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Top 4 Overwatch Voice Changer to Sound Like Overwatch Characters

Melissa Lee updated on Apr 29, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Multiplayer games like Overwatch garner a lot of attraction with their ability to help people enjoy gaming and communicate in one place. The best thing is the ability to change the voices to suit the different characters it offers. And to make the gaming experience immersive and more fun, users want to choose a suitable Overwatch Voice Changer to prank and disguise their fellow players.

We have got it covered if you are looking for the best Overwatch voice changer. We have tried and tested some popular voice changers, which support many gaming and streaming applications, to choose the best ones for you.

How to Choose a Voice Changer for Overwatch

Check what you need to take into consideration when choosing a voice changer for Overwatch.

🔢The number of sound effects: The more sound effects supported by the voice changer software, the better. It is best to cover all popular and common sound effects in the market.

✅Compatibility with the game: The voice changer software you choose needs to be compatible with Overwatch so that you can use this software to change your original voice in the game.

👍🏾Quality of output voice: The converted voice needs to meet your expectations; otherwise, this voice changer software is not qualified.

☁️Real-time voice changing: If you can't chat with your teammates using the changed voice while playing the game, then this software doesn't mean much to you.

Top 4 Overwatch Voice Changers

Here's the list of the top 4 Overwatch voice changers with outstanding voice filters and audio customizations to easily churn out different kinds of voices.

1. VoiceMod

🍏Compatibility: Windows/macOS

VoiceMod is an all-in-one voice changer tool. The software is compatible with almost every gaming and streaming application, including Discord, Twitch, Google Meet, and Overwatch. You can adjust the audio characteristics like pitch, speech, harmony, and volume to suit your game and voice.

The standout feature must be the excellent soundboard technology to customize your voice using the VoiceLab feature to build your sonic identity. Sound like a man, woman, robot, and many more with excellent voice filters, sound effects, and text-to-speech features.



  • Offers excellent integration with games like Overwatch
  • It has 80+ voice filters and sound effects
  • Remove or add background noises to enhance the vibe


  • The free version only offers a set of 7 presets
  • The customization options only come with the PRO version

2. MorphVOX

🍏Compatibility: Windows/macOS

MorphVOX is another great voice changer for gaming, with brilliant voice filters and sound effects. You can customize your voice into a man, woman, robot, or scary and funny sounds. The tool assembles all these features onto an intuitive interface and offers excellent navigation.

It offers great audio recording and editing features with adjustments to the characteristics like pitch, volume, and many more. And the real deal is the uninterrupted integration with the external applications for streaming and gaming, making it an ideal Overwatch Voice Changer.



  • Offers many free voice and sound packs
  • You can add or remove the background noises in your audio
  • Allows users to tweak in unlimited customization options


  • It does not allow saving the audio recordings in mp3 format
  • The cost of the full version is very expensive for basic users

3. NHC Voxal Voice Changer

🍏Compatibility: Windows/macOS

NCH Voxal Voice Changer is a good Windows voice changer for gaming and streaming. Another tool that can be an ideal Overwatch voice changer with great customization features to adjust audio characteristics to fine-tune them as authentic voices.

The application uses very few CPU resources to run, making space for other apps to work. It has a simple interface catering to all the excellent features and offers numerous sound effects and filters to generate professional voices in real-time.

NHC Voxal Voice Changer


  • Capable of generating professional voices in real-time
  • Seamless compatibility with games like Overwatch and COD
  • Numerous voice filters and sound effects in the free version


  • It may restart some applications during integration
  • Restricts some basic features even in the free version

4. AV Voice Changer Diamond

🍏Compatibility: Windows

AV Voice Changer Diamond is another anonymous voice changer that can better your gaming experience by miles. With an insane library of over 100 nickvoices, you can imitate celebrities, cartoons, men, women, and robots. And more importantly, it comes with the best-inbuilt audio editing options like voice recorder, voice editor, voice morphing, and File Morpher.

You can utilize these features to disguise any voice and change the pitch, speech, harmony and volume. It allows you to upload your own audio and customize and save it to the audio soundboards.

AV Voice Changer Diamond


  • The library has 30+ voice filters, 40 audio, and 70+ background effects
  • Inbuilt voice recorder, voice editor, voice morphing, and file morpher
  • Download add-on packages of voice effects to enhance audio


  • A very expensive full version is not feasible for basic users
  • The free version does not really offer anything except for pretty basic features

Overwatch Voice Changer FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on Overwatch voice changers. If you have similar queries hope this will help you. Comment your queries to us if you have any.

1. Can you use a voice changer in Overwatch?

Yes, we can integrate Overwatch voice changers to sound like cartoons, celebrities, and others while gaming. All you have to do is download a compatible Voice Changer and adjust the input audio device as the default audio device for the voice changer. Now, whenever you speak on the microphone, you sound exactly like the character you selected.

2. Is Voicemod app safe?

VoiceMod is a very secure application to change your voice. It is a very popular voice changer and is trusted by leading channels on youtube and Twitch. To sum it up, it is extremely safe and good to use. So you can use it with no worries.

3. How can I change my voice in-game?

Below are the steps to change your voice in-game using a voice changer.

Step 1. Firstly, download a good and secure voice changer based on your research.

Step 2. Make sure to set up the default input audio device as the Microphone.

Step 3. Now, make the changes to the Voice Changer and the game settings to set the microphone as the default audio device.

Step 4. Start the game, select any desired voice, and change it between games.


Overwatch voice changers are a great way to modify voices on the game and play pranks on our fellow mates. They really help if you are bored of the same voices and want to do something fun. This article presents you with the top 4 leading voice changers for Overwatch to sound like Overwatch and even different with many voice effects and sound effects. Choose the best one based on your preferences and enjoy gaming.

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