "Real Time Voice Changer" tab.

install easeus voicewave

Step 2. Choose Pathfinder to Change Voice.

Here, scroll down to the "Game" section and click "Pathfinder." After selecting "Pathfinder," tap "Save Settings," and now you can stream or play games using your favorite Pathfinder voice.

choose pathfinder voice effect

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, to find the perfect Pathfinder voice changer for your Apex Legends gaming content, we've explored the top 6 options available. Each had its unique features and capabilities, but when it comes to accurately replicating Pathfinder's iconic robotic voice, there's one standout choice. It emerges as the clear winner, and that tool is EaseUS VoiceWave.

EaseUS VoiceWave excels in replicating Pathfinder's unique voice with remarkable precision. Moreover, its real-time voice modulation allows instant transformation during gaming and streaming. It Works harmoniously with popular communication software, making it an excellent choice for seamless integration with your gaming setup. Extensive customization options let you fine-tune your robotic voice, adding a personal touch.

Pathfinder Voice Changer FAQs

Before you embark on your Pathfinder voice-changing journey, let's address a few common questions that may be on your mind:

Q1. Does Voicemod work on Apex?

Yes, Voicemod can work with Apex Legends. It's a versatile voice changer compatible with a wide range of games, including Apex Legends. With it, users can replicate the voice of many game characters like Pathfinder, Revenant, etc.

Q2. Can I use a celebrity voice?

Certainly, you can use the voice of celebrities, as many voice changers offer celebrity voice options. Popular celebrities whose voices are available on multiple voice-changing platforms include Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Taylor Swift, and many more.

Q3. What is the most realistic AI voice?

The perception of realism can vary, but AI voice generation technology has made significant advancements. Some of the most realistic AI voices are created by OpenAI's GPT-3, Google's WaveNet, and Amazon's Polly, among others.

EaseUS VoiceWave

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